SHG503WSLT CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters TYPE MasterGlass HOUSING Wall mounting, box 503 POWER SUPPLY 2.. View larger
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SHG503WSLT CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters TYPE MasterGlass HOUSING Wall mounting, box 503 POWER SUPPLY 2..



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Selected parameters TYPE MasterGlass HOUSING Wall mounting, box 503 POWER SUPPLY 24VDC Others TYPE Temperature display HOUSING Wall mounting, box 503 POWER SUPPLY 15-24 VDC MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Temperature sensor 10 °C to 35 °C

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Glass temperature display
Types SHG503xSLT, SHG060xSLT
• Programmable glass touch switch
• It can control one temperature function managing 3 setpoints with the slider and on/off functions
• Integrated temperature sensor, range -9° to 50°C
• White and black glass
• Backlight ON when the hand approaches the glass
• Programmable buzzer when a key is pressed
• Shows current room temperature and a secondary temperature
Product Description Ordering Key
SH G 503 W SL T
Capacitive glass switch with display and slider to control one temperature function. TheLEDsindicate which setpointisselectedamong the three available ones. The selected setpoint is changed by means of the slider. The push buttonscan be freely programmed to change set- points or as on/offof home automation function.
The display shows the room temperature and it is possi-
ble to see also a secondary temperaturetobeselected among the available ones. Whenahandapproaches the glass, the backlightis switched on.
The glass switchis partof the smart-house concept for building automation applica- tions.
It is fully programmablevia the SH tool.
Smart house Glass Dimensions Color
Type Selection
DescriptionModule item
White glass switch for 503 boxSHG503WSLT Black glass switch for 503 boxSHG503BSLT White glass switch for Ø60 box SHG060WSLT Black glass switch for Ø60 boxSHG060BSLT
Output Specifications
Touch glass4 LEDs
(the room temperature or the setpoint)
Supply Specifications
Power supply Overvoltage cat. II
(IEC 60664-1, par.
15 to 24 VDC ± 20%
Consumption 42 mA, 1 W
Touch glass 4 touch buttons
1 slider
Sensor-9° to +50°C (15.8° to 122°F) Accuracy -9° to -0°C (15.8° to 32°F),
2°C (3.6°F)
0° to +50°C (32° to 122°F),
0.5°C (0.9°F)
Dupline® Output Specifications
Voltage8.2 V Maximum Dupline® voltage10 V Minimum Dupline® voltage 5.5 V Maximum Dupline® current2 mA
Specifications are subject to change without notice (29.08.2014)1

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