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Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Software HOUSING Other POWER SUPPLY none I/O TYPE None NUMBER OF I/O 0 Others MODULE TYPE Software HOUSING None I/O TYPE None POWER SUPPLY none MAIN CHARACTERISTICS DDE-server and Active-X driver for G3800XXXX

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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

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Data Access Software Package
• DDE driver included
• ActiveX driver included
• “Copy and paste” Dupline data into EXCEL and other
DDE clients
• Easy access to Dupline data from
Microsoft Visual Basic, Borland C++ and Delphi
• Operates with G38900014, G380000xx, G380010xx, G34960005700
• Read Digital, AnaLink, Multiplexed Analog and
Counter data
• Write Digital Data
Product Description
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The Dupline Data Access Package containstwosoft- ware tools that provide easy access from a PC to Dupline digital, analog and counter data via the serial port of the Master Channelgenerator (G38900014 or G389000xx). The Modbus Master Module G34960005 can also be used, but only for digital signals.
The Dupline DDE-driver pro- vides a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) interface, which can be used from appli- cationsthatsupport client side DDE such as Microsoft EXCEL. Links between cells in a spreadsheet and con- tinuously up-dated Dupline
digital, analog or counter dataarecreatedbysim- ple copy-and-paste oper- ations. It is also easy to cre- ateEXCEL pushbuttonsfor control ofDuplinesignals. The Dupline ActiveX driver provides an ActiveX interface (ActiveX = COM = Compon- ent Object Model), which is a Microsoft standard for communication between two products. The Dupline ActiveX driver can be used from any development tool that sup- port client side ActiveX such as Microsoft Visual Basic and Borland C++ builder.
Type Selection
Software PackageOrdering no.
System Requirements
The Dupline Data Access software can be used with the fol- lowing versions of Windows:
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME,
Windows NT 4, service pack 4 or later, Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit
Mode of Operation
The Dupline Data Access package for easy interfacing of Dupline to PC’s operates with one of the following Dupline RS232/RS485 Interface/Control Units: G38900014, G380000xx, G380010xx, G34960005. Any typeofDupline data(digit- al,AnaLink, Multiplexedanalog,Countervalues) canbe accessed and the status of digital Dupline outputs can be controlled.
ThemainpurposeoftheDDE-driveristomakeDup- line data easily accessible from MicrosoftEXCEL. After the DDE-driver has been activated a dynamic link to a cell in an EXCEL spreadsheet can be created the following way:
1. Select the desired type of Dupline data and Dupline address in the “selection tree” of the DDE-driver.
2. Press Ctrl+C or right click on the item and select Copy.
3. Switch to EXCEL and select the cell you wish to link to the Dupline address.
4. Finally press Ctrl+V or select Paste in Excel’s Edit menu.
Now, at any point of time, the real-time status of the select- ed Dupline channel will be displayed in the spreadsheet cell.
Analog and Counter values are displayed as values, while Digital data are displayed as text (“ON” , “OFF”). If scaling or a different representation of the data is desired, the data can be further processed using the standard functionsin EXCEL.
Digital addresses can be controlledvia Excel’s VB Script language. If the EXCEL menu view/toolbars/controltoolbox is selected, a control pushbutton can be defined and placed in the spreadsheet. In order to link the pushbutton to a Dup- line control function, in this example control of channel A4, the below code must be entered for the “macro”defining the function of the pushbutton:
Code for sending a pulse on address A4: (this creates the same response as e.g. a pulse from a pushbutton coded for A4- can for example be used to toggle a flip- flop channel)
Dim ch As Long
ch = Application.DDEInitiate(“DlDdeSrv”, “Digital”) Application.DDEExecute ch, “Toggle:A4” Application.DDETerminate ch
Specifications are subject to change without notice (18.11.2014)1

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