E3H2-DS10B4M-M1 323687 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, Metal M12 Reflex 10cm cc 4h M12 PNP View larger
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E3H2-DS10B4M-M1 323687 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, Metal M12 Reflex 10cm cc 4h M12 PNP





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Photoelectric sensor, Metal M12 Reflex 10cm cc 4h M12 PNP

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Photocells Photoelectric Sensors Detectors

Photoelectric sensors

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E3H2Cylindrical sensors
Miniature photoelectric sensors in cylindrical M8 and
M12 housing
• M8 or M12 sized cylindrical housings when mountingspace is crucial
• Retro-reflective models with two teaching modes for standard and semi- transparent objects
• pre-wired and connector models
Ordering information
M12 cylindrical housing
Sensor typeSensing distance Connection method Order code*1
NPN outputPNP output
Through-beam4 m (adjustable)––2 m–E3H2-T4C4M 2ME3H2-T4B4M 2M
–  –– E3H2-T4C4M-M1 E3H2-T4B4M-M1
Retro-reflective with
2m (teachable*2)
––2 m– E3H2-R2C4M 2M*3
E3H2-R2B4M 2M*3
–  –– E3H2-R2C4M-M1*3 E3H2-R2B4M-M1*3
Diffuse-reflective 300 mm (teachable)––2 m–E3H2-DS30C4M 2ME3H2-DS30B4M 2M
–  –– E3H2-DS30C4M-M1E3H2-DS30B4M-M1
100 mm (fixed)––2 m– E3H2-DS10C4M 2ME3H2-DS10B4M 2M
–  –– E3H2-DS10C4M-M1E3H2-DS10B4M-M1
*1Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable by wire
*2Models without teach-button are available. Contact your OMRON representative.
*3Without reflector order reflector separately
M8 cylindrical housing
Sensor typeSensing distance Connection method Operation modeOrder code
NPN outputPNP output
Through-beam2m ––2m– dark onE3H2-T2C2S 2M E3H2-T2B2S 2M
 –––E3H2-T2C2S-M5E3H2-T2B2S-M5
––2 m– light onE3H2-T2C1S 2M E3H2-T2B1S 2M
 –––E3H2-T2C1S-M5E3H2-T2B1S-M5
Item Through-beam Retro-reflective with M.S.R.Diffuse-reflective
E3H2-T4 E3H2-T2 E3H2-R E3H2-DS30E3H2-DS10
Light source (wave length)Infrared LED (880 nm)Red LED (660 nm) Infrared LED (880nm)
Power supply voltage10 to 30 VDC, 10%ripple
Protective circuits Power supply reverse polarity protection, output short circuit protection
Response time 2.5 ms max1 ms max.1.1 ms max
Sensitivity adjustment Potentiometer adjuster–Teach-in–
Ambient temperature
Operating–25 to 55°C –25 to 50°C –25 to 55°C
Degree of protection EN 60529: IP67
MaterialCasenickel-plated brass stainless steelnickel-plated brass

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