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G9SP-N20S 342715 OMRON Security Product, Security Controller 20E-8S-6T





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Security Product, Security Controller 20E-8S-6T

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G9SP-N_ Programmable safety system
Standalone safety controller
The G9SP safety controller provides all local safety based in- and outputs and controls the safety application.
• Three CPU-types to suit differentapplications
• Clear diagnosis and monitring via Ethernet or serial connection
• Memory cassette for easy duplication of configuration
• Unique programmingsoftware to support easy design, verfication, standardization and reusage of the program.
• Certified according to PLe (EN ISO 13849-1) and SIL 3 (IEC 61508)
Ordering information
AppearanceAppearance descriptionOrder code
G9SP configuration
10 PNP safety inputs
 Safety controller G9SP
safety controller 4 PNP safety outputs
4 test outputs
4 PNP standard outputs
10 PNP safety inputs
16 PNP safety outputs
6 test outputs
20 PNP safety inputs
8 PNP safety outputs
6 test outputs
 Expansion I/O Units
 Memory cassette
 Ethernet option board
 RS-232C option board
 Compact non-contact door switch
 Safety mats
 Relays with forcibly guided contacts
 Configurator

AppearanceMediaApplicable OS Order code 
Setup disk 1 license Windows 2000
Setup disk 10 licenses
Setup disk 50 licenses
WindowsXP Windows Vista Windows 7
WS02-G9SP10-V1 

Setup disk Site licenseWS02-G9SPXX-V1
Expansion units (standard I/O) 
AppearanceType Number of I/O Model 
Expansion I/O
Sinking128 (solid state)CP1W-20EDT Sourcing 128 (solid state) CP1W-20EDT1
Sinking–32 (solid state)CP1W-32ET
Sourcing –32 (solid state)CP1W-32ET1
I/O Connecting cable, 80 cm longCP1W-CN811
Option units
Appearance Order code
RS-232 option board CP1W-CIF01
Ethernet option board (Ver. 2.0 or later)CP1W-CIF41
Memory cassetteCP1W-ME05M
G9SP Status Display Touchscreen with 1.8 m cable 82614-0010 H-T40M-P
G9SP-N10S Display Kit (G9SP, Touchscreen, cable, CP1W-CIF01) 82612-0010 G9SP-N10S-SDK G9SP-N10D Display Kit (G9SP, Touchscreen, cable, CP1W-CIF01)82612-0020 G9SP-N10D-SDK G9SP-N20S Display Kit (G9SP, Touchscreen, cable, CP1W-CIF01) 82612-0030 G9SP-N20S-SDK G9SP-N10S kit with EtherNet/IP module82608-0010 G9SP-N10S-EIP G9SP-N10D kit with EtherNet/IP module 82608-0020 G9SP-N10D-EIP G9SP-N20S kit with EtherNet/IP module82608-0030 G9SP-N20S-EIP
G9SP-N_ Programmable safety system
General specifications
Power supply voltage 20.4 to 26.4 VDC
Safety output specifications
Output typeSourcing outputs (PNP)
(24 VDC -15%+10%)
G9SP-N10S400 mA
Rated output current
0.8 A max.per output*
(V1: 300 mA, V2: 100 mA)
G9SP-N10D 500 mA
(V1: 300 mA, V2: 200 mA)
G9SP-N20S500 mA
Residual voltage 1.2 V max.between each output terminal and V2
Test output specifications
Output typeSourcing outputs (PNP)
(V1: 400 mA, V2: 100 mA)
Mounting method 35-mm DIN track
Rated output current
0.3 A max.per output*
Ambient operating temperature 0°C to 55°C Ambient storage temperature –20°C to 75°C Degree of protection IP20(IEC 60529)
Safety input specifications
Residual voltage 1.2 V max.between each output terminal and V1
Standard output specifications (G9SP-N10S)
Output typeSourcing outputs (PNP)
ON Residualvoltage1.5 V max.(between each output terminal and V2)
Input type Sinking inputs (PNP)
ON voltage11 VDC min.between each input terminal and G1
Rated output current
100 mA max.*
OFF voltage 5 VDC max.between each input terminal and G1
OFF current 1 mA max.
Input current 6 mA
*For details on the rated output current, please refer to the user manual of G9SP.
Control system integration
Safety - I/O-status becomes transparent
The standalone safety controller offers diagnosis information in 3 ways:
1) via parallel wiring
2) via serialRS232C interface (option)
3) via Ethernet interface (option).
Information of all safety in- and outputs on the standard control system ensure minimum downtime of the machine.
Machine controlSafetycontrol
I/O wiring
Standalone safety controller
Serial RS232C
Safety door switch
Safety light curtain
Emergency stop
G9SP-N_ Programmable safety system
G9SP configuration tool
Easy setupandconfigurationisprovidedbyasetupwizard supporting the hardware selection.
Simulating Packaging
User-defined function blocks
Approved configuration elements such as a tested door monitoring solution can be easily stored as a user defined function block and re-used in future projects. This minimises the time it takes to create a new system configuration.
Integrated Simulator
All functions can be tested and simulated in the Configuration Tool, so there’s no unnecessary additional workload for the engineer. In addition, on-line diagnosis reduces debug time
to a minimum during implementation in the machine control system.
Existing configurations are the basis for new projects. The G9SP ConfigurationTool supports re-use of existing and proven know-how in safety control, as well as user-defined function blocks. Which means no more repetition of effort, instead a growing library of safety solutions.

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