D5C-1DA0 133644 OMRON Carreira final Industrial / botões de pressão, FC M10 Alta Sensibilidade Ver maior
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D5C-1DA0 133644 OMRON Carreira final Industrial / botões de pressão, FC M10 Alta Sensibilidade





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Carreira final Industrial / botões de pressão, FC M10 Alta Sensibilidade

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Mechanical sensors/Limit switches - Limit switches - OMRON

Mechanical sensors/Limit switches - Limit switches - Others - OMRON

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Touch Switch
Unique 18 mm dia. Capacitive Touch Switch with Choice of Three Actuators is Activated with Only a Very Slight Physical Contact
• Lightweight objects, such as thin wire or foil can be accurately detected.
• Solid-state switch activates the moment its actuator comes in contact with the object.
• Amplifier, operation indicator, and sensitivity adjuster are built- in on all models.
• Conforms to IEC IP67 and NEMA Type 6, 6P.
• Actuators can be freely interchanged between switch units.
• A unique free-attachment version allows any kind of actuator antenna to be attached.
Ordering Information
■ List of Models
Features Usable by bending tip of antenna.
Overtravel of 20 mm max.
Cable 3 m
Ideal for high-accuracy position con- trol.
Overtravel of 3.5 mm max.
Any actuator can be attached.
Coil spring Plunger Free-attachment
Power source DC D5C-1DS0 D5C-1DP0 D5C-1DA0
AC D5C-1AS0 D5C-1AP0 D5C-1AA0
Antenna only D5C-00S0 D5C-00P0 D5C-00A0
■ Characteristics
Model DC AC [email protected] [email protected]
Degree of protection Equivalent to IP67 (NEMA 6, 6P)
Durability Mechanical: 10,000,000 operations min. (at rated overtravel value)
Supply voltage (operating voltage) 12 to 24 VDC (10 to 30 VDC), (ripple: 10% max.) 100 to 240 VAC (45 to 264 VAC), 50/60 Hz
Rated frequency --- 50/60 Hz
Sensitivity setting range 30 to 100 pF
Current consumption 17 mA max. ---
Leakage current Circuit: --- Antenna: 1 mA max.
Circuit: 2 mA max. Antenna: 1 mA max.
Response time 2 ms max. 8 ms max.
Output current 200 mA max. (resistive load)
Insulation resistance 50 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC) between lead wires and case
Touch Switch D5C 1

Datasheet - PDF

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