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A22-24 160830 OMRON Industrial Career Final / Pushbutton, Lamp 24Vac / Vdc





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Industrial Career Final / Pushbutton, Lamp 24Vac / Vdc

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Mode Selector Switches

Pushbutton switches - Indicators - OMRON

Pushbutton switches - Indicators - M22 - OMRON

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A22 Standard pushbutton switches
22 mm pushbutton switch
A22 comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors and is installable in 22-dia. or
25-dia. panel cutouts. The switch unit can easily be mounted.A22 is mounted using either open-type (fork-type) or closed-type (round-type) crimp terminals.
• Finger-protection mechanism on switch unit provided as standard feature
• Increased wiring efficiency with three-rowmountingof switch blocks
• IP65 oil-resistant(non-lightedmodels), IP65 (lighted models)
• Lighted and non-lighted, flat, projection and half- and full-guard versions
• EN60947-5-1, UL andcUL approved
Ordering information
Illumination ColorOrder code
Flat type Projection type Full-guard type Half-guard typeSquare/
projection type
full-guard type
Round/ mushroom type (30-dia. head)
Round/ mushroom type (40-dia. head)
Non-lightedRedA22-FRA22-TRA22-GR A22-HRA22-CRA22-DRA22-SRA22-MR GreenA22-FG A22-TG A22-TG A22-HG A22-CG A22-DG A22-SGA22-MG Yellow A22-FYA22-TYA22-GY A22-HY A22-CYA22-DYA22-SY A22-MY WhiteA22-FWA22-TWA22-GWA22-HWA22-CWA22-DWA22-SW A22-MW BlueA22-FA A22-TAA22-GAA22-HA A22-CAA22-DA A22-SAA22-MA Black A22-FB A22-TB A22-GB A22-HBA22-CBA22-DB A22-SBA22-MB
LightedRed– A22L-TRA22L-GRA22L-HR A22L-CR A22L-DR– – Green– A22L-TG A22L-GG A22L-HGA22L-CGA22L-DG– – Yellow – A22L-TY A22L-GYA22L-HY A22L-CY A22L-DY – – White– A22L-TWA22L-GWA22L-HW A22L-CW A22L-DW– – Blue – A22L-TAA22L-GA A22L-HA A22L-CAA22L-DA– –
Buttonsize in mm 29.7 dia. × 12D 29.7 dia. × 19D 29.7 dia. × 19D29.7 dia. × 12/18.5D 29.8 mm2 × 18D 29.8 mm2 × 18D30 dia. × 32D40 dia. × 32D
Switch operation
Contacts Oder code
Non- lighted models
Lighted models
Lamp – LED
AC/DCLED lightOrder code
Operating voltage
6 V12 V24 V24 V
Without voltage reduction unit
With voltage reduction unit
110 VAC220 VAC
DC RedA22-6DR––– GreenA22-6DG –––
Yellow *1
A22-6DY –––
Momentary SPST-NO A22-10MA22L-10M A22L-10M-T1A22L-10M-T2
SPST-NCA22-01MA22L-01M A22L-01M-T1A22L-01M-T2
Blue A22-6DA ––– AC Red A22-6AR––– GreenA22-6AG –––
Yellow *1A22-6AY –––
A22-11M A22L-11M A22L-11M-T1A22L-11M-T2
Blue A22-6AA –––
DPST-NO A22-20MA22L-20M A22L-20M-T1A22L-20M-T2
DPST-NC A22-02MA22L-02M A22L-02M-T1A22L-02M-T2
Alternate SPST-NOA22-10A A22L-10A A22L-10A-T1A22L-10A-T2
SPST-NCA22-01A A22L-01A A22L-01A-T1A22L-01A-T2
AC and DC Red –A22-12ARA22-24AR A22-24ASR
Green–A22-12AGA22-24AGA22-24ASG Yellow *1–A22-12AYA22-24AY A22-24ASY Blue –A22-12AAA22-24AAA22-24ASA
A22-11A A22L-11A A22L-11A-T1 A22L-11A-T2
*1Used when the pushbutton color is yellow or white
DPST-NO A22-20A A22L-20A A22L-20A-T1 A22L-20A-T2
DPST-NC A22-02A A22L-02A A22L-02A-T1A22L-02A-T2
Switch blocks
Standard load Order code
Switch blocks SPST-NOA22-10
SPST-NC A22-01
DPST-NO A22-20
Lamp - incandescent lamp
Order code
Operating voltage
A22-5A22-12 A22-24
A22 Standard pushbutton switches
Item Remarks Order code
Lamp socketsDirect lighting Used when changing the lighting method (LED only)A22-TN Voltage-reduction lighting 220 VAC A22-T2
Mounting latches
For momentary modelsOrder mounting latches only when mounting switch blocks or lamp sockets are purchased individually
Legend plate frames
Large sizeWith snap-in legend plate, without text, blackSnap-in legend plate is acrylic A22Z-3333
Without snap-in legend plate A22Z-3330
Sealing capsFor projection modelsUsed to prevent dust or water from entering the operation unit (pushbutton, etc.), color: Opaque, material: Silicon
Three-throw spacerUsed when mounting three non-lighted switchesA22Z-3003
Control boxes
Exclusively for A22 One hole Do not use DPST-NO or DPST-NC switches,
Two holes
material: Polycarbonate resin
Three holes A22Z-B103
Snap-in legend Standard sizeWithout textWhite Attached to the standard-size legend plate frame,
material: Acrylic
White text on black backgroundON A22Z-3443B-5
OFF A22Z-3443B-6
POWER ONA22Z-3443B-9
Large sizeWithout textWhite Attached to the large-size legend plate frame,
material: Acrylic
For emergency
60-dia. round plate with black letters on a yellow background“EMERGENCY STOP” is engraved on the plate.
stop switch
90-dia. round plate with black letters on a yellow background
Used as an emergency stop switch legend plate
Lamp extractorRubber tool used to easily replace lampsA22Z-3901
Tightening wrench Tool used to tighten nuts from the back of the panelA22Z-3905
Recognized organizationStandardsFile number
UL, cULUL508E41515
– EN60947-5-1 –
Contact ratings (standard load)
LED indicators without voltage reduction unit
Rated voltageRated current Operating voltage
6 VDC 60 mA (20 mA) 6 VDC ±5%
6 VAC60 mA (20 mA) 6 VAC/VDC ±5%
12 VAC/VDC 30 mA (10 mA) 12 VAC/VDC ±5%
Rated carry
Rated voltage Rated current (A)
current (A)
AC15 (inductive load)
AC12 (resistive load)
DC13 (inductive load)
DC12 (resistive load)
24 VAC/VDC 15 mA (10 mA) 24 VAC/VDC ±5%
Super-bright LED indicator
10 24 VAC1010––
110 VAC510––
220 VAC36––
380 VAC23––
440 VAC12––
24 VDC ––1,5 10
110 VDC ––0,5 2
220 VDC ––0,2 0,6
380 VDC ––0,1 0,2
Contacts (microload)
Rated applicable load Minimum applicable load
50 mA at 5 VDC (resistive load) 1 mA at 5 VDC
Rated voltageRated current Operating voltage
24 VAC/VDC 15 mA 24 VAC/VDC ±5%
Incandescent lamp
Rated voltageRated current Operating voltage
14 VAC/VDC 80 mA12 VAC/VDC
28 VAC/VDC 40 mA24 VAC/VDC
130 VAC/VDC 20 mA100 VAC/VDC
Voltage-reduction lighting
Rated voltageOperating voltageApplicable lamp
(BA8S/13_ gold)
110 VAC95 to 115VACLED Lamp (A22-24A_)
220 VAC190 to 230 VAC
ItemPushbutton switches Emergency stop switches Knob-type selector switches Key-type selector switch
Non-lightedLighted Non-lightedLighted Non-lighted LightedNon-lighted
Allowable operating
Mechanical Momentary operation:
60 operations/minute max.
30 operations/minute max.Manual release: 30 operations/minute max., automatic release: 30 operations/minute max.
Electrical 30 operations/minutemax.30 operations/minute max.
(number of
Mechanical Momentary operation:
Momentary operation: 300,000 500,000 100,000 500,000
operations min.)
Ambient temperature
Electrical500,000 300,000 500,000 100,000 500,000
Operating –20 to 70°C–20 to 55°C–20 to 70°C–20 to 55°C –20 to 70°C–20 to 55°C–20 to 70°C
Storage –40 to 70°C–40 to 70°C–40 to 70°C–40 to 70°C –40 to 70°C–40 to 70°C–40 to 70°C
Degree of protection IP65
IP65IP65 (oil-resistant)IP65IP65 (oil-resistant)
Size in mm (in-panel only) 34H × 34W × 54.7D, 34H × 34W × 72.7D for DPST switches

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830English263 Kbytespdf1-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830
pdf1-Incandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830English0 bytespdf1-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830
pdf2-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830English269 Kbytespdf1-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830
pdf3-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830English150 Kbytespdf1-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830
pdf4-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830English1007 Kbytespdf1-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830
pdf5-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830English2 Mbytespdf1-mostradoIncandescent lamp, 24 VAC/DC - OMRON - A22-24 - 160830

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