F3SJ-B0385P25 356725 OMRON Security Product, Class IV Basic Hand 385mm Serial connection View larger
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F3SJ-B0385P25 356725 OMRON Security Product, Class IV Basic Hand 385mm Serial connection





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Security Product, Class IV Basic Hand 385mm Serial connection

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Security Light Curtains

F3SJ-A and MS Safety Barriers

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F3SJ-B Safety sensors
Basic type with a combination of performance and functionality
The F3SJ-B-family is a type 4 safety light curtain with an optical resolutionof 25 mm. An operation range of up to 7 m and a protective height up to 2,065 mm are provided with no dead zone
• Detection height = sensor height
• Simple hand protection
• Muting function available
• Series connection up to three sets
• Type 4 sensor complying with EN 61496-1and up to PLe accordingEN ISO 13849
Ordering information
Application Detection capability Beam gap Operating range Protective height (mm) Order code
Hand protectionDia. 25 mm 20 mm0.2 to 7 m185 to 2,065 F3SJ-B P25
Number of beamsProtective height (mm)*1
Order code
8185 F3SJ-B0185P25
10225 F3SJ-B0225P25
14305 F3SJ-B0305P25
18385 F3SJ-B0385P25
22465 F3SJ-B0465P25
26545 F3SJ-B0545P25
30625 F3SJ-B0625P25
34705 F3SJ-B0705P25
38785 F3SJ-B0785P25
42865 F3SJ-B0865P25
46945 F3SJ-B0945P25
*1Protective height (mm) = Total sensor length
F3SJ-B Safety sensors
Accessories (sold separately)
Sensor mounting bracket
Appearance Specifications Application Remarks Order code
Top/bottom bracketTop/bottom bracket for F3SJ-E/B2 for an emitter,
2 for a receiver, total of 4 per set
Intermediate bracket In combination use with top/bottom bracket for F3SJ-E/B
Can be used as free-location bracket.
1 set with 2 pieces F39-LJB2*1 *2
Quick mount bracket Quick mount bracket for F3SJ-E/B
SupportsM6 slide nut for aluminum frame.
Quick mount bracket for F3SJ-E/B
SupportsM8 slide nut for aluminum frame.
1 set with 2 pieces F39-LJB3-M6*1
Quick mount M6 brack- Bracket to mount an intermediate bracket to the aluminum frame
Hexagon socket head
Quick mount M8 brack- et
with a single touch.
cap screws
(M6 × 10) are included.
Hexagon socket head cap screws
(M8 × 14) are included.
Compatible mounting bracket
Mounting bracket used when replacing existing area sensors
(F3SJ-A or F3SN) with the F3SJ-E/B.
2 for an emitter,
2 for a receiver, total of 4 per set
Contact mount bracketBracket to closely contact the back side of the sensor. 2 for an emitter,
2 for a receiver, total of 4 per set
*1Combining F39-LJB2 and F39-LJB3-M6K makes F39-LJB3-M6.
*2Combining F39-LJB2 and F39-LJB3-M8K makes F39-LJB3-M8.
Laser pointer
Appearance OutputOrder code
Laser pointer for F3SJF39-PTJ
F3SJ-B Safety sensors
Sensor typeType 4 safety light curtain
Setting tool connection*1
Parameter settings: Not available
Safety categorySafety purpose of category 4, 3, 2, 1, or B Detection capabilityOpaque objects 25 mm in diameter Beam gap (P) 20 mm
Number of beams (n)8 to 102
Protective height (PH)185 to 2,065 mm
Lens diameterDiameter 5 mm
Operating range*2
Response time (under stable light incident condition)
0.2 to 7 m
ON to OFF 15 ms max. (response time at 1 set connection, series connection of 2 sets or 3 sets)
OFF to ON70 ms max. (response time at 1 set connection, series connection of 2 sets or 3 sets)
Startup waiting time 2 s max.
Power supply voltage (Vs) SELV/PELV 24 VDC±20% (ripple p-p 10% max.)
Consumption current (no load) Emitter: Up to 22 beams: 52 mA max., 26 to 42 beams: 68 mA max., 46 to 62 beams: 75 mA max.,
66 to 82 beams: 88 mA max., 86 to 102 beams: 101 mA max.
Receiver: Up to 22 beams: 45 mA max., 26 to 42 beams: 50 mA max., 46 to 62 beams: 56 mA max.,
66 to 82 beams: 61 mA max., 86 to 102 beams: 67 mA max.
Light source (emitted wavelength) Infrared LED (870nm)
Effective aperture angle (EAA) Based on IEC 61496-2. Within ±2.5° for both emitter and receiver when the detection distance is 3 m or over
Safety outputs (OSSD) Two PNP transistor outputs, load current 200 mA max., residual voltage 2 V max. (except for voltage drop due to cable extension), Leakage current
1 mA max., load inductance 2.2 H max.*3, Maximum capacityload 1 F*4
Auxiliary output 1 One PNP transistor outputs, load current 100 mA max., residual voltage 2 V max. (except for voltage drop due to cable extension), leak current 1 mA
Output operation modeSafety output: On when receiving light
Auxiliary output:
– Reverse output of safety output for a basic system
– ON when muting/override for a muting system
Input voltage ON voltage: Vs-3 V to Vs, OFF voltage: 0 V to 1/2 Vs or open*5
Mutual interference prevention function
Mutual interference prevention algorithm prevents interference in up to 3 sets.
Series connectionTime division emission by series connection
Number of connections: up to 3 sets (between F3SJ-Bs only)Other models cannot be connected. Total number of beams: up to 192 beams
Maximum cable length for 2 sets: no longer than 7 m
Test function Self test (at power-ON and at power distribution) External test (emission stop function by test input)
Safety-related functionsInterlock (basic system)
External device monitoring (basic system) Muting (muting system)
Override (muting system)
Connection typeConnector method (M12, 8-pin)
Protection circuitOutput short-circuit protection, and power supply reverse polarity protection
Ambient temperatureOperating: –10 to 55°C (non-freezing), Storage: –25 to 70°C Ambient humidity Operating: 35% to 85% (no condensation), Storage: 35% to 95% RH Operating ambient light intensity Incandescent lamp: 3,000 lx max., Sunlight: 10,000 lx max. Insulation resistance 20 M min. (at 500 VDC)
Dielectric strength 1,000 VAC 50/60Hz, 1 min
Degree of protectionIP65(IEC 60529)
Vibration resistance Malfunction: 10 to 55 Hz, Multiple amplitude of 0.7 mm, 20 sweeps in X, Y, and Z directions
Shock resistanceMalfunction: 100 m/s2, 1,000 times each in X, Y, and Z directions
Pollution degreePollution degree 3 (IEC 60664-1)
Power cable Connection method: Prewired connector cable, cable length 0.3 m, connector type (M12, 8-pin), connector: IP67 rated (when mated) Number of wires: 8 wires
Cable diameter: Dia. 6 mm
Allowable bending radius: R5 mm
Extension cable 30 m max.
Material Case: Aluminum
Cap: ABS resin,PBT
Opticalcover:PMMA resin(acrylic) Cable: Oil resistant PVC
Weight (packed state)Weight (g) = (protective height) × 2.7 + 500
AccessoriesTest rod, Instruction manual, User's manual (CD-ROM)*6
Applicable standards IEC 61496-1, EN 61496-1 UL 61496-1, Type 4 ESPE (Electro-sensitive protective equipment)
IEC 61496-2, CLC/TS 61496-2, UL 61496-2, Type 4 AOPD (Active opto-electronic protective devices) IEC 61508-1 to -3, EN 61508-1 to -3 SIL3
IEC 13849-1: 2006, EN ISO 13849-1: 2008 (PLe, Cat.4)
UL 508,UL 1998,CAN/CSA C22.2 No.14, CAN/CSA C22.2 No.0.8
*1Do not use the support software and setting console for F3SJ-A. Operation cannot be guaranteed.
*2Use of the spatter protection cover causes a 10% maximum sensing distance attenuation.
*3The load inductance is the maximum value when the safety output frequently repeats ON and OFF. When you use the safety output at 4 Hz or less, the usable load inductance becomes larger.
*4These values must be taken into consideration when connecting elements including a capacitive load such as capacitor.
*5The Vs indicates a voltage value in your environment.
*6Mounting brackets are sold separately.
F3SJ-B Safety sensors
Basic Wiring Diagram
Wiring when using manual reset mode, external device monitoring (F3SJ-B P25) (PNP output)
F39-JD_A-L F39-JD_A-D
(Gray) Communication line (+) (Pink)
Communication line (−)
S1 S2
24 VDC Power
0 V
S1 : External test switch (connect to 0 V if a switch is not required) S2 : Interlock/lockout reset switch
KM1, KM2 : Safetyrelay with force-guided contact (G7SA) or magnetic contactor
K1: Load or PLC, etc. (for monitoring)

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