EJ1C-EDUC-NFLK 243921 OMRON Temperature Control Panel, EJ1 Header Alim, Coms, Alarm, Removable connector View larger
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EJ1C-EDUC-NFLK 243921 OMRON Temperature Control Panel, EJ1 Header Alim, Coms, Alarm, Removable connector




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Temperature Control Panel, EJ1 Header Alim, Coms, Alarm, Removable connector

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Temperature Sensors


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CelciuX° (EJ1)Advanced and Multi-Loop controllers
CelciuX° (EJ1) - Multi-Loop temperature control – Control and Connectivity
CelciuX° (EJ1) is designed to handle complex temperatureprofiles thanks to Omron’s unique Gradient temperatureControl (GTC) algorithm and to offer easy program-less communication with Omron and third-party PLCs andHMI. Aboveall,CelciuX° (EJ1)
incorporates all “simple to use” clever temperature control technology, like 2-PID, dis- turbance control and various ways of tuning.
• Interfaces to a wide range of industrial networks
• Reduced engineering due to Program-less communications, Smart Active Parts and
FunctionBlock Libraries
• Available with screw terminals and screw-less clamp terminals
• One unit handling various types of input, such as Pt, Thermocouple, mA, and V
• Gradient Temperature Control (GTC)
Ordering information
TypeControl pointsControl outputsAuxiliary outputs Other functions Terminal Order code
Basic unit22 voltage (pulse) 2 transistor (NPN) *1
2 CT input *2 + 2 event inputM3 screws EJ1N-TC2A-QNHB
Basic unit22 voltage (pulse) 2 transistor (NPN) *12 CT input *2 + 2 event inputScrew-less clamp EJ1N-TC2B-QNHB Basic unit22 current2 transistor (NPN) *12 event inputM3 screws EJ1N-TC2A-CNB Basic unit22 current2 transistor (NPN) *12 event inputScrew-less clamp EJ1N-TC2B-CNB
Basic unit44 voltage (pulse) ––M3 screws EJ1N-TC4A-QQ Basic unit44 voltage (pulse) ––Screw-less clamp EJ1N-TC4B-QQ High function unit––4 transistor(NPN)4 event inputM3 screws EJ1N-HFUA-NFLK High function unit––4 transistor(NPN)4 event inputScrew-less clamp EJ1N-HFUB-NFLK
DeviceNet unit ––––Screw connectorEJ1N-HFUB-DRT
Ethernet unit*3
End unit *4
––––3 x RJ45EJ1N-HFU-ETN
––2 transistor(NPN)–M3 screws EJ1C-EDUA-NFLK
End unit *4 ––2 transistor(NPN)–Removable ConnectorEJ1C-EDUC-NFLK
*1For heating/cooling control applications, the auxiliary outputs on the 2-point models are used for cooling control.
On the 4-point models, heating/cooling control can be performed for two input points only.
*2When using the heater burnout alarm, purchase a Current Transformer (E54-CT1 or E54-CT3) separately.
*3This unit mounts to the left of the CelciuX° (EJ1) configuration and enables PROFINET or Modbus/TCP network connection. Combine the HFU-ETN with an EDU_-NFLK end unit to use with other devices supporting Modbus-RTU like E5_N temperature controllers and MX2 Inverters.
*4An End unit is always required for connection to a Basic unit or an HFU. An HFU cannot operate without a Basic unit.
TypeControl pointsControl outputsAuxiliary outputs Other functions Terminal Order code
Basic unit 2 (GTC) 2 voltage (pulse)*1 2 transistor(NPN)2 CT input*2
M3 screws EJ1G-TC2A-QNH
Basic unit 2 (GTC) 2 voltage (pulse)*1 2 transistor(NPN)2 CT input*2 Screw-less clampEJ1G-TC2B-QNH Basic unit 4 (GTC) 4 voltage (pulse)*1 ––M3 screws EJ1G-TC4A-QQ Basic unit 4 (GTC) 4 voltage (pulse)*1 ––Screw-less clampEJ1G-TC4B-QQ
High function unit– (GTC) –4 transistor(NPN)–M3 screws EJ1G-HFUA-NFLK
High function unit– (GTC) –4 transistor(NPN)–Screw-less clamp EJ1G-HFUB-NFLK
End unit*3
––2 transistor(NPN)–M3 screws EJ1C-EDUA-NFLK
End unit*3 ––2 transistor(NPN)–Removable ConnectorEJ1C-EDUC-NFLK
*1Heating/cooling control is not supported for gradient temperature control.
*2When using the heater burnout alarm, use a Current Transformer (E54-CT1 or E54-CT3) (sold separately).
*3An End-unit (EDU) is always required to connect an HFU and or a Basic TC unit for Communications and Power supply.
A GTC (Gradient Temperature Control) basic TC unit always requires a GTC HFU unit.
Current transformer
Diameter Order code
5.8 dia.E54-CT1
12.0 dia.E54-CT3
Communications and cables
Description Order code
G3ZA connecting cable 5 meterEJ1C-CBLA050
USB programming cable E58-CIFQ1
PC based configuration and tuning softwareCX-Thermo EST2-2C-MV4
CelciuX° (EJ1)Advanced and Multi-Loop controllers
Item TypeEJ1_-TC2EJ1_-TC4
Power supply voltage 24 VDC
Operating voltage range85% to 110% of rated voltage
Power consumption 4 W max. (at maximum load)5 W max. (at maximum load)
Input (see note)*1
Thermocouple: K, J, T, E, L, U, N, R, S, B, W, PLII
ES1B Infrared Thermosensor: 10 to 70°C, 60 to 120°C, 115 to 165°C, 140 to 260°C. Analog input: 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA, 1 to 5 V, 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V
Platinum resistance thermometer: Pt100, JPt100
Input impedanceCurrent input: 150max., voltage input: 1 M min.
Control outputsVoltage output Output voltage: 12 VDC ±15%, max. load current:21 mA (PNP models with short-circuit protection circuit)
Transistor output Max. operating voltage: 30 V, max. load current: 100 mA–
Current output Current output range: 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 20 mA DC – Load: 500  max. (including transfer output)
(Resolution: Approx: 2,800 for 4 to 20 mA DC, approx. 3,500 for 0 to 20 mA DC)
Event inputs Input points 2 –
Contact input ON: 1 k max.,OFF. 100 k min.–
Non-contact input ON: Residual voltage: 1.5 V max., – OFF: Leakage current: 0.1 mA max.
Outflow current: approx. 4 mA per point –
Number of input and control points Input points: 2, control points: 2Input points: 4, control points: 4
Setting method Via communications
Control methodON/OFF control or 2-PID (with autotuning, selftuning, Heat & Cool autotuning and non-linear cool output selection)
Other functionsTwo-point input shift, digital input filter, remote SP, SP ramp, manual manipulatedvariable, manipulated variable limiter, interference overshoot ad- justment, loop burnout alarm, RUN/STOP, banks, I/O allocations, etc.
Alarm output2 points via End unit
Communication RS-485, PROFIBUS, Modbus, DeviceNetRS-485, PROFIBUS, Modbus, DeviceNet
Size in mm (W×H×D)31×96×109
Weight 180 g
Ambient temperature rangeOperating–10°C to 55°C, Storage –25°C to 65°C (with no icing or condensation)
Ambient humidity rangeOperating 25% to 85% (with no condensation)
*1Inputs are fully multi-input. Therefore, platinum resistance thermometer, thermocouple, infrared thermosensor, and analog input can be selected.
ItemSize in mm (H×W×D) EJ1N-HFU_-NFL_95.4×31.0×104.9/109.0
EJ1N-HFUB-DRT 90.9×31.0×82.2
EJ1C-EDU 95.4×15.7×76.2/79.7

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