G2RV-SL501 AC/DC24 392425 G2RV8028G OMRON Industrial relays, SPDT relay 6A Borna + Base Push-in 24V AC / DC .. View larger
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G2RV-SL501 AC/DC24 392425 G2RV8028G OMRON Industrial relays, SPDT relay 6A Borna + Base Push-in 24V AC / DC ..

G2RV-SL501 AC/DC24




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Industrial relays, SPDT relay 6A Borna + Base Push-in 24V AC / DC with test terminal

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G2RV Industrial plug-in relays
The only truly industrial 6 mm relay
Having been designed from first principles, instead of being adaptedfrom a PCB relay, Omron’sG2RV seriesis the only genuine slim industrial relay on the market. As a re- sult, the G2RV offers a wide array of benefits to machine manufacturers and panel
builders. Just 6mm wide, the relay is ideal for compact panels and equipment, yet it offers all of the durability and reliability required for industrial applications.
• Lockable test switch models available
• Large plug-in pins – excellent connection
• LED/mechanical flag – check operation
• Transparent housing – check condition
• Slim outline – space saving
• Push-in/accessories– simple wiring
• Special input type with gold plated contacts
•G3RV compatible
Ordering information
Relay Input voltage Order code
Screw terminals Push-in terminals
Standard type without lockable test switch 12 VDC G2RV-SL700 DC12 G2RV-SL500 DC12
24 VDC G2RV-SL700 DC24 G2RV-SL500 DC24
110 VACG2RV-SL700 AC110 G2RV-SL500 AC110
230 VACG2RV-SL700 AC230 G2RV-SL500 AC230
Standard type with lockable test switch24 VDC G2RV-SL701 DC24 G2RV-SL501 DC24
Input type 12 VDC G2RV-SL700-AP DC12G2RV-SL500-AP DC12
24 VDC G2RV-SL700-AP DC24G2RV-SL500-AP DC24
110 VACG2RV-SL700-AP AC110G2RV-SL500-AP AC110
230 VACG2RV-SL700-AP AC230G2RV-SL500-AP AC230
TypeDescription Order code Cross bar2-pole P2RVM-020_ Cross bar3-pole P2RVM-030_ Cross bar4-pole P2RVM-040_ Cross bar10-pole P2RVM-100_ Cross bar20-pole P2RVM-200_ PLC interface Connect 8 relays and PLC outputP2RVC-8-O-F PLC interface Connect 8 relays and PLC inputP2RVC-8-I-F
LabelPlastic, for mounting on socketR99-15 for G2RV Label (Sticker) Paper for mounting on socket or relay R99-16 for G2RV Separating plate Provides isolation between adjacent relays to achieve 400 V isolationP2RV-S
Relay only Maintenance part for G2RV-SL_00-series 12 VDCG2RV-1-S DC11
Relay onlyMaintenance part for G2RV-SL_00-series 24 VDC and 24 VAC/VDCG2RV-1-S DC21
Relay onlyMaintenance part for G2RV-SL_00-series 48 VAC/VDC and 110, 230 VAC G2RV-1-S DC48
Relay onlyMaintenance part for G2RV-SL_01-series 24 VDC and 24 VAC/VDCG2RV-1-SI SC21
Relay onlyMaintenance part for G2RV-SL-AP series12 VDCG2RV-1-S-AP DC11
Relay onlyMaintenance part for G2RV-SL-AP series 24 VDC and 24 VAC/VDCG2RV-1-S-AP DC21
Relay onlyMaintenance part for G2RV-SL-AP series 48 VAC/VDC and 110, 230 VAC G2RV-1-S-AP DC48
Note:_ Select color: R=Red, S=Blue, B=Black
G2RV Industrial plug-in relays
Interface cables
PLC brandPLC typeNumber of I/OI/O typeCable lengthOrder code
Omron CJ1 32Digital Output(MIL) 1.0 mP2RV-4-100C
2.0 mP2RV-4-200C
3.0 mP2RV-4-300C
5.0 mP2RV-4-500C Digital Input (Fujitsu)1.0 mP2RV-4-100IFC
2.0 mP2RV-4-200IFC
3.0 mP2RV-4-300IFC
5.0 mP2RV-4-500IFC Digital Input (MIL) 1.0 mP2RV-4-100IMC
2.0 mP2RV-4-200IMC
3.0 mP2RV-4-300IMC
5.0 mP2RV-4-500IMC
GRT1 SmartSlice8Digital Output0.5 mP2RV-A050C-OMR GRT1
1.0 mP2RV-A100C-OMR GRT1
Digital Input 0.5 mP2RV-A050IC-OMR GRT1
1.0 mP2RV-A100IC-OMR GRT1
NX 8Digital Output0.5 mP2RV-A050C-OMRNX
1.0 mP2RV-A100C-OMRNX Digital Input 0.5 mP2RV-A050IC-OMRNX
1.0 mP2RV-A100IC-OMRNX SiemensS7/30032Digital Input and Digital Output2.0 mP2RV-200C-SIM S7/300
2.5 mP2RV-250C-SIM S7/300
3.0 mP2RV-300C-SIM S7/300
5.0 mP2RV-500C-SIM S7/300
S7/400 32Digital Input and Digital Output2.0 mP2RV-200C-SIM S7/400
2.5 mP2RV-250C-SIM S7/400
3.0 mP2RV-300C-SIM S7/400
5.0 mP2RV-500C-SIM S7/400
Multi purpose (flying leads)All8Digital Input and Digital Output1.0 mP2RV-A100C
2.0 mP2RV-A200C
3.0 mP2RV-A300C
5.0 mP2RV-A500C
Coil ratings
Item Standard type Input type*1
Contact form SPDT
Input voltage 12, 24 VDC, 24, 48 VAC/VDC, 110, 230 VAC
Rated load 6 A at 250 VAC
6 A at 30 VDC
50 mA at 30 VAC
50 mA at 36 VDC
Max. switching voltage 400VAC, 125VDC30 VAC, 36 VDC
Max. switching current6A 50 mA
Max. switching power 1,500 VA/180 W (resistive load)
Min. permissible load10 mA at 5 VDC1 mA at 100 mVDC
Mechanical durability5 Million operations min.
Electrical durability
(rated load)
100 K operations (typical) 5 Million operations min.
Dielectric strength 4,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between coil and contacts
1,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between contacts of same polarity
Ambient temperature–40 to 55°C
Approved standardsUL, IEC/VDE, Lloyd's, and CE marking
Size in mm (H×W×D) 92.7×106.3×6.2 (push-in type)
97.4×106.3×6.2 (screw type)
*1If a gold layer is destroyed, contact ratings of standard type are applicable

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