E3S-DBN21 393258 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, Obj transp Plastic Mirror (not included) SmartTeach 4.5m M12 NP..




Photoelectric sensor, Obj transp Plastic Mirror (not included) SmartTeach 4.5m M12 NPN PRO +

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E3S-DB Special application sensors
Transparent object sensor
E3S-DB sensor provides most reliable detection of all kinds of transparent objects such as PET bottles, glass bottles or transparent trays.
• Most reliable detection of all transparentobjects
• SmartTeach enabling fast set up and optimum threshold setting
• Narrow beam types detecting smallest object gaps (min. 3 mm)
• Proven for environmentsin Food & Beverage industry
Ordering information
Sensor typeSensing distance recommended (max.)
Connection method Order code*1
NPN outputPNP output
Retro-reflective with MSR function
Smart teachStandard3.5 m (4.5 m)*2
–––E3S-DBN11 2ME3S-DBP11 2M
–––E3S-DBN21 E3S-DBP21
–––E3S-DBN31 E3S-DBP31
Narrow beam*3
0.5 m (0.7 m)*4
–––E3S-DBN12 2ME3S-DBP12 2M
–––E3S-DBN22 E3S-DBP22
–––E3S-DBN32 E3S-DBP32
Trimmer Standard3.5 m (4.5 m)*2–––E3S-DBN11T 2ME3S-DBP11T 2M
–––E3S-DBN21T E3S-DBP21T
–––E3S-DBN31T E3S-DBP31T Narrow beam*30.5 m (0.7 m)*4–––E3S-DBN12T 2ME3S-DBP12T 2M
–––E3S-DBN22T E3S-DBP22T
–––E3S-DBN32T E3S-DBP32T
*1Please order reflector separately.
*2Rated with E39-R8
*3For narrow beam type please use micro-triple reflector (e.g. E39-R21)
*4Rated with E39-R21
Sensing methodRetro-reflective with MSR function
Model NPN outputE3S-DBN_1E3S-DBN_1T E3S-DBN_2E3S-DBN_2T Item PNP outputE3S-DBP_1E3S-DBP_1TE3S-DBP_2E3S-DBP_2T Sensing distance, typ. max0 to 4.5 m (with E39-R8)0 to 700 mm (with E39-R21)
Sensing distance, recommended 0 to 3.5 m (with E39-R8)0 to 500 mm (with E39-R21)
Light source (wavelength) Red LED (624nm)
Power supply voltage10 to 30 VDC, including 10% ripple (p-p)
Operating modes OUT1: L-ON/OUT2: D-ON (antivalent output)
Protection circuits Reversed power supply polarity protection, Output short-circuit protection,
Reversed output polarity protection, Missconnection protection, Mutual interference suppression
Response time 0.5 ms
Sensitivity adjustment SmartTeach 11-turn trimmer SmartTeach11-turn trimmer
Degree of protectionIEC: IP67, DIN 40050-9: IP69K
Connection method Pre-wired cable (standard length: 2 m) or M12 4-pin connectoror Pigtail (0.3 m/M12 4-pin)
Indicators Light indicator (orange), Stability indicator (green)
SmartTeach providing fast & easy setting of optimum thresholds
Narrow beam models for detecting gaps down to 3 mm
PC Tool enables detailed identification of object attenuation level and optimizing sensor set up
Auto-compensation-control for contamina- tion keeps light level stable in harsh environments

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pdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3S-DBN21 - 393258 English 183 Kbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3S-DBN21 - 393258
pdf2-mostradoOMRON - E3S-DBN21 - 393258 English 2 Mbytes pdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3S-DBN21 - 393258

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