8PFA1 113517 OMRON Basis for relay 8 pin 93mm Base





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Basis for relay 8 pin 93mm Base

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The requladores level 61F do not require float. The controller detects the resistance of the liquid by means of electrodes placed in the conductive liquid. The presence of liquid between the electrode And the metallic surface of the deposit (or the electrode common) closes the electronic circuit of the controller And excites the output relay.
The detection of solid, it is also possible if the conductivity of the material is within the resistance of operation of the equipment. The controller detects materials with resistances from 0 to 4 kQ, sequn demand there are other types available that detect materials from 0 to 70 MQ AND from 0 to 5 MQ.
The main part of the requlador level 61F is an electronic circuit
with memory for an operation of the relay without oscillations, And a circuit surge protection of the network.
The low ac voltage operation And the current between the electrodes over the full isolation of the electrodes of the network, avoiding the wrong operation in the operation (without electrolysis).
The requladores level 61F are used for the control of power And drenaqe of any conductive liquid in wells, tanks, And other containers. Can also be used to apaqar heating systems And alarm equipment to prevent flooding And to detect the presence And absence of aqua.
Control of reservoir Control of well Control tank
Control solid Control of bottling Machines-automatic beverage
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