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E3X-CN11 336330 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, 3h Cable Connection Master E3X-DA-N




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Photoelectric sensor, 3h Cable Connection Master E3X-DA-N

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Fiber Optic Sensors Optical


* Brand new product in its original packaging covered by the warranties and certifications provided by OMRON

*This price is per unit and is the net value (not including taxes if applicable).

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Connecting method


Order code

NPN output

PNP output

Standard models


Pre-wired (2 m)

1 output

E3NX-CA11 2M

E3NX-CA41 2M


Wire-saving Connector

1 output



Advanced models


Pre-wired (2 m)

2 outputs + 1 input

E3NX-CA21 2M

E3NX-CA51 2M

Model for Sensor Communications Unit


Connector for Sensor Communications Unit







Standard models

Advanced models

Model for Sensor Communications Unit

NPN output





PNP output




Connecting method


Wire-saving Connector


Connector for Sensor Communications Unit



1 output

2 outputs


External input


1 input

Light source (wavelength)

White LED (420 to 700 nm)

Supply voltage

10 to 30 VDC, including 10% ripple (p-p)

Supplied from the connector through the Sensor Communications Unit.

Power consumption

At Power Supply Voltage of 24 VDC

Normal mode: 960 mW max. (Current consumption: 65 mA max.)

Eco function ON: 720 mW max. (Current consumption: 30 mA max.)

Eco function LO: 800 mW max. (Current consumption: 33 mA max.)

Control output

Load power supply voltage

30 VDC max., open-collector output


Load current

Groups of 1 to 3 Amplifiers: 100 mA max.,

Groups of 4 to 30 Amplifiers: 20 mA max.

Residual voltage

At load current of less than 10 mA: 1 V max.

At load current of 10 to 100 mA: 2 V max.

OFF current

0.1 mA max.

Protection circuits

Power supply reverse polarity protection, output short-circuit protection, and output reverse polarity protection

Power supply reverse polarity protection

Sensing method

Contrast Mode: Light intensity discrimination for RGB (initial state/after 2-point tuning) (R+G+B light intensity discrimination for 1-point tuning)

Color Mode: RGB ratio discrimination

Response time

Super-high-speed Mode (SHS)

Operate or reset: 50 µs (only in Contrast Mode)

High-speed Mode (HS)

Operate or reset: 250 µs

Standard Mode (Stnd)

Operate or reset: 1 ms

Giga-power Mode (GIGA)

Operate or reset: 16 ms

Sensitivity adjustment

Smart Tuning (2-point tuning, full autotuning, or 1-point tuning (1% to 99%)) or manual adjustment

Maximum connectable units

30 Units

30 Units (When connected to OMRON NJ-series Unit)


Operation mode

Contrast Mode: NO (Light-ON) or NC (Dark-ON)

Color Mode: NO (ON for match: ON for same color as registered color) or NC (ON for mismatch: ON for different color from registered color)


Select from timer disabled, OFF-delay, ON-delay, one-shot, or ON-delay + OFF-delay timer (Counted by 0.1 s in a range of 0.1 to 0.5 ms, by 0.5 ms for 0.5 to 5 ms, and by 1 ms for 5 to 9999 ms. Default: 10 ms, Error: 0.1 ms)

Zero reset

Contrast Mode only

Negative values can be displayed. (Threshold level is shifted.)

Resetting settings

Select from initial reset (factory defaults), user reset (saved settings), or bank reset.

Eco mode

Select from OFF (digital display lit), Eco ON (digital display not lit), and Eco LO (digital display dimmed).

Bank switching

Select from banks 1 to 8.

Power tuning level

Set from 100 to 9,999. (The RGB maximum incident level at Smart Tuning is adjusted to the power tuning level.)

Output 2


Normal, error output, AND output, or OR output


External input


Select from input OFF, tuning, full-auto tuning, emission OFF, bank 1 and 2 switching, bank 1 through 8 switching, or zero reset.


Changing the displays

Threshold level and incident level, channel number and incident level, RGB display and incident level, or bank display and incident level

*1 The E3NW-ECT Sensor Communications Unit can be used, but the E3NW-CRT/CCL, E3X-DRT21-S, and E3X-CRT/ECT Sensor Communications Units cannot be used.

*2 Two sensor outputs are allocated in the programmable logic controller (PLC) I/O table. PLC operation via Communications Unit enables reading detected values and changing settings.

*3 The following details apply to the input.


Contact input (relay or switch)

Non-contact input (transistor)


ON: Shorted to 0 V (Sourcing current: 2 mA max.).

OFF: Open or shorted to Vcc.

ON: 1.5 V max. (Sourcing current: 2 mA max.)

OFF: Vcc - 1.5 V to Vcc (Leakage current: 0.1 mA max.)


ON: Shorted to Vcc (Sinking current: 3 mA max.).

OFF: Open or shorted to 0 V.

ON: Vcc - 1.5 V to Vcc (sinking current: 3 mA max.)

OFF: 1.5 V max. (Leakage current: 0.1 mA max.)

*4 Power consumption
At Power Supply Voltage of 10 to 30 VDC
Normal mode: 1,080 mW max. (Current consumption: 36 mA max. at 30 VDC, 74 mA max. at 10 VDC)
Eco function ON: 840 mW max. (Current consumption: 28 mA max. at 30 VDC, 50mA max. at 10 VDC)
Eco function LO: 930 mW max. (Current consumption: 31 mA max. at 30 VDC, 55 mA max. at 10 VDC)

*5 The mutual interference prevention function is disabled if the detection mode is set to Super-high-speed Mode.

*6 The bank is not reset by the user reset function or saved by the user save function.

Recommended fiber heads

Sensing method

Sensing direction


Order code




E32-C91N 2M


(Grooved type)


10 mm

E32-G16 2M

Fiber amplifier connectors


Cable length

No. of conductors

Applicable fiber amplifier units

Order code

Master connector

2 m





Slave connector




1.A Sensor Communications Unit is required if you want to use the Fiber Amplifier Unit on a network.

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