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ES2-THB 127504 OMRON Temperature and Process Temperature and Humidity Sensor




Temperature and Process Temperature and Humidity Sensor

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Modular Temperature Controller
In-panel Temperature Controller with Flexible Modular
Design and Wide Integration with Host Devices
• The compact modular structure enables construction of temperature systems optimally suited to the application.
• Connection can be made to a Programmable Controller without any programming required, reducing the number of steps required in ladder programming design.
• One fully universal-input Unit includes a thermocouple, platinum-resistance thermometer, and analog input for easy selection and reduced inventory requirements.
• Connect directly to the G3ZA Multi-channel Power Controller using optimum cycle control for high-accuracy regulation with minimal noise.
• Autotuning (AT) can be used for independent heating/cooling PID control, and self-tuning (ST) can be used to calculate the PID constants with the step response method.
• Up to 16 Temperature Controllers can be connected to a single DeviceNet
Communications Unit. Supports DeviceNet Communications.
Ordering Information
■ Temperature Controller
Standard Control Models
Refer to the Safety Precautions on page 21.
Name Power supply
No. of control
Control outputs
Control outputs
Auxiliary output
Functions Communications functions
Input typeTerminal Model
1 and 2
3 and 4
Basic Unit
24 VDC
2 Voltage output:Transistor
None 2
2 G3ZA connection
Thermocouple,M3 terminal EJ1N-TC2A-QNHB
(temperature control)
(See note 1.)
supplied from the End Unit
2 points
(for SSR drive)
(See note 2.)
output: 2 points
(See note 3.)
port: RS-485
From End Unit: Port A or port B:
platinum resistance thermometer,
Screw-less clampEJ1N-TC2B-QNHB
4 Voltage output: 2
analog voltage,M3 terminal EJ1N-TC4A-QQ
points (for SSR
drive) (See note
2 Current output:Transistor
and analog current selectable for
2 each channel.
Screw-less clampEJ1N-TC4B-QQ
M3 terminal EJ1N-TC2A-CNB
2 points
output: 2 points
Screw-less clampEJ1N-TC2B-CNB
HFU with Programless Communications (See note 1.)
NoneNone NoneTransistor output:
4 points (sinking)
4 Port C: RS-485 or RS-232C selectable.
From End Unit: Port A: RS-485
Port C: RS-422
From End Unit: Port A: RS-485
No input M3 terminal EJ1N-HFUA-NFLK Screw-less clamp
M3 terminal EJ1N-HFUA-NFL2
Screw-less clamp
HFU with DeviceNet Communications (See note 1.)
NoneNone DeviceNet communications
Screw-less clamp
End Unit
(See note 1.)
24 VDC Transistor output:
2 points (sinking)
None Port A or B: RS-485
Connector: Port A
M3 terminal EJ1C-EDUA-NFLK Detachable
Note:1. An End Unit is always required for connection to a Basic Unit or an HFU. An HFU cannot operate without a Basic Unit. External communications cannot be performed when using a
Basic Unit only.
2. For heating/cooling control applications, control outputs 3 and 4 on the 2-point models are used for the cooling or heating control outputs.
On the 4-point models, heating/cooling control is performed for the two input points.
3. When using the heater burnout alarm, purchase a Current Transformer (E54-CT1 or E54-CT3) separately.
Functional Upgrades
Refer to page 18 for details.
Upgrade functions are supported by the indicated version ("V1.1" or "V1.2") or a higher version of the software.
Refer to the following manual for precautionary information and other information necessary to use the EJ1: EJ1 Modular Temperature Controller User’s Manual (Cat. No. H142)
Modular Temperature Controller EJ1 1

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