XNE-GWBR-2ETH-IP 140047 EATON MOELLER ECO gateway for XI/ON I/O system, ethernet IP View larger
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XNE-GWBR-2ETH-IP 140047 EATON MOELLER ECO gateway for XI/ON I/O system, ethernet IP





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ECO gateway for XI/ON I/O system, ethernet IP

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EC4E & XI/ON Remote I/O system - EATON - MOELLER

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Delivery programme
  XI/ON ECO gateways
Connection technique
  Push-in spring-cage terminal
  XNE-Gateway with integrated supply
Short Description
  supports up to 74 disc-type modules (XN, XNE)
2 x RJ45-socket
Address set with decimal rotary coding switch, BootP, DHCP or I/Oassistant
Address range: 1 – 254 (dec.)
Field bus connection
  Ethernet (Ethernet-IP protocol)
Terminal capacity (field bus/supply voltage)
  Screw terminals
Service interface
Data transfer rate
  10/100 MBit/s
Instructions Bus refreshing module is already integrated.
Information about equipment supplied The delivery package for all gateways includes: 2 x end bracket XN-WEW-32/2-SW, 1 x end plate XN-ABPL
Technical data
  EN 61000-6-2
EN 61000-6-4
EN 61131-2
Potential isolation
  Yes, through optocoupler
Ambient temperature
 °C0 - +55
ϑ°C-25 - +85
Relative humidity
  5 - 95 % (indoor), Level RH-2, no condensation (for storage at 45°C)
Harmful gases
 ppmSO2: 10 (rel. humidity < 75%, no condensation)
H2S: 1.0 (rel. humidity < 75 %,no condensation)
  according to IEC/EN 60068-2-6
Mechanical shock resistance
 gaccording to IEC 60068-2-27
Continuous shock resistance (IEC/EN 60068-2-29)
  According to IEC 60068-2-29
Drop and topple
  According to IEC 60068-2-31, free fall according to IEC 60068-2-32
Degree of Protection
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
 kVEN 61100-4-2
Electromagnetic fields
 V/mEN 61100-4-2
  EN 61100-4-4
  EN 61100-4-5
Radiated RFI
  VEN 61100-4-6
Emitted interference (radiated, high frequency)
 dBEN 55016-2-3
Voltage fluctuations/voltage dips
  EN 61131-2
Type test
  to EN 61131-2
  CE, cULus
Static heat dissipation, non-current-dependent
Other technical data (sheet catalogue)
  >Technical Data
Rated data
  according to VDE 0611 Part 1/8.92/IEC/EN 60947-7-1
Connection design in TOP direction
  Push-In spring-cage terminals
Stripping length
Clamping range
  max. 0.14 - 1.5 mm2
Connectable conductors
 mm20.25 - 1.5
Flexible without ferrule
 mm20.25 - 1.5
Flexible with ferrule
 mm20.25 - 1.5
Flexible with ferrule
 mm20.25 - 0.75
Gauge pin IEC/EN 60947-1
Bus protocol
Maximum station configuration
  74 cards (XN, XNE) of slice design or max. length of station: 1 m
System supply
UsysV DC24 /5
Coordination type 2
UsysV DC4.7…5.3
Coordination type 1
UsysV DC18…30
Field voltage
UL 24 V DC
Admissible range
  18-30 V DC
Residual ripple
 %According to EN 61131-2
Service interface
Connection design for field bus
  2 x RJ45 (Ethernet Switch)
Data transfer rate
 kBit/s10000, 100000
Data transfer rate setting
  DIP switch, BootP, DHCP or PGM
Address range
  1 - 254 decimal
Design verification as per IEC/EN 61439(Show features)(Hide features)
Technical data for design verification
Rated operational current for specified heat dissipation
Heat dissipation per pole, current-dependent
Equipment heat dissipation, current-dependent
Static heat dissipation, non-current-dependent
Heat dissipation capacity
Operating ambient temperature min.
Operating ambient temperature max.
Degree of Protection
IEC/EN 61439 design verification
10.2 Strength of materials and parts
10.2.2 Corrosion resistance
  Meets the product standard's requirements. Verification of thermal stability of enclosures
  Meets the product standard's requirements. Verification of resistance of insulating materials to normal heat
  Meets the product standard's requirements. Verification of resistance of insulating materials to abnormal heat and fire due to internal electric effects
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.2.4 Resistance to ultra-violet (UV) radiation
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.2.5 Lifting
  Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
10.2.6 Mechanical impact
  Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
10.2.7 Inscriptions
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.3 Degree of protection of ASSEMBLIES
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.4 Clearances and creepage distances
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.5 Protection against electric shock
  Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
10.6 Incorporation of switching devices and components
  Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
10.7 Internal electrical circuits and connections
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.8 Connections for external conductors
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.9 Insulation properties
10.9.2 Power-frequency electric strength
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.9.3 Impulse withstand voltage
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.9.4 Testing of enclosures made of insulating material
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.10 Temperature rise
  The panel builder is responsible for the temperature rise calculation. Eaton will provide heat dissipation data for the devices.
10.11 Short-circuit rating
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.12 Electromagnetic compatibility
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.13 Mechanical function
  The device meets the requirements, provided the information in the instruction leaflet (IL) is observed.
Specially designed for North America  No
Current Limiting Circuit-Breaker  No
Degree of Protection  IEC: IP20, UL/CSA Type: -
MN05002007Z User manual XI/ON for XNE-GWBR-2ETH-IP gateway

Datasheet - PDF

Datasheet 1: 140047English234 KbytesDatasheet 1: 140047
Datasheet 2: 140047English319 KbytesDatasheet 1: 140047
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Datasheet 4: 140047English26 KbytesDatasheet 1: 140047
Complete catalogue 1: 140047English29 MbytesDatasheet 1: 140047
Complete catalogue 2: 140047English6 MbytesDatasheet 1: 140047

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