NB5Q-TW00B 392038 OMRON Operator Interface Terminal NB 5.6 "Color TFT, 320 x 234 View larger
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NB5Q-TW00B 392038 OMRON Operator Interface Terminal NB 5.6 "Color TFT, 320 x 234





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Operator Interface Terminal NB 5.6 "Color TFT, 320 x 234

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Human Machine Interface Computer Man Hmi

NB Series

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NB series Compact HMI
The feature-rich, cost-effective HMI
The combinationof high quality and rich featuresadd up to give outstandingvalue for an HMI in the economy class. The NB-Designer softwareto create your HMI application is free of charge and can be downloaded from our website.
• More than 65,000 display colors TFT touch screen
• Available in sizes ranging from 3.5 to 10 inches
• Long-life LED backlight
•Serial,USB or Ethernet communication
•USB memorystick support(TW01 modelonly)
•128MB internal memory
• Vector and bitmap graphics
Ordering information
HMI panels
Product nameSpecifications Order code
NB3Q3.5 inch,TFT LCD, Color, 320 ×240 dots NB3Q-TW00B
3.5 inch,TFT LCD, Color, 320 ×240 dots, USB Host, EthernetNB3Q-TW01B NB5Q5.6 inch,TFT LCD, Color, 320 ×234 dots NB5Q-TW00B
5.6 inch,TFT LCD, Color, 320 ×234 dots, USB Host, EthernetNB5Q-TW01B NB7W7 inch,TFT LCD, Color, 800 ×480 dotsNB7W-TW00B
7 inch,TFT LCD, Color, 800 ×480 dots, USB Host, EthernetNB7W-TW01B
NB10W 10.1 inch, TFT LCD, Color, 800 ×480 dots, USB Host,Ethernet NB10W-TW01B
Product itemSpecifications Order code NB-to-PLC Connecting cable For NB to PLC via RS-232C (CP/CJ/CS),2m XW2Z-200T For NB to PLC via RS-232C (CP/CJ/CS),5m XW2Z-500T
For NB to PLC via RS-422A/485, 2mNB-RSEXT-2M
SoftwareSupported Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista®, WindowsXP*1 (SP1 or higher).
Download from the Omron website.
Display protectivesheetsFor the NB3Q contains 5 sheetsNB3Q-KBA04
For the NB5Q contains 5 sheetsNB5Q-KBA04
For the NB7W contains 5 sheetsNB7W-KBA04
For the NB10W contains 5 sheetsNB10W-KBA04
Attachment Mounting bracket for NT31/NT31C series to NB5Q seriesNB5Q-ATT01
*1Except for Windows XP 64-bit version
*2The NB5Q-TW01B and NB7W-TW01B are supported by NB-Designer version 1.10 or higher.
The NB3Q-TW0_B and NB10W-TW01B are supported by NB-Designer version 1.20 or higher.
ModelPanel cutout (H × V mm)
NB3Q119.0 (+0.5/–0) × 93.0 (+0.5/–0) NB5Q172.4 (+0.5/–0) × 131.0 (+0.5/–0) NB7W 191.0 (+0.5/–0) × 137.0 (+0.5/–0) NB10W258.0 (+0.5/–0) × 200.0 (+0.5/–0)
Note:Applicable panel thickness: 1.6 to 4.8 mm.
NB series Compact HMI
Specifications NB3QNB5QNB7W NB10W TW00B TW01B TW00B TW01B TW00B TW01B TW01B
Display type 3.5 inchTFT LCD 5.6 inch TFT LCD 7 inch TFT LCD 10.1inch TFT LCD
Display resolution (H×V)320×240320×234800×480800×480
Number of colors 65,536
Backlight LED
Backlight lifetime50,000 hours of operating time at the normal temperature (25C)*1
Touch panel Analog resistive membrane, resolution 1024×1024, life: 1 million touch operations
Dimensions in mm (H×W×D) 103.8×129.8×52.8 142×184×46148×202×46210.8×268.8×54.0
Weight310 g max.315 g max.620 g max.625 g max.710 g max.715 g max. 1,545 g max.
*1This is the estimated time when the luminous intensity is decreased by 50% per LED at room temperature and humidity. It is a typical value.
Specifications NB3QNB5QNB7W NB10W TW00B TW01B TW00B TW01B TW00B TW01B TW01B
Internal memory 128MB (including system area)
Memory interface–USB Memory
Serial (COM1) RS-232C/422A/485 (not isolated), Transmission distance:
15m Max. (RS-232C),
500m Max. (RS-422A/485), Connector: D-Sub 9-pin
–USB Memory
Transmission distance: 15 m Max., Connector: D-Sub 9-pin
–USB Memory
USB Memory
Serial (COM2) –RS-232C/422A/485 (not isolated), Transmission distance:15m Max. (RS-232C),
500m Max. (RS-422A/485),
Connector: D-Sub 9-pin
USB Host Equivalent to USB 2.0 full speed, type A, Output power 5V, 150mA USB SlaveEquivalent to USB 2.0 full speed, type B, Transmission distance: 5m Printer connection PictBridge support
Ethernet –10/100 base-T –10/100 base-T –10/100 base-T 10/100 base-T
Specifications NB3QNB5QNB7W NB10W TW00B TW01B TW00B TW01B TW00B TW01B TW01B
Line voltage 20.4 to 27.6VDC (24 VDC –15to 15%)
Power consumption 5 W9 W6 W10 W7 W11 W14 W
Battery lifetime 5 years (at 25C)
Enclosure rating (front side)Front operation part: IP65 (Dust proof and drip proof only from the front of the panel)
Obtained standards EC Directives, KC, cUL508
Operating environment No corrosive gases.
Noise immunity Compliant with IEC61000-4-4, 2KV (Power cable)
Ambient operating temperature0 to 50C
Ambient operating humidity10% to 90% RH (without condensation)
Applicable Controllers
OMRON OmronC Series Host Link OmronCJ/CS Series Host Link Omron CP Series
Mitsubishi MitsubishiQ_QnA (Link Port)
Mitsubishi FX-485ADP/485BD/422BD (Multi-station) Mitsubishi FX0N/1N/2N/3G
Mitsubishi FX1S
Mitsubishi FX2N-10GM/20GM Mitsubishi FX3U
Mitsubishi Q series (CPU Port) Mitsubishi Q00J (CPU Port) Mitsubishi Q06H
PanasonicFP series
SiemensSiemens S7-200
Siemens S7-300/400 (PC Adapter Direct)
SchneiderSchneider Modicon Uni-TelWay
Schneider Twido Modbus RTU
Delta Delta DVP
LG (LS)LS Master-K Cnet
LS Master-K CPU Direct
LS Master-K ModbusRTU LS XGT CPU Direct
GE Fanuc Automation*1 GE Fanuc Series SNP GE SNP-X
Modbus Modbus ASCII ModbusRTU Modbus RTU Slave Modbus RTU Extend Modbus TCP
AB CompactLogix/ControlLogix
*1AB and GE will be supported by NB-Designer version 1.20 or higher.
Note:For details, refer to NB Series Host ConnectionManual (Cat.No V108).

Datasheet - PDF

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pdf1-mostradoOMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038 English 166 Kbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038
pdf1-OMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038 English 35 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038
pdf2-OMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038 English 4 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038
pdf3-OMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038 English 9 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038
pdf4-OMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038 English 5 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - NB5Q-TW00B - 392038

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