E5CN-HQ2MD-500 AC/DC24 246773 OMRON Temperature and Process, Universal Input 2 Alarm Output Pulses View larger
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E5CN-HQ2MD-500 AC/DC24 246773 OMRON Temperature and Process, Universal Input 2 Alarm Output Pulses

E5CN-HQ2MD-500 AC/DC24




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Temperature and Process, Universal Input 2 Alarm Output Pulses

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Temperature Sensors


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E5_N-H/E5_N-HTAdvanced and Multi-Loop controllers
Universal compact digital process controllers
The E5_N-H series of process controllers take the proven concept of the general pur- pose E5_N series to a process level. Main featuresof the E5_N-H series are universal
inputs, process outputs and options such as transfer output, remote setpoint and set- value programmer.
• Control mode: ON/OFF or 2-PID, Valve control on EN-H/AN-H
• Control output: relay, voltage (pulse), SSR, linear current and voltage
• Power supply: 100/240 VAC or 24 VDC/VAC
•Easy PC connection for parameter cloning, setting and tuning
• Clear and intuitive set-up and operation
Ordering information
TypeInputOutputFixed option AlarmsOrder code
48x48 mm model (includes supply voltage indication)
Relay output– 3 software alarms
E5CN-HR2M-500 AC100-240E5CN-HR2MD-500 AC/DC24
Voltage (pulse)
2 SUB outputs
E5CN-HQ2M-500 AC100-240E5CN-HQ2MD-500 AC/DC24
Current outputE5CN-HC2M-500AC100-240E5CN-HC2MD-500AC/DC24
Linear voltage outputE5CN-HV2M-500 AC100-240E5CN-HV2MD-500 AC/DC24
Relay outputSV programmer
E5CN-HTR2M-500 AC100-240E5CN-HTR2MD-500 AC/DC24
Voltage (pulse)
(8 programs of
32 segments)
E5CN-HTQ2M-500 AC100-240E5CN-HTQ2MD-500 AC/DC24
Current outputE5CN-HTC2M-500 AC100-240E5CN-HTC2MD-500 AC/DC24
Linear voltage outputE5CN-HTV2M-500 AC100-240 E5CN-HTV2MD-500 AC/DC24
Note:- Output and Alarm Relays: 3 A/250 VAC, electrical life: 100,000 operations
- Output voltage (pulse): 12 V, 21 mA (ie. to drive solid state relays)
- Linear current: 0(4) to 20 mA
- Linear voltage output: 0 to 10 V
E5CN-H option boards
(One slot available in each instrument)
OptionOrder code
Event inputsE53-CNBN2
Event inputsControl output 2
Voltage (for driving SSR)
Event inputs Heater burnout/SSR failure/Heater overcurrent detection
Event inputsTransfer output E53-CNBFN2
Communications RS-232C Control output 2
Communications RS-232C
Voltage (for driving SSR)
Communications RS-232C Heater burnout/SSR failure/Heater
Communications RS-485
Communications RS-485Control output 2
Voltage (for driving SSR)
overcurrent detection
Communications RS-485Heater burnout/SSR failure/Heater overcurrent detection
Communications RS-4853-phase heater burnout/SSR failure/ Heater overcurrent detection
Control output 2
Voltage (for driving SSR)
Transfer output E53-CNQFN2
Control output 2
Voltage (for driving SSR)
Control output 2
Voltage (for driving SSR)
Heater burnout/SSR failure/Heater overcurrent detection
3-phase heater burnout/SSR failure/ Heater overcurrent detection
E5_N-H/E5_N-HTAdvanced and Multi-Loop controllers
Control method Auxiliary output Control output 1/2Heater burnoutTransfer outputOrder code (includes supply voltage indication)
96 × 96 mm model48 × 96 mm model
Basic2 alarm relaysnone fitted, 2 slots 1-phase E5AN-HAA2HBM-500 AC100-240E5EN-HAA2HBM-500 AC100-240 none fitted, 2 slots E5AN-HAA2HBMD-500 AC/DC24E5EN-HAA2HBMD-500 AC/DC24
2 SSR output fitted E5AN-HSS2HBM-500 AC100-240E5EN-HSS2HBM-500AC100-240
2 SSR output fitted E5AN-HSS2HBMD-500AC/DC24 E5EN-HSS2HBMD-500AC/DC24 none fitted, 2 slots 3-phase 4 to 20 mA outputE5AN-HAA2HHBFM-500AC100-240 E5EN-HAA2HHBFM-500AC100-240 none fitted, 2 slots E5AN-HAA2HHBFMD-500AC/DC24E5EN-HAA2HHBFMD-500AC/DC24
2 SSR output fitted E5AN-HSS2HHBFM-500 AC100-240E5EN-HSS2HHBFM-500 AC100-240
2 SSR output fitted E5AN-HSS2HHBFMD-500AC/DC24E5EN-HSS2HHBFMD-500AC/DC24
3 alarm relaysnone fitted, 2 slots E5AN-HAA3BFM-500 AC100-240 E5EN-HAA3BFM-500 AC100-240 none fitted, 2 slots E5AN-HAA3BFMD-500 AC/DC24 E5EN-HAA3BFMD-500 AC/DC24
2 SSR output fitted E5AN-HSS3BFM-500 AC100-240E5EN-HSS3BFM-500 AC100-240
2 SSR output fitted E5AN-HSS3BFMD-500AC/DC24E5EN-HSS3BFMD-500AC/DC24
Valve controller2 alarm relays2 relay output fittedE5AN-HPRR2BM-500AC100-240E5EN-HPRR2BM-500 AC100-240
4 to 20 mA outputE5AN-HPRR2BFM-500 AC100-240 E5EN-HPRR2BFM-500 AC100-240
SV programmer
(8 programs of
32 segments
2 alarm relaysnone fitted, 2 slots 1-phase E5AN-HTAA2HBM-500E5EN-HTAA2HBM-500AC100-240
3-phase 4 to 20 mA outputE5AN-HTAA2HHBFM-500 E5EN-HTAA2HHBFM-500
3 alarm relaysE5AN-HTAA3BFM-500 E5EN-HTAA3BFM-500
SV programmer and 2 alarm relays2 relay output fittedE5AN-HTPRR2BM-500 E5EN-HTPRR2BM-500
valve controller
Note:- All E5EN-H/AN-H have 2 event inputs
- All E5EN-H/AN-H have Remote Setpoint 4 to 20 mA input
4 to 20 mA outputE5AN-HTPRR2BFM-500 E5EN-HTPRR2BFM-500
Specifications E5CN-H/EN-H/AN-H E5AN-H/EN-H output option boards
E5CN-H(T) E5EN-H(T) E5AN-H(T) Supply voltage 100 to 240VAC 50/60 Hz or 24 VAC, 50/60Hz 24 VDC Sensor input Thermocouple: K, J, T, E, L, U, N, R, S, B, W or PL II
Platinum resistance thermometer: Pt100 or JPt100
Current input: 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 20 mA Voltage input: 1 to 5 V, 0 to 5 V or 0 to 10 V
Control mode ON/OFF, 2-PID and valve (PRR)
Accuracy Thermocouple: (± 0.1% of indicated value or ±1°C, whichever is greater) ± digit max.
Platinum resistance thermometer: (± 0.1% of indicated value or
± 0.5°C, whichever is greater) ± 1 digit max. Analog input: ± 0.1% FS ± 1 digit max.
Auto-tuning yes, 40% and 100%MV output limit selection. When using
Heat/Cool: automatic cool gain adjustment
Self-tuning yes
RS-232C/RS-422/RS-485 optional, CompowayF or Modbus selectable
Event input Optional (Standard 2 event input in EN-H/AN-H)
(2 slots available in E5_N-HAA__-500 models:SS modelshave2 fixed SSR output modules)
OptionOrder code RelayE53-RN Voltage(pulse) PNP 12 VDCE53-QN Voltage(pulse) NPN 24 VDCE53-Q3
Voltage(pulse) PNP 24 VDCE53-Q4
Linear 4 to 20 mAE53-C3N Linear 0 to 20 mAE53-C3DN Linear 0 to 10 V E53-V34N Linear 0 to 5 V E53-V35N
E5AN-H/EN-H option boards
(one slot available in each instrument)
OptionOrder code
RS-232C communications (CompoWay/F/Modbus) E53-EN01
RS-422 communications (CompoWay/F/Modbus)E53-EN02
QLP port
(USB connection PC)
RS-485 communications (CompoWay/F/Modbus)E53-EN03
Event inputE53-AKB
Ambient temperature –10 to 55°C
IP Rating front panel IP66
Sampling period 60 ms
Sizes*1 in mm (W × H × D)48×48×76.548×96×77.296×96×77.2
*1With mounted terminal cover
E5AN-H/EN-H series optional tools
OptionOrder code
USB PC based configuration cableE58-CIFQ1
PC based configuration and tuning software CX-ThermoEST2-2C-MV4

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