D32124000 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Accessory HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY none I/O TY.. View larger
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D32124000 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Accessory HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY none I/O TY..




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Selected parameters MODULE TYPE Accessory HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY none I/O TYPE None NUMBER OF I/O 0 Others MODULE TYPE Synchronizer HOUSING H2 (W36) I/O TYPE None POWER SUPPLY none MAIN CHARACTERISTICS Synchronizer for multiplexed analog signals

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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

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Synchronizer Module
Type D 3212 4000
• Multiplexer for analog modules
• 2, 4, 8 or 16 multiplex addresses
• Multiplex addresses on channels A1 to A4
• H2-housing
• For mounting on DIN-rail (EN 50022)
• Supplied by Dupline®
Product Description
Ordering KeyD 3212 4000
Dupline®transmitter with mul- tiplexing function for multi- plexed transmission of analog signals. Applicablefor trans- mitters and display with ana- log inputs and built-in demul-
tiplexer (type D 6369 6475 or D342961..). Increasesthe transmission capacity of a Dupline®system to max. 112 analog signals with 12 bit re- solution or 3.5 BCD.
Type: Dupline® H2-housing Type no.
No. of channels
Type Selection
Supply Ordering no.
4 channels
By Dupline®D 3212 4000
Code module*
* No code module required, as the synchronizer always transmits on channels A 1-4.
General Specifications
Degree of protection IP 40
Pollution degree3 (IEC 60664)
Operating temperature-20° to +50°C (-4° to +122°F) Storage temperature -50° to +85°C (-58° to +185°F)
Humidity (non-condensing)20 to 80%
Mechanical resistance
Shock15 G (11 ms) Vibration 2 G (6 to 55 Hz)
(see "Technical Information") H2-housing
Weight75 g
Product Specifications
Dupline connections
SignalTerminal 1
Common Terminal 2
Selector setting Front switch
2 addresses2
4 addresses4
8 addresses8
16 addresses16
Multiplex frequency1 pulse train
Supply Specifications
Power supplySupplied by Dupline®
Reverse polarity protection Yes Rated operational current ≤ 300 µA Power dissipation≤ 10 mW
Mode of Operation
Synchronizer for control of multiplexedanalogmodules in H4-housing.
D 3212 continuously trans- mits binary values (addresses) on channels A1 to A4 as shown in the chart below. Every binary value enables the respective transmitters, receivers and displays in a system that uses multiplexed modules.
First, the transmitters/receivers on address 0 exchange data. In the following pulse train the transmitters/receivers on ad- dress 1 exchange data etc.
With this all modules set up to the same multiplex address exchange data for one pulse train onthechannel groups they are coded for. The time untilthesame modulesex- changedataagain depends on the setting of the selector switchatthefrontofthe D 3212.The selector switch defines the number of multi- plex addresses that are gene- rated on channels A1 to A4.
Note: Multiplexed modules must not be used in systems where channel generators with2 or 3 sequences are installed.
Specifications are subject to change without notice (12.04.2007)1
Dupline®is a registered trademark. A product of the CARLO GAVAZZI Group

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