SAC-5P-MS/ 1,0-923/FR CAN SCO 1419067 PHOENIX CONTACT Bus system cable, CANopen®, DeviceNet™, 5-position, PU.. View larger
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SAC-5P-MS/ 1,0-923/FR CAN SCO 1419067 PHOENIX CONTACT Bus system cable, CANopen®, DeviceNet™, 5-position, PU..

SAC-5P-MS/ 1,0-923/FR CAN SCO




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Bus system cable, CANopen®, DeviceNet™, 5-position, PUR halogen-free, gray RAL 7001, shielded, Plug straight M12 SPEEDCON, A-coded, on Socket angled M12 SPEEDCON, A-coded, Cable length: 1 m, Connector, unshielded

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Core End Sleeves Cable Crimp


Sensor/actuator cabling - PLUSCON field - PHOENIX CONTACT

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Length of cable1 m

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature (operation)-25 °C ... 90 °C (Plug / socket)
Degree of protectionIP65


Rated current at 40°C4 A
Rated voltage60 V
Number of positions5
CodingA - standard
Signal type/categoryCANopen®
Status displayNo
Overvoltage categoryII
Pollution degree3
Torque0.4 Nm (M12 connector)


Flammability rating according to UL 94HB
Contact materialCuSn
Contact surface materialNi/Au
Contact carrier materialTPU GF
Material of grip bodyTPU, hardly inflammable, self-extinguishing
Material, knurlsZinc die-cast, nickel-plated
Sealing materialNBR

Pin assignment

Position = wire color (signal) = position (optional)1 (Plug) = SR (shield) = 1 (Socket)
2 (Plug) = RD (V+) = 2 (Socket)
3 (Plug) = BK (V-) = 3 (Socket)
4 (Plug) = WH (CAN_H) = 4 (Socket)
5 (Plug) = BU (CAN_L) = 5 (Socket)


Cable typeCAN Bus/DeviceNet drop cable
Cable type (abbreviation)923
UL AWM style21198 (80°C/300 V)
Cable structure2xAWG24/19+2xAWG22/19
Conductor cross section2x 0.25 mm² (Data cable)
2x 0.34 mm² (Power supply)
1x 0.34 mm² (Drain wire)
AWG signal line24
AWG power supply22
Conductor structure signal line19x 0.13 mm
Conductor structure, voltage supply19x 0.15 mm
Core diameter including insulation1.95 mm ±0.05 mm (Data cable)
1.4 mm ±0.05 mm (Power supply)
Wire colorsRed-black, blue-white
Twisted pairs2 cores to the pair
Type of pair shieldingPlastic-coated aluminum foil, aluminum side outside
Overall twist2 pairs around a drain wire in the center to the core
ShieldingTinned copper braided shield
Optical shield covering80 %
External sheath, colorSilver-gray RAL 7001
External cable diameter D6.7 mm ±0,3 mm
Minimum bending radius, flexible installation10 x D
Number of bending cycles5000000
Bending radius70 mm
Traversing path4.5 m
Traversing rate3 m/s
Acceleration3 m/s²
Outer sheath, materialPUR
Material conductor insulationFoamed PE (Data cable)
PE (Power supply)
Conductor materialTin-plated Cu litz wires
Insulation resistance≥ 5 GΩ*km (Data cable)
≥ 5 GΩ*km (Power supply)
Loop resistance≤ 181.8 Ω (Data cable)
≤ 114.8 Ω (Power supply)
Working capacitancenom. 40 nF (Data cable)
Wave impedance120 Ω ±12 Ω (f = 1 MHz)
Shield attenuation≤ 0.95 dB (f = 125 kHz)
≤ 1.64 dB (f = 500 kHz)
≤ 2.29 dB (f = 1 MHz)
Nominal voltage, cable≤ 300 V (Peak value, not for high-power applications)
Test voltage Core/Core2000 V (50 Hz, 1 min.)
Test voltage Core/Shield2000 V (50 Hz, 1 min.)
Flame resistanceUL 1581, Sec. 1060 (FT-1)
IEC 60332-1
Other resistanceLow adhesion
Ambient temperature (operation)-40 °C ... 80 °C (cable, fixed installation)
-20 °C ... 70 °C (cable, flexible installation)

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PHOENIX CONTACT-1419067-SAC-5P-MS/ 1,0-923/FR CAN SCO English 162 Kbytes PHOENIX CONTACT-1419067-SAC-5P-MS/ 1,0-923/FR CAN SCO

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