E69-C04B 128545 OMRON Encoder, encoder coupling D4mm View larger
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E69-C04B 128545 OMRON Encoder, encoder coupling D4mm





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Encoder, encoder coupling D4mm

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Rotary Encoder (Incremental)E6A2
Compact with an External Diameter of
25 mm
Various models available in series with supply voltages and output forms adaptable to various input devices.
Models with zero index function ideal for positioning applications.
High response frequency and noise immunity make encoders ideal for factory automation applications.
Ensures higher-than-ever measurement precision. An additional series of models with 25 dia. ensuring
a resolution of 500 rpm.

Please read and understand this catalog before purchasing the products. Please consult your OMRON representative if you have any questions or comments.
Ordering Information
Rotary Encoders
10, 20, 60, 100, 200,
Output phaseOutput configuration Supply voltage Model
A Voltage 5 to 12 VDCE6A2-CS3E
300, 360, 500Opn collectorE6A2-CS3C
12 to 24 VDCE6A2-CS5C
100, 200, 360, 500A, BVoltage 5 to 12 VDCE6A2-Cw3E Opn collectorE6A2-Cw3C
12 to 24 VDCE6A2-Cw5C
100, 200, 360, 500A, B, z Voltage 5 to 12 VDCE6A2-Cwz3E Opn collectorE6A2-Cwz3C
12 to 24 VDCE6A2-Cwz5C
Note: when placing an order, specify one of the resolutions (pulses/revolution) listed above in addition to the model number.
Accessories (Order Separately)
Product ModelRemarks
Coupling E69-C04BProvided with each E6A2
Servo Mounting BracketE69-1 Provided with the E6A2-CwzD
Model E6A2-CS3E E6A2-CS3C E6A2-CS5C E6A2-CW3EE6A2-CW3CE6A2-CW5C E6A2- CWZ3E
Power supply voltage
5 VDC–5% to 12 VDC+10%, ripple (p-p): 5% max.
12 VDC
–10% to
24 VDC
+15%, ripple (p-p):
5% max.
5 VDC–5% to 12 VDC+10%, ripple (p-p): 5% max.
12 VDC
–10% to
24 VDC
+15%, ripple (p-p):
5% max.
5 VDC–5% to 12 VDC+10%, ripple (p-p): 5% max.
12 VDC
–10% to
24 VDC
+15%, ripple (p-p):
5% max.
Current consump- tion
(see note 3)
30 mA max. 20 mA max.30 mA max.20 mA max.50 mA max. 30 mA max.

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