G3RV-D03SL DC24 323547 OMRON Solid State Relays, SPST Relay 3A Borna To Base 5-24 Vcc





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Solid State Relays, SPST Relay 3A Borna To Base 5-24 Vcc

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Solid State Relays Ssr


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Solid State Relays
Slimmest OMRON plug-in SSR with maximum width 6.2 mm
• Long electrical life and high speed switching
• Large plug-in terminals for reliable connection
• G3RV-D (DC load) models can manage resistive loads of
100 µA to 3.0 A
• LED indicator for visible operation checking
• Convenient quick electrical connections possible with G3RV
push-in models and cross bar connectors
• Low power consumption for energy savings
• G3RV is cUL listed when correct relay is matched with the
G3RV Socket
Model Number Structure
■ Model Number Legend
G3RV-SL @ @ @ - @
1 2 3 4
1. Basic Model Name
G3RV: Solid State Relay
2. Auxiliary Type Designation
SL: Slim Solid State Relay and socket combination
3. Wire Connection
700: Screw Terminals
500: Push-in (screwless) terminals
4. Output voltage specifications
A(L): AC Output .. TRIAC
*A: with Zero cross function AL: without Zero cross function
D: DC Output .. MOS FET
Ordering Information
■ List of Models
Classification Enclosure rating Input voltage Type of connection Contact form
Plug-in terminals General-purpose Unsealed AC/DC Screw terminals G3RV-SL700
Push-in terminals G3RV-SL500
SSR and Socket Combinations
Input voltage Screw terminals Push-in terminals
12 VDC G3RV-SL700-D 12VDC G3RV-SL500-D 12VDC G3RV-SL700-A(L) 12VDC G3RV-SL500-A(L) 12VDC
24 VDC G3RV-SL700-D 24VDC G3RV-SL500-D 24VDC G3RV-SL700-A(L) 24VDC G3RV-SL500-A(L) 24VDC
24 VAC/DC G3RV-SL700-D 24VAC/DC G3RV-SL500-D 24VAC/DC G3RV-SL700-A(L) 24VAC/DC G3RV-SL500-A(L) 24VAC/DC
48 VAC/DC G3RV-SL700-D 48VAC/DC G3RV-SL500-D 48VAC/DC G3RV-SL700-A(L) 48VAC/DC G3RV-SL500-A(L) 48VAC/DC
110 VAC G3RV-SL700-D 110VAC G3RV-SL500-D 110VAC G3RV-SL700-A(L) 110VAC G3RV-SL500-A(L) 110VAC
230 VAC G3RV-SL700-D 230VAC G3RV-SL500-D 230VAC
G3RV-SL700-A(L) 230VAC G3RV-SL500-A(L) 230VAC
Solid State Relays G3RV 1

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoSolid-state relay, plug-in, 1-pole, 3A 5-24VDC - OMRON - G3RV-D03SL DC24 - 323547English948 Kbytespdf1-mostradoSolid-state relay, plug-in, 1-pole, 3A 5-24VDC - OMRON - G3RV-D03SL DC24 - 323547

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