F3S-TGR-NMHR-21-M1J8-R 387890 OMRON Security Product, Switch Seg. PLe Thumbnail 2NC + 1NO Reed Toilet M12-8p..





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Security Product, Switch Seg. PLe Thumbnail 2NC + 1NO Reed Toilet M12-8p Dcha

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Contactless Switches TGR

* Brand new product in its original packaging covered by the warranties and certifications provided by OMRON

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Magnetic Non-contact Safety Switches
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Reed non-contact switches monitor the status of guarding doors. Stainless steel housing for high hygiene demands in the food industry are available.
• Based on reed technology
• Connect up to 6 switches in series
• Operates with all Omron safety controllers
• Operates behind stainless steel fittings
• Non-contact – no abrasion – no particles
• Compensation of mechanical tolerances
• Suitable for high pressure cleaning, CIP/SIP
processes due IP69K (pre-wired types)
• Conforms to safety categories up PLe acc. EN ISO13849-1
Model Number Structure
1 2 3 4
L:Elongated Sensor
S:Small Sensor
M: Miniature Sensor C:Compact Sensor W: Wide Sensor
B:Barell Sensor
2.Housing Material
P:Plastic Housing
M: Stainless Steel Housing
H:Hygienic designed Stainless Steel Housing
F:Special Food Type Stainless Steel Housing
3.Contact configuration
11*: 1 Normally Closed Contact (NC) +
1 Normally Open Contact (NO)
20*: 2 Normally Closed Contacts (NC)
21:2 Normally Closed Contacts (NC) +
1 Normally Open Contact (NO)
* only existing for some NMPR-types
4.Cable Length/connection
05:5 m Cable
05-R*: 5 m Cable exit to the right
10:10 m Cable
10-R*: 10 m Cable, exit to the right
M1J8: M12 male connector, 8 pin, fitted with 250 mm cable
M1J8-R*:M12 male connector, 8 pin, fitted with 250 mm cable exit to the right
08-10**:M8 male connector, 4 pin
08-10-R**: M8 male connector, 4 pin, exit to the right
* only for F3S-TGR-NMPR and F3S-TGR-NMHR
** only for F3S-TGR-NMPR

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pdf1-mostradoOMRON - F3S-TGR-NMHR-21-M1J8-R - 387890 English 2 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - F3S-TGR-NMHR-21-M1J8-R - 387890

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