E39-F3 131350 OMRON Photoelectric Sensor, Fiber Optic Ray Lens for convergence View larger
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E39-F3 131350 OMRON Photoelectric Sensor, Fiber Optic Ray Lens for convergence




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Photoelectric Sensor, Fiber Optic Ray Lens for convergence

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Fiber Optic Sensors Optical

Accessories Photoelectric sensors

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E32 Precision detection Fiber sensor heads
Precision detection fiber sensor heads
Highest precision in design and manufacturing of the fibers and focal lenses ensure highest beam and spot accuracy allowing the detection of smallest objects and height differences of less than 100 μm.
• Coaxial fibers with focal lenses for spot diamters of 100 μm
• Through-beam models with highly focused beam and precise optical axis alignment
• Limited reflective models for height difference detection of less than 100 μm
Ordering information
Sensor type Preferred usage Size Key feature Sensing distance *1
(in mm)
Order code
Precise thin object detection dia 3 mm • High precision optical axis
3800 4000 E32-T22S
/accurate positioning
• Very focused beam
1780 2650 E32-A03 2M
dia 2 mm 680 1000 E32-A04 2M
Very small object detection M6 – 600 900 E32-CC200 2M*2
M3 Spot dia 0.5 mm 120 180 E32-EC31 2M
Spot dia 0.2 mm 17 E32-EC41 1M + E39-F3B Spot dia 0.1 mm 7 E32-EC41 1M + E39-F3A-5
dia 3 mm – 300 450 E32-D32L
dia 2 mm – 150 220 E32-D32 2M*2
M6 • 90° cable exit
• Hexagonal back
350 520 E32-C11N 2M
M3 130 190 E32-C21N 2M
M3 90° cable exit 50 70 E32-C31N 2M
Spot dia 0.5 to 3mm 8 - 25 adjustable E32-EC31 2M + E39-EF51
dia 2 mm*3
Spot dia 0.5 to 1 mm 6 - 15 adjustable E32-D32 2M + E39-F3A Spot dia 0.1 to 0.6 mm 6 - 15 adjustable E32-C42 1M + E39-F3A
Precision height difference detection / flat surface detection
Object detection in front of background
23 × 20 × 9 mm – 26.5±11.5 E32-A09 2M
16 × 18 × 4 mm – 7.2±1.8 E32-L25L*2
20 × 20 × 5 mm – 3.3 E32-L25
18 × 20 × 4 mm Precise spot e.g. for detection of a 4±2 E32-L24L*2
flat / reflective surface
34 × 25 × 8 mm High precision (detection accura- 2.4 E32-EL24-1 2M
cy 100 μm)
*1 Sensing distance measured in Standard Mode
20.5 × 14 × 3.8 mm Limited reflective wide beam
e.g. for object detection on a flat surface
15 E32-L16-N 2M
*2 A high flex cable version is available. Add ’R’ to the order code, e.g. E32-CC200R
*3 Outer diameter of the fiber. Outer diameter of the focal lens is dia 4mm (front part)
E32 Precision detection Fiber sensor heads
Item Through-beam Diffuse reflective (coaxial) Limited reflective
E32-T22S E32-A03 E32-A04 E32-C11N E32-C31N
E32-C21N E32-CC200 E32-C42
E32-D32/-D32L E32-EC31/-EC41
E32-EL24-1 E32-L24L E32-L25L
E32-L25 E32-L16 E32-A09
Permissable bending radius
R10 R1 R10 R4 R2 R25 R10 R25
Cut to length Yes
Ambient temperature
–40°C to 70°C
Materia Head Brass-nickel plated Stainless
Brass-nickel plated Brass nickel plated Brass-nickel Polycarbon- ABS Aluminium
Fiber PMMA
plated and aluminium
Sheath PVC coating Polyethylene coating PVC coating PVC, polyethylene and polyole- Polyethylene coating fin coating
Degree of protection IEC 60529
IEC 60529 IP50 IEC 60529 IP67 IEC 60529 IP50 IEC 60529 IP40
Focused and high precision beam alignment during manufacturing. Models available
with typical deviation of 0.1° for very precise detections
Coaxial fibers provide an enhanced positioning and detection accuracy and allow the easy adjustment of the focal point using adjustable focal lenses
Limited reflective fibers utilize the total reflection on shiny surfaces to detect height differences or objects at a pre-defined distance.

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