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    Electric Automation Network includes insurance for all shipments. This insurance is included in the price of postage. You can see the status of the shipment at any time from dispatch to receipt.

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    There are several options for payment, PayPal, Credit card or Wire Transfer. Totally safe. Electric Automation Network uses secure payment platforms for all types of payment.
    Credit card payments are made via the Cyberpac platform, the best guarantees of security, confidentiality and integrity. It implements SSL (secure sockets layer). Payments by PayPal use highly secure data encryption methods. The information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level commercially available).


We are pleased to inform you that our website automatically offers delivery times and special prices for quantity for registered customers.

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1.- Login or register. Once you are registered as Business the prices will be updated.

2.- Add the products to the shopping cart.

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There are several options for payment. You can make the purchase by PayPal, Credit card or Transfer.

Electric Automation Network

Electric Automation Network is a distributor of electrical products and technological content, specializing in automation, control and drives in the Industrial Electricity sector, which conducts its business relationship with its clients through a website. This multilingual and multi-currency online platform offers free content and commercial service worldwide.

Our team of engineers, specialized technicians, computer specialists and logistics experts with extensive experience in the world of industrial automation, led from our logistics centre in Valencia (Spain), aims to offer our clients the best possible logistical, technical and commercial support. For this purpose, we have complete technical documentation by item, special prices updated in real time and stocks of the main references of a wide range of products, for which we offer express shipping services.

Let us help you carry out your automation projects.

With over 300,000 items available, we cover virtually all your electrical needs for automation. Our highly qualified technical team is available to help you carry out all your projects.

Global logistical, technical and commercial service with maximum quality assurance.

Our mission is to offer you the best possible logistical, technical and commercial service and provide free technological content to help you with product specification and with the design and sizing of installations.

We undertake the digitization of manufacturers’ catalogues, showing all the information about each item on its respective sheet. We also ensure that the additional technical documentation for each item is well-organized and easily accessible.

We aim to offer a fast, easy and reliable commercial service, for which purpose we provide services such as:

  • Quote per purchase volume in real time.
  • Estimated delivery time enquiry in real time.
  • Logistics systems for the shipment of materials almost anywhere in the world.
  • Purchasing management, order record and tracking of shipments.
  • Streamlined management of repairs and returns.
  • Online documentation and datasheets of all products.
  • Automation technology news to keep you informed of all the technological developments and innovations of leading manufacturers.
  • Enquiry forums and professional social networking.

And a host of other utilities, all designed to offer you the best possible logistical and technical support in installations and industrial maintenance.

Stock for immediate shipment.

We keep a stock of the references with the highest turnover at our strategically located logistics centres. This enables us to offer you very fast delivery times.

Our logistics systems enable us to make express delivery of our products to almost anywhere in the world. You just have to tell us what you need and where you want us to send it.

Global Logistics Service.

From our logistics centre in Valencia (Spain), we make deliveries to almost every country in the world through renowned companies such as DHL, UPS and Chronoexpress / FedEx.

Our logistics partners operate in over 220 countries and territories, offering fast, reliable and punctual delivery. You can track all your shipments at any time online.