K3HB-PNB 100-240VAC 180116 OMRON Indicatori a pannello, intervalli di tempo NPN Visualizza ingrandito
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K3HB-PNB 100-240VAC 180116 OMRON Indicatori a pannello, intervalli di tempo NPN

K3HB-PNB 100-240VAC




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Indicatori a pannello, intervalli di tempo NPN

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Interfacce Uomo Macchina Hmi

Indicatori digitali panel - 1/8 DIN indicatori avanzati - ingresso digitale - OMRON

Indicatori del pannello digitali - 1/8 DIN indicatori avanzati - ingresso digitale - K3HB-C, -P, -R 542 - OMRON

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K3HB-C, -P, -R 1/8 DIN advanced indicators
Rotary pulse, timer interval and up/down counting pulse indicators
These indicators with analog input feature a clear and easy-to-use color change dis- play. All models are equipped with an IP66 housing. K3HB-R and -C are high-speed, with a sample rate up to 50 kHz.
• Position meter indication for easy monitoring
• Optional DeviceNet, RS-232C, RS-485
• Double display, with 5 digits, in two colors
• 1/8 DIN size housing
Ordering information
Type of indicator Input ranges Supply voltage Input sensor Order code
Rotary pulse indicator K3HB-R No voltage contact: 30 Hz max. 100 to 240 VAC NPN input/voltage pulse K3HB-RNB 100-240VAC
Voltage pulse: 50 kHz max. Open collector: 50 kHz max.
100 to 240 VAC PNP input K3HB-RPB 100-240VAC
100 to 240 VAC NPN K3HB-PNB 100-240VAC
100 to 240 VAC PNP K3HB-PPB 100-240VAC
Timer interval indicator K3HB-P 24 VAC/VDC PNP K3HB-PPB 24VAC/VDC
100 to 240 VAC NPN K3HB-CNB 100-240VAC Up/down counting pulse indicator K3HB-C 24 VAC/VDC NPN K3HB-CNB 24VAC/VDC
Option boards
Sensor power supply/output boards
Slot Output Sensor power supply Communications Order code
B Relay PASS: SPDT 12 VDC ±10%, 80 mA – K33-CPA *1
Linear current DC0(4) - 20 mA – K33-L1 A *2
Linear voltage DC0(1) - 5 V, 0 to 10 V – K33-L2A *2
– – – K33-A *2
– – RS-232C K33-FLK1 A *2
– – RS-485 K33-FLK3A *2
Relay/transistor output boards
Slot Output Communications Order code
C Relay H/L: SPDT each – K34-C1
HH/H/LL/L: SPST-NO each – K34-C2
Transistor NPN open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL – K34-T1
PNP open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL – K34-T2
– DeviceNet K34-DRT *2
BCD + transistor NPN open collector: HH/H/PASS/L/LL – K34-BCD
Event input boards
Slot Input type Number of points Communications Order code
D NPN open collector 5 M3 terminal blocks K35-1
8 10-pin MIL connector K35-2
PNP open collector 5 M3 terminal blocks K35-3
8 10-pin MIL connector K35-4
*1 CPA can be combined with relay outputs only.
*2 Only one of the following can be used by each digital indicator: RS-232C/RS-485 communications, a linear output, or DeviceNet communications.
K3HB has got three slots for option boards: Slot B, slot C and slot D.
Type Order code Special cable (for event inputs with 8-pin connector) K32-DICN Special BCD output cable K32-BCD
K3HB-C, -P, -R 1/8 DIN advanced indicators
Power supply voltage 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz), 24 VAC/VDC, DeviceNet power supply: 24 VDC
Allowable power supply voltage range 85 to 110% of the rated power supply voltage, DeviceNet power supply: 11 to 25 VDC
Power consumption 100 to 240 V: 18 VA max. (max. load), 24 VAC/DC: 11 VA/7 W max. (max. load)
Display method Negative LCD (backlit LED) display 7-segment digital display
(character height: PV: 14.2 mm (green/red) SV: 4.9 mm (green))
Ambient operating temperature –10 to 55°C (with no icing or condensation)
Display range –19,999 to 99,999
Weight Approx. 300 g (base unit only)
Degree of protection Front-panel Conforms to NEMA 4X for indoor use (equivalent to IP66)
Rear case IP20
Terminals IP00 + finger protection (VDE0106/100)
Memory protection EEPROM (non-volatile memory), number of rewrites: 100,000
Event input ratings Contact ON: 1 k max., OFF: 100 k min.
No-contact ON residual voltage: 2 V max., OFF leakage current: 0.1 mA max., load current: 4 mA max.
Maximum applied voltage: 30 VDC max.
Output ratings Transistor output Maximum load voltage 24 VDC Maximum load current 50 mA Leakage current 100 μA max.
Contact output
(resistive load)
Rated load 5 A at 250 VAC, 5 A at 30 VDC
Rated through current 5 A
Mechanical life expectancy 5,000,000 operations
Electrical life expectancy 100,000 operations
Linear output Allowable load impedance 500  max. (mA) 5 k min. (V)
Resolution Approx. 10,000
Output error ±0.5% FS
Size in mm (H×W×D) 48×96×100

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoDigital panel meter, DIN1/8 48h x 96w, 2 line display with dual colo - OMRON - K3HB-PNB 100-240VAEnglish176 Kbytespdf1-mostradoDigital panel meter, DIN1/8 48h x 96w, 2 line display with dual colo - OMRON - K3HB-PNB 100-240VA

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