D4NS-2AF 163779 OMRON Security Product, Plastic 1NC / 1NO G1 / 2 View larger
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D4NS-2AF 163779 OMRON Security Product, Plastic 1NC / 1NO G1 / 2





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Security Product, Plastic 1NC / 1NO G1 / 2

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Safety-door Switch
Multi-contact, Labor-saving, Environment- friendly, Next-generation Safety-door Switch
• Lineup includes MBB models and three contact models with
2NC/1NC and 3NC contact forms in addition to the previous contact forms 1NC/1NO, and 2NC.
• M12-connector models are available, saving on labor and simplifying replacement.
• Standardized gold-clad contacts provide high contact reliability.
• Applicable to both standard loads and micro-loads.
• Free of lead, cadmium, and hexavalent chrome, reducing the burden on the environment.
Note: Be sure to read the “Safety Precautions” on page 9 and the “Precautions for All Safety Door Switches” in the Safety Components Series Catalog (Y106).
Model Number Structure
■ Model Number Legend
1.Conduit/Connector size
1:Pg13.5 (1-conduit)
2:G1/2 (1-conduit)
3:1/2-14NPT (1-conduit)
4:M20 (1-conduit)
5:Pg13.5 (2-conduit)
6:G1/2 (2-conduit)
7:1/2-14NPT compatible (2-conduit model with M20 conduit size includes an M20-to-1/2-14NPT conversion adapter)
8:M20 (2-conduit)
9:M12 connector (1-conduit)
2.Built-in Switch
A: 1NC/1NO (slow-action) B: 2NC (slow-action)
C: 2NC/1NO (slow-action)
D: 3NC (slow-action)
E: 1NC/1NO (MBB contact) F: 2NC/1NO (MBB contact)
3.Head Mounting Direction
F: Four mounting directions possible (Front-side mounting at shipping)
Note: An order for the head part or the switch part alone cannot be accepted. The Operation Key is sold separately.
Operation Key
1.Operation Key Type
1:Horizontal mounting
2:Vertical mounting
3:Adjustable mounting (Horizontal)
5:Adjustable mounting (Horizontal/ Vertical)
Safety-door Switch D4NS 1

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