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GAE75-10-00 1SBL419025R8800 ABB GAE75-10-00 220V DC Contactor





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GAE75-10-00 220V DC Contactor

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GAE75 contactors are designed for DC circuit switching. Arc suppression is more difficult in DC than in AC. To choose a contactor, it is necessary to know the current and voltage to be broken as well as the L/R time constant of the power circuit to be controlled. GAE 75 contactors are of the block type design. - Main poles: the contactors are fitted with arc chutes with permanent magnets specially designed for DC breaking. The three contactor paths are arranged in series via two supplied and fitted insulated connections (25 mm²). The GAE75 are "single-pole" devices for which the connection polarities indicated next to the connection terminals must be respected. Furthermore, they are marked 1L1 for the positive terminal and 2T1 for the negative terminal. - Control circuit: DC operated with standard double-winding DC coils (with add-on factory-mounted lagging contact for insertion of the"holding" winding) - Accessories: a wide range of accessories is available


  • EAN:
  • Minimum Order Quantity:
    1 piece
  • Customs Tariff Number:


  • Product Net Width:
    82 mm
  • Product Net Depth:
    108 mm
  • Product Net Height:
    132 mm
  • Product Net Weight:
    1.260 kg

Container Information

  • Package Level 1 Units:
    1 piece
  • Package Level 1 Width:
    140 mm
  • Package Level 1 Length:
    146 mm
  • Package Level 1 Height:
    96 mm
  • Package Level 1 Gross Weight:
    1.26 kg
  • Package Level 1 EAN:
  • Package Level 2 Units:
    63 piece


  • Number of Main Contacts NO:
  • Number of Main Contacts NC:
  • Number of Auxiliary Contacts NO:
  • Number of Auxiliary Contacts NC:
  • Rated Operational Voltage:
    Main Circuit 600 V
  • Conventional Free-air Thermal Current (Ith):
    acc. to IEC 60947-4-1, Open Contactors q = 40 °C 125 A
  • Short-Circuit Protective Devices:
    gG Type Fuses 160 A
  • Rated Short-time Withstand Current (Icw):
    at 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 10 s 650 A
    at 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 15 min 135 A
    at 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 1 min 250 A
    at 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 1 s 1000 A
    at 40 °C Ambient Temp, in Free Air, from a Cold State 30 s 370 A
  • Maximum Electrical Switching Frequency:
    300 cycles per hour
  • Rated Operational Current DC-1 (Ie):
    (440 V) 55 °C 100 A
  • Rated Operational Current DC-3 (Ie):
    (440 V) 85 A
  • Rated Operational Current DC-5 (Ie):
    (220 V) 85 A
    (440 V) 35 A
  • Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui):
    acc. to IEC 60947-4-1 and VDE 0110 (Gr. C) 1000 V
    acc. to UL/CSA 600 V
  • Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage (Uimp):
    8 kV
  • Mechanical Durability:
    5 million
  • Maximum Mechanical Switching Frequency:
    3600 cycles per hour
  • Coil Operating Limits:
    (acc. to IEC 60947-4-1)0.85 ... 1.1 x Uc (at θ ≤ 55 °C) °C
  • Rated Control Circuit Voltage (Uc):
    DC Operation 220 V
  • Coil Consumption:
    Average Holding Value, from Warm State 4 W
    Average Pull-in Value, from Cold State 200 W
    Holding at Max. Rated Control Circuit Voltage DC 4 W
    Pull-in at Max. Rated Control Circuit Voltage DC 200 W
  • Operate Time:
    Between Coil Energization and NO Contact Closing 30 ... 30 ms
    Between Coil De-energization and NO Contact Opening 5 ... 15 ms
  • Connecting Capacity-Main Circuit:
    Flexible with Cable End6 ... 16 mm²
    Rigid Cable6 ... 25 mm²
  • Connecting Capacity-Auxiliary Circuit:
    Flexible with Cable End0.75 ... 2.5 mm²
    Rigid Cable1 ... 4 mm²
  • Degree of Protection:
    acc. to IEC 60529, IEC 60947-1, EN 60529 Auxiliary Terminals IP20
  • Connecting terminals (delivered in open position) Main poles:
    M 6 (+,-) pozidriv 2 screws with 1x (13 x 10 mm) connector
  • Terminal Type:
    Screw Terminals


  • Ambient Air Temperature:
    Near Contactor for Operation in Free Air (0.85 ... 1.1 Uc) -40 ... +55 °C
    Near Contactor for Operation in Free Air (Uc) -40 ... +70 °C
    Close to Contactor for Storage -60 ... +80 °C
  • Climatic Withstand:
    acc. to IEC 60068-2-30 and 60068-2-11 - UTE C 63-100 specification II
  • Maximum Operating Altitude Permissible:
    3000 m
  • RoHS Status:
    No declaration needed

Certificates and Declarations (Document Number)


  • ETIM 5:
    EC002552 - Power contactor, DC switching

Datasheet - PDF

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