D02-SO/63/3-R-27 114315 EATON ELECTRIC Busbar mount fuse base, 63A, 400 V, E18/D02, 27 View larger
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D02-SO/63/3-R-27 114315 EATON ELECTRIC Busbar mount fuse base, 63A, 400 V, E18/D02, 27




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Busbar mount fuse base, 63A, 400 V, E18/D02, 27

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Circuit breakers and fuses > D0-system fuse base

Industrial Fuse Bases

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Busbar mount fuse base, 63A, 400 V, E18/D02, 27
Fuse base, D02 E18, 63A, 3p

Delivery program

Product range
60 mm system
185 mm system
Basic function
Busbar fuse material
D busbar mounted fuse devices
Basic devices
Including protective shroud with front and bottom plate
Delivery, empty, without screw cap, with marking plate
Guage ring
Rated operational current [Ie]
63 A
Rated operational voltage [Ue]
400 V AC
Frame size
E18, D 02
Mounting width
27 mm
For use with
12 x 5/10
20 x 5/10
25 x 5/10
30 x 5/10
For use with
Double T profile

Technical data

Version according to IEC/EN 60269-1, VDE 0636 Part 301
Climatic proofing
Damp heat, constant, to IEC 60068-2-78
Damp heat, cyclic, to IEC 60068-2-30
Ambient temperature
-25 - +55
Interval between busbar centres
60 mm
Mounting position
Vertical or horizontal
Overvoltage category/pollution degree
Degree of Protection
IP 20 enclosed
0.15 kg
Rated frequency [f]
40 - 60 Hz
Rated impulse withstand voltage [Uimp]
6 kV
Interval between busbar centres
60 mm
Overvoltage category/pollution degree
Electrical data
Number of poles
3 pole
Number of poles
Rated operational voltage [Ue]Rated operating voltage [Ue]
400 V AC
Rated conditional short-circuit current tested with links [Iq]
50 kA
Rated frequency [f]
40…60 Hz
Rated operational current [Ie]
63 A
Conventional thermal current [Ith]
63 A
Control mode
Uninterrupted operation
Overvoltage category
Rated impulse withstand voltage [Uimp]
6 kV
Current heat loss per contact at Ie
0.5 W
Power lossHeat dissipation per contact with fuse link at Ie
1.5 W
Power lossFuse
5.5 W
Max. fuse
Frame size
E18, D 02
Terminal capacity
Box terminalSolid
1.5 – 35 mm2
Mechanical variables
Lift terminals
Tightening torque of terminal screws
3 – 4 Nm
Enclosure width
201 mm
Mounting width
27 mm
Electrical hoist
Overvoltage category/pollution degree


Design verification as per IEC/EN 61439

Operating ambient temperature min.
-25 °C
Operating ambient temperature max.
+55 °C


① Front plate support

Datasheet - PDF

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D02-SO/63/3-R-27 114315 EN_114315.pdf 173 Kbytes   D02-SO/63/3-R-27  114315 EN_114315.pdf

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