G32A-D40 152012 OMRON Solid State Relays, Unit 30A and 40A short G3PA View larger
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G32A-D40 152012 OMRON Solid State Relays, Unit 30A and 40A short G3PA





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Solid State Relays, Unit 30A and 40A short G3PA

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Solid State Relays Ssr

Accessories Solid State Relays

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G3PA Panel mounted
Solid State Relays with exchangeable power cartridge
Optimum design of the heat sink has contributed to the downsizing of this product. The power elementcartridges of the G3PA are easily replaceable for easy mainte-
nance. G3PA can be mounted on a DIN-rail or using screws.
•10-60A output current
• 24-480 VAC output voltages
• Applicable with 3-phase loads
• Replaceable power element cartridges
Ordering information
Rated output load Zero cross
Rated input
Voltage levelSize in mm
Order code
voltage range
current impedance
Must operate voltage
Must release voltage
24 to 240 VAC10 A Yes 5 to 24 VDC 4 to 30 VDC 7 mA max. 4 VDC max. 1 VDC min.100×27×100G3PA-210B-VD DC5-24
20 A100×37×100G3PA-220B-VD DC5-24
40 A100×47×100G3PA-240B-VD DC5-24
60 A100×110×100G3PA-260B-VD DC5-24
10 A 24 VAC19.2 to 26.4 VAC1.4 k ±20%19.2VAC max. 4.8 VAC min.100×27×100G3PA-210B-VD AC24
20 A100×37×100G3PA-220B-VD AC24
40 A100×47×100G3PA-240B-VD AC24
60 A100×110×100G3PA-260B-VD AC24
180 to 400 VAC 20 A 12 to 24 VDC9.6 to 30 VDC 7 mA max.9.2 VDC max.1 VDC min.100×37×100G3PA-420B-VD DC12-24
30 A100×47×100G3PA-430B-VD DC12-24
200 to 480 VAC20 A100×37×100G3PA-420B-VD-2 DC12-24
30 A100×47×100G3PA-430B-VD-2 DC12-24
50 A100×110×100G3PA-450B-VD-2 DC12-24
Replacement parts: Power device cartridges
G32A-D_ _ enables 2 line switching of 3 phase configurations
Load voltage
Applicable SSR Order code
Current flowApplicable SSROrder code
10 A G3PA-210B-VD, G3PA-210BL-VD,
19 to 264 VAC 10 A G3PA-210B-VD DC5-24 G32A-A10-VD DC5-24
G3PA-210B-VD AC24G32A-A10-VD AC24
20 A
G3PA-220B-VD, G3PA-220BL-VD, G3PA-420B-VD, G3PA-420B-VD-2
20 A G3PA-220B-VD DC5-24 G32A-A20-VD DC5-24
30 A G3PA-430B-VD, G3PA-430B-VD-2, G32A-D40
G3PA-240B-VD, G3PA-240BL-VD
G3PA-220B-VD AC24G32A-A20-VD AC24
40 A G3PA-240B-VD DC5-24 G32A-A40-VD DC5-24
G3PA-240B-VD AC24G32A-A40-VD AC24
60 A G3PA-260B-VD DC5-24 G32A-A60-VD DC5-24
G3PA-260B-VD AC24G32A-A60-VD AC24
150 to 440 VAC 20 A G3PA-420B-VD DC12-24 G32A-A420-VD DC12-24
30 A G3PA-430B-VD DC12-24 G32A-A430-VD DC12-24
180 to 528 VAC 20 A G3PA-420B-VD-2 DC12-24 G32A-A420-VD-2 DC12-24
30 A G3PA-430B-VD-2 DC12-24 G32A-A430-VD-2 DC12-24
50 A G3PA-450B-VD-2 DC12-24 G32A-A450-VD-2 DC12-24
40 A
Isolation Phototriac coupler
Indicator Yes
Ambient temperatureOperating: –30 to 80°C
Load voltage range 200 to 480VAC: 180to 528 VAC
24 to 240VAC: 19to 264 VAC
180 to 400VAC: 150to 440 VAC
Output ON drop1.6 V (RMS) max.
Operate time 0.5 of load power source cycle + 1 ms max. (DC input, -B models)
1.5 of load power source cycle + 1 ms max.(AC input)
1 ms max.(-BL models)
Release time 0.5 of load power source cycle + 1 ms max. (DC input)
1.5 of load power source cycle + 1 ms max.(AC input)

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pdf2-mostradoOMRON - G32A-D40 - 152012 English 2 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - G32A-D40 - 152012

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