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CS1W-EIP21 296519 OMRON Control System, Module Ethernet / IP




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Control System, Module Ethernet / IP

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Programmable Logic Controllers Plcs


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CS-Series communication unitsRack PLC
Open to any communication, standard or user-defined
CS1 provides both standardised open networks interfaces, and cost efficient, high-
speed proprietary network links. Datalinks between PLCs, or to higher-level informa- tion systems can be made using Serial or Ethernet links, or the easy-to-useController Link network.
Omron supportsthe 2 major field networks,DeviceNet and PROFIBUS-DP. For high-
speed field I/O, Omron's own CompoBus/S offers an unsurpassedease of installation. Fully user-configurable serial and CAN-based communication can be used to emulate a variety of application-specific protocols. EtherNet/IP units provide data link func- tions to share large amounts of data between PLCs. ThePROFINET-IO controller to-
getherwith the SmartSlice modularI/O system offers ethernet-basedI/O with controller- and network redundancy.
Ordering information
TypePorts Protocols Unit classRemarksConnection typeOrder code
Serial 2 × RS-232CCompoWay/F, Host Link, NT link, Modbus, CPU bus unit–9-pin D-SubCS1W-SCU21-V1
Serial 2 × RS-232C/RS-485 CompoWay/F, Host Link, NT link, Modbus, CPU bus unit–9-pin D-SubCS1W-SCU31-V1
Serial 2 × RS-232CCompoWay/F, Host Link, NT link, Modbus, CPU option board –9-pin D-SubCS1W-SCB21-V1
Serial 1 × RS-232C +
1 × RS-422/RS-485
CompoWay/F, Host Link, NT link, Modbus, CPU option board –9-pin D-SubCS1W-SCB41-V1
GP-IBMaster/Slaveselectable GP-IB instrument communication
Ethernet1 × 100 Base-Tx UDP, TCP/IP, FTP server,
SMTP (e-mail),SNTP (timeadjust), FINS routing, socket service
Special I/O unit –GP-IB CS1W-GPI01
CPU bus unit–RJ45CS1W-ETN21
Controller link2-wire twisted pairOmron proprietary CPU bus unit–2-wire screw + GND CS1W-CLK23
Optical HPCF–2 × HPCF connectorCS1W-CLK13
Optical graded-index fiber–4 × ST connectorCS1W-CLK53
EtherNet/IP 1 × 100 Base-TxEtherNet/IP, UDP, TCP/IP, FTP server, SNTP, SNMP
CPU Bus unit31 mmRJ45CS1W-EIP21
DeviceNet1 × CANDeviceNet CPU bus unit–5-p detachable CS1W-DRM21-V1
CompoNet4-wire, data + power to slaves CompoNet (CIP-based)Special I/O unit –4-p detachable IDC
or screw
CompoBus/S2-wire (Master) Omron proprietary Special I/O unit –2-wire screw +
2-wire power
PROFIBUS-DP1 × RS-485 (Master)DP, DPV1 CPU bus unit–9-pin D-SubCS1W-PRM21
CAN1 × CANCANopen, User-defined CPU bus unit–5-p detachable CS1W-CORT21
PROFINET IO1 × 100 Base-Tx
PROFINET IO controller
FINS UDP CPU bus unit–RJ45CS1W-PNT21
PROFIBUS-DP1 × RS-485 (Slave) DPC200H special
I/O unit
C200H units cannot be used on CS1D systems
9-pin D-SubC200HW-PRT21
DescriptionConnection typeOrder code
RS-232C to RS-422/RS-485 signal converter. Mounts directly on serial port. 9-pin D-sub to screw clamp CJ1W-CIF11 terminals
Controller link PCI board with support softwarePCI, wired CLK 3G8F7-CLK23-E Controller link PCI board with support softwarePCI, HPCF connectors 3G8F7-CLK13-E Controller link PCI board with support softwarePCI, ST connectors3G8F7-CLK53-E Controller link repeater unit (wire to wire)Screw - ScrewCS1W-RPT01
Controller link repeater unit (wire to HPCF fiber) Screw - HPCF connectorCS1W-RPT02
Controller link repeater unit (wire to graded-index glass fiber)Screw - ST connectorCS1W-RPT03
PROFIBUS DP to RS-422/RS-485 Serial Gateway. User-configurable, with Omron protocols built-in.9-pin D-sub to screw clampPRT1-SCU11 terminals
PROFINET IO + ModBus/TCP to Modbus/RTU (RS-485) Gateway. 3 × RJ45 to screw clamp terminals
Note:For Ethernet Cables and Accessories, see page 81

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