E32-L15 2M 392260 E32 1560M OMRON Photoelectric Sensor, Reflex 50mm long distance focal point

E32-L15 2M


E32 1560M


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Photoelectric Sensor, Reflex 50mm long distance focal point

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E3X-DAC-SMark sensors
E3X-DAC-S high functionality mark detection sensor
The E3X-DAC-S provides reliable mark detection for standard as well as challenging
applications. The separatesensing head setup allows the easy adaptionto the mount- ing requirementseven when space is crucial. The remoteamplifier provides easy
teaching for standard applications but also on demand full control over the detection performance for most challenging applications.
Ordering information
Item Functions Order code (for pre-wired types with 2 m cable length) NPN outputPNP output
Standard modelsTimer, response speed changeE3X-DAC11-SE3X-DAC41-S
Advanced models Same as standard models + simultaneous determination (2 colors) AND/OR output, remote setting
Connector versions
Item Functions Order code
NPN outputPNP output
Standard models (fiber amplifier connector)*1
*1Order connector separately
Timer, responsespeed changeE3X-DAC6-SE3X-DAC8-S
Item Standard modelsAdvanced models
Light source (wave length)White LED (420to 700 nm)
Number of registered marks1 2 (simultaneous determination)
Power supply voltage12 to 24 VDC±10%, ripple (p-p) 10% max.
Protective circuits Power supply reverse polarity protection, output short circuit protection, output reverse polarity protection, mutual interference prevention
Ambient temperature
Operating –25 to 55°C
Storage –30 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)
Response time Super-high-speed mode
Standard mode
Operation or reset: 60 μs
Operation or reset: 1 ms
Operation or reset: 120 μs
Operation or reset: 2 ms
Sensitivity settingTeaching (one-point teaching or teaching with/without workpiece) or manual adjustment
Functions Detection modeAutomode (automatic selection of C-mode or I-mode) C-mode (RGB ratio)
I-mode (light intensity)
Mark mode (Intensity and ratio of RGB values)
Operating mode ON for match (ON for same color as registered color) or ON for mismatch (ON for different color from registered color)
Timer functionTimer type: OFF delay,ON delay,or one-short
Timer time: 1 ms to 5 s (variable)
Control outputs – Output for each channel, AND output, and OR output
Remote control – One-point teaching, teaching with/without workpiece, zero reset, and light emission OFF
Degree of protectionIEC60529 IP50 (with protective cover attached)
Recommended fiber heads
Sensor typeSize Recommended operating distance
CommentOrder code
M65Standard mark detectionE32-CC200 2M
29x25.5x11.2 mm 40 to 50Long distance – plastic E32-L15 2M
23x20x9 mm25 to 30Long distance – metalE32-A09 2M
M310High precision mark detection
(dia 1mm spot)
E32-EC31 2M + E39-EF51
E3X-DAC-SMark sensors
Fiber amplifier connectors
Shape Type Comment Order code
Fiber amplifier connector
2 m PVC cable E3X-CN21
30 cm PVC cable with M12 plug connector (4 pin) E3X-CN21-M1J 0.3M
30 cm PVC cable with M8 plug connector (4 pin)E3X-CN21-M3J-2 0.3M
Easy to operate detection of challenging or colored registration marks.
Detection of challenging registration marks e.g. with texts or graphics.

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