CPM2C-24EDT1C 297701 OMRON Control System, Expansion Module 16/8 E / S outputs PNP View larger
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CPM2C-24EDT1C 297701 OMRON Control System, Expansion Module 16/8 E / S outputs PNP





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Control System, Expansion Module 16/8 E / S outputs PNP

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Programmable Logic Controllers Plcs


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CPM2C expansion unitsCompact PLC
Expand the capacity of your CPM2C PLC
Expansion I/O units with 8 to 32 I/O points make it possible to configure a control sys- tem with a maximumof 192 I/O points
Ordering information
Unit Output typeI/O Connectors InputsOutputsOrder code
Expansion I/O units–1 Fujitsu (24 pt) 8–CPM2C-8EDC
1 MIL (20pt) CPM2C-8EDM
–1 Fujitsu (24 pt) 16–CPM2C-16EDC
1 MIL (20pt) CPM2C-16EDM Relay1 Terminal block –8CPM2C-8ER Transistor output (source type)1 Fujitsu (24 pt) CPM2C-8ET1C
1 MIL (20pt) CPM2C-8ET1M Transistor output (source type)1 Fujitsu (24 pt) –16CPM2C-16ET1C
1 MIL (20pt) CPM2C-16ET1M Relay2 Terminal blocks 64CPM2C-10EDR Relay2 Terminal blocks 128CPM2C-20EDR Transistor output (source type)2 Fujitsu (24 pt) 168CPM2C-24EDT1C
2 MIL (20pt) CPM2C-24EDT1M Transistor output (source type)2 Fujitsu (24 pt) 1616CPM2C-32EDT1C
2 MIL (20pt) CPM2C-32EDT1M Analog I/O units Analog (resolution 1/6,000) 2 Terminal blocks 21CPM2C-MAD11
Temperature sensor units Thermocouple input1 Terminal block 2–CPM2C-TS001
Platinum resistance input1 Terminal block 2–CPM2C-TS101
CompoBus/S I/O link unit –1 Terminal block I/O link of 8 input bits and 8 output bits CPM2C-SRT21
RS-232C and RS422 adapter units –1 D-sub 9-pinRS-232CCPM2C-CIF01-V1
1 Terminal block and
1 D-sub 9-pin
RS-232C and RS422 CPM2C-CIF11
Note:Expansion I/O units with sourcing transistor outputs are also available with sinking transistor outputs.
MIL = connector according to MIL-C-83503 (compatible with DIN 41651/IEC 60603-1). For I/O Cables and Terminal Blocks, see page 72

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