E3F1-DN11 2M 378936 OMRON Photoelectric Sensor, Reflex 100mm Plastic NPN 2m Cable Lite View larger
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E3F1-DN11 2M 378936 OMRON Photoelectric Sensor, Reflex 100mm Plastic NPN 2m Cable Lite

E3F1-DN11 2M




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Photoelectric Sensor, Reflex 100mm Plastic NPN 2m Cable Lite

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Photocells Photoelectric Sensors Detectors


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E3F1 Cylindrical sensors
Standard M18 Photosensor with best price-value ratio
OMRON E3F1 series represents an M18 size Photoelectric sensor with best value
at competitive price. It features the same compact housing as E3FA and meets all requirements for standard industrial applications.
• Bright visible red LED enabling easy alignment
• Reliable operation in all industrial environments
• Compact and robust housing for easy integration into machines
Ordering information
Sensor type Sensing distance Connection method Order code
NPN output PNP output
Through-beam 15 m – – 2 m – E3F1-TN11 2M*1
E3F1-TP11 2M*1
–  – – E3F1-TN21*1 E3F1-TP21*1
0.1 to 3 m (with E39-R1S) – – 2 m – E3F1-RN11 2M E3F1-RP11 2M
–  – – E3F1-RN21 E3F1-RP21
Diffuse-reflective 100 mm – – 2 m – E3F1-DN11 2M E3F1-DP11 2M
–  – – E3F1-DN21 E3F1-DP21
300 mm – – 2 m – E3F1-DN12 2M E3F1-DP12 2M
–  – – E3F1-DN22 E3F1-DP22
*1 Includes the emitter and receiver.
*2 The Reflector is sold separately.
Sensing method Through-beam Retro-reflective Diffuse-reflective
Model NPN
Pre-wired E3F1-TN11 2M E3F1-RN11 2M E3F1-DN11 2M E3F1-DN12 2M M12 Connector E3F1-TN21 E3F1-RN21 E3F1-DN21 E3F1-DN22
Pre-wired E3F1-TP11 2M E3F1-RP11 2M E3F1-DP11 2M E3F1-DP12 2M
M12 Connector E3F1-TP21 E3F1-RP21 E3F1-DP21 E3F1-DP22
Sensing distance 15 m 0.1 to 3 m 100 mm 300 mm
Light source (wavelength) Red LED (624 nm)
Power supply voltage 10 to 30 VDC (include voltage ripple of 10%(p-p) max.)
Operation mode Light-ON/Dark-ON selectable by wiring
Sensitivity adjustment One-turn adjuster
Protection circuits Reversed power supply polarity protection, Output short-circuit protection and Reversed output polarity protection
Response time 0.5 ms
Ambient temperature
Operating –25 to 55°C
Storage –30 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)
Degree of protection IEC: IP66
Material Case ABS
Lens and Display PMMA
Compact size and shape. Can be installed almost anywhere.
Visible LED light for easy alignment.

Datasheet - PDF

pdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3F1-DN11 2M - 378936English176 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3F1-DN11 2M - 378936
pdf2-mostradoOMRON - E3F1-DN11 2M - 378936English453 Kbytespdf1-mostradoOMRON - E3F1-DN11 2M - 378936

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