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A4EG-BM2B041 247806 OMRON Security Product, Command validation auxiliary pushbuttons




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Security Product, Command validation auxiliary pushbuttons

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G9SX-GS/A4EG Flexible safety unit
Safety guard switchting unit
The safety controller to support maintenancemode of machinery in the safe way.
• Two operationmodes to support:
• Auto switching for applications where machine and worker co-operate.
• Manual switching for applications with limitation in operation like maintenance.
• Clear and transparentsegmentation of safety functions by use of unique
“AND” connection
• Clear LED diagnosis of all in- and output signals for easy maintenance
• PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 according to EN 61508.
Ordering information
Enabling grip switches
Contact form Order code
Enabling switchMonitor switchPushbutton switch
Two contacts 1NC (grip output) None A4EG-C000041
Two contacts None Emergency stop switch (2NC) A4EG-BE2R041
Two contacts NoneMomentary operation switch (2NO) A4EG-BM2B041
Safety guard switching units
Safety outputs *1
Instantaneous OFF-delayed *4
Auxiliary outputs *2
Logical AND
connection input
Logical AND
connection output
Max. OFF
delay time *3
Rated voltage
Terminal block type Order code
2 (Semi- conductors)
2 (Semi- conductors)
6 (Semi-con- ductors)
1 1 15 s 24 VDCScrew terminals G9SX-GS226-T15-RT Spring-cage terminals G9SX-GS226-T15-RC
*1P channel MOS FET transistor output
*2PNP transistor output
*3The OFF-delay time can be set in 16 steps as follows:
T15: 0, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 or 15 s
*4The OFF-delayed output becomes an instantaneous output by setting the OFF-delay time to 0 s.
Ratings of guard switching unit
Power input
ItemG9SX-GS226-T15-_ G9SX-EX-_ Rated supply voltage24 VDC
Safety inputOperating voltage: 20.4 VDC to 26.4VDC, internal impedance: approx. 2.8 k
Feedback/reset input
Mode selector input
Instantaneous safety output
OFF-delayed safety output
P channel MOS FET transistor output
Load current: 0.8 A DC max.
Auxiliary outputPNP transistor output
Load current: 100 mA max.
External indicator outputsP channel MOS FET transistor outputs
Connectable indicators
•Incandescent lamp:24 VDC, 3W to 7 W
•LED lamp: 10 to 300 mA DC
G9SX-GS/A4EG Flexible safety unit
Application example
Automatic switching mode
Worker is loading and unloadingthe machinemanually.When loading is finished, robot cycle is startedmanually by the worker. When robots return to their home position, loading cycle is se- lected automatically.
Loading condition: Safety sensor B is not active, safety sensor A is active because the robots are not allowed to move to the loading area while the worker loads the machine. So the worker is
safe because safety sensor A is active.
Robot work condition: Safety sensor B is active, safety sensor A is not active because the worker is not allowedto move to the loading area whenthe robotswork. So the worker is safe because safetysensorB stops the machine if he moves to the loading area.
Safety sensor A Safety sensor B
Manual switching mode
Worker has to do maintenancein this machine. While maintenance,it is necessary to move the machine in a limited way. The worker has to select automaticmode or manual mode manually by using the mode selector switch.
Operation steps:
1)Select maintenance mode by using the mode selector
2)Open the door to do the maintenancewhile the machine still is able to operate in a limited way (monitoring of limited movement by using the safety limit switch).
3)Close the cover after finishing maintenance
4)Select automatic mode by using the mode selector
E-Stop conditions:
a)open the door while not in maintenance mode
b)the machine actuates the limit switch (breaks the limit).
c)the Enabling grip switch A4EG is actuated to stop the machine in emergency condition.
Safety limit switch
Emergency stop switch
door switch
Mode selector
Emergency stop switch

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