J7KNA-AR-40 230 158036 OMRON Contator relay, 4-pole, 4M, 10A thermal current/3A AC-15, 230 VAC View larger
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J7KNA-AR-40 230 158036 OMRON Contator relay, 4-pole, 4M, 10A thermal current/3A AC-15, 230 VAC

J7KNA-AR-40 230




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Contator relay, 4-pole, 4M, 10A thermal current/3A AC-15, 230 VAC

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Contactor Relays

J7KN Contactors

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Mini Contactor Relays 4-pole
Main contactor
• AC & DC operated
• 4-, 6- and 8-pole versions in different configurations
• Screw fixing and snap fitting (35 mm DIN rail)
• Rated current = 10A (Ith)
• Suitable for electronic devices (DIN 19240)
• Finger proof (BGV A2)
• 2- and 4-pole additional auxiliary contacts in different configurations
Approved Standards
Standard Guide No (US,C)
IEC 947-5-1 see page 95
VDE 0660
EN 60947-5-1
Ordering Information
■ Model Number Legend
1. Mini Contactor Relays
2. Aux. Contact Modules for Mini Motor Contactor Relays
1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4
1) Mini Contactor
2) AR: Contactor Relay
3) Combination of NO / NC contacts
22: 2 NO 2 NC
31: 3 NO 1NC
40: 4 NO 0NC
4) Coil voltage (AC operated)
24: AC24V 50/60Hz
48: AC48V 50Hz
110: AC110-115V 50Hz,AC120-125V 60Hz
230: AC220-230V 50Hz,AC240V 60Hz
240: AC230-240V 50Hz
400: AC380-400V 50Hz,AC440V 60Hz
415: AC400-415V 50Hz
550: AC525-550V 50Hz,AC600V 60Hz
Coil voltage (DC operated)
24D: DC24V
48D: DC48V
60D: DC60V
110D: DC110V
125D: DC125V
24VS: DC24V with diode
48VS: DC48V with diode
110VS: DC110V with diode
125VS: DC125V with diode
1) Auxiliary Contact Modules
2) A: for mini contactor relays
3) Combination of NO/NC contacts
11: 1 NO 1 NC
02: 0 NO 2 NC
22: 2 NO 2 NC
40: 4 NO 0 NC
3. Accessories for mini motor contactors/
contactor relays (RC suppressor units)
1 2 3 4
1) Additional reference for LVSG
2) D: J7KNA(-AR)
3) RC = RC suppressor unit
4) Voltage
Mini Contactor Relays 4-pole J7KNA-AR 1

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