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J-7 119417 OMRON Race Final Miniature, Miniature microswitch



J 1001A



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Race Final Miniature, Miniature microswitch

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E52-E Temperature sensors
Temperature sensors for standard applications
E52-E temperature sensors and thermocouples provide accurate temperature sensing for standard and challenging environments and include a wide range of mounting and connection options.
For best control results, the E52-E series is optimized to operate perfectly with suitable
E5_ temperature controllers.
• Thermocouples and PT100 elements
• Wide range of housing, mounting and connection options
• Best performance match with temperature controllers from the E5_ portfolio
Ordering information
Line-Type Series Technology Sub-Type Min
Dia. [mm]
Material Type Fixing Length
Order code
PRO-Line Smooth tube t/c*1
T –80 400 3 100 SUS 316 2-wire pre-wired with
2 E52-ETT3-100-2-A
6 cable end shoes
J 600 1 E52-ETJ1-100-2-A
2 E52-ETJ2-100-2-A
3 E52-ETJ3-100-2-A
4.5 E52-ETJ4.5-100-2-A
6 E52-ETJ6-100-2-A Lite-Line 0 400 4 SUS 304 E52-ELTJ4-100-2-A
5 E52-ELTJ5-100-2-A
6 E52-ELTJ6-100-2-A
8 E52-ELTJ8-100-2-A Pro-Line K –80 1100 1 INCONEL 600 E52-ETK1-100-2-A
2 E52-ETK2-100-2-A
3 E52-ETK3-100-2-A
4.5 E52-ETK4.5-100-2-A
6 E52-ETK6-100-2-A Lite-Line 0 400 4 SUS 304 E52-ELTK4-100-2-A
5 E52-ELTK5-100-2-A
6 E52-ELTK6-100-2-A
8 E52-ELTK8-100-2-A
Pro-Line PT100 class B –50 500 3 250 SUS 316 3-wire pre-wired with
6 open cable ends
E52-EP3-250-2-B E52-EP6-250-2-B
Lite-Line 0 400 4 50 SUS 304 E52-ELP4-50-2-A
5 100 E52-ELP5-100-2-A
6 E52-ELP6-100-2-A
8 E52-ELP8-100-2-A
Pro-Line Bayonet mounting –50 6 35 SUS 316 E52-EP6-35-2-BG1/4G-B
Enclosed terminals, smooth tube
500 200 2-wire enclosed screw terminals
– E52-EP6-200-T2-B
Bayonet mounting t/c*1 J 0 400 15 pre-wired with open cable ends
2 E52-ETJ6-15-2-BG1/4G-B
Enclosed terminals,
K 1150 200 INCONEL 600 enclosed screw
– E52-ETK6-200-T2-B
smooth tube
J 720 SUS 316
Enclosed terminals, G1/2"g mounting
Enclosed terminals, clamp mounting
Enclosed terminals, clamp mounting 2"
K 1150 INCONEL 600 E52-ETK6-200-T2-CG1/2G-B J 720 SUS 316 E52-ETJ6-200-T2-CG1/2G-B
PT100 class B –50 500 3-wire E52-EP6-200-T2-CG1/2G-B
200 100 E52-EP6-100-T2-CC1.5-B
Proplus-Line Surface tempera- ture
t/c*1 J 0 250 10 dia Cu
(tin plated)
2-wire pre-wired with open cable ends
2 E52-ETJS1-B
PT100 class B –40 80 – – Aluminium 3-wire enclosed screw
– E52-EPE1-B
Non-contact IR*2
up to 60 mm 10 260 M18 44.5 ABS 4-wire pre-wired with
3 ES1B
*1 t/c = Thermocouple
*2 IR = Infrared Sensor
up to 1000 mm 0 400 120 SUS 304 5-wire
open cable ends 2 ES1C-A40
Note: Further types with different dia., tube & cable lengths and other confectioning are available on request.

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