F39-TGR-MCL-L 340387 OMRON Security Product, muting Actuator F3S-TGR-CL active / active only issuer View larger
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F39-TGR-MCL-L 340387 OMRON Security Product, muting Actuator F3S-TGR-CL active / active only issuer





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Security Product, muting Actuator F3S-TGR-CL active / active only issuer

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F39-TGR-MCL Safety sensors
Muting actuators
The F39-TGR-MCL-_ muting actuators are plug-and-play accessories for the
F3S-TGR-CL Safety Sensors. Easy wiring of the entire muting system is provided by connection boxes managing all connections needed.
• Active/active and active/passive systems supported
• T- and L- shapemutingby using sameparts
• Selectable muting sensor sequence
• Pre-installed mounting brackets
• Pre-wired connection cables
• SupportingType 2 and Type 4 applications
Ordering information
Muting actuators (mounting brackets are included)
Order code
Transmitter + Receiver set active/activeF39-TGR-MCL Receiver onlyactive/activeF39-TGR-MCL-D Transmitter only active/activeF39-TGR-MCL-L Transceiver + Reflector setactive/passiveF39-TGR-MCL-R Transceiver only active/passiveF39-TGR-MCL-R-A Reflector only active/passiveF39-TGR-MCL-R-P
Connection boxes
Order code
Connection box for Receivers and Transceivers F39-TGR-MCL-CMD Connection box for Transmitters F39-TGR-MCL-CML
Mounting brackets
Order code
Mounting bracket for one muting actuator F39-TGR-MCL-ST
Power supply 24 VDC±20%
Consumption 5 W max (F39-TGR-MCL-_ only)
Ambient temperature During operation -10 to + 55°C (with no dew condensation)
Cable connectorLength 30 cm pre-wired RX M12 5-pin female TX M12 5-pin female
Degree of protectionIP65
Distance between muting beams250mm
F39-TGR-MCLOptical data Through-beam system
Operating distance0 … 7 m max. 0 … 8,4 m
Light source Red emitting LEDs, Wavelength 630 nm
F39-TGR-MCL-ROptical data Polarized retro-reflective system
Operating distance0 … 4 m max. 0 … 4,8 m
Light source Red emitting LEDs, Wavelength 660 nm
Configuration examples
L-muting, active/active
1) Safety sensor (e.g. F3S-TGR-CL4A-K2-500)
2) Muting actuators F39-TGR-MCL
3) Connector box F39-TGR-MCL-CML
4) Connector box F39-TGR-MCL-CMD
L-muting, active/passive
1) Safety Sensor (e.g. F3S-TGR-CL4A-K2C-500)
2) Muting actuators F39-TGR-MCL-R
3) Connection box F39-TGR-MCL-CMD
2 4 2 3

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