E32-G14 356128 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, Herradura 10mm View larger
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E32-G14 356128 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, Herradura 10mm





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Photoelectric sensor, Herradura 10mm

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Fiber Optic Sensors Optical


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E32 Special applicationFiber sensor heads
Special application fiber sensor heads
For a wide range of special applications, the task optimisedfiber heads provide best fitting sensing performance and adaption to environmental requirements.
• Detection of special objects (liquids, labels on foils, etc.)
• Fiber heads optimised for special tasks (wafer mapping,flat glass, etc.)
Ordering information
Sensor typeSize Sensing distance (in mm)*1
CommentOrder code
Fork shape 36 × 24 × 8 mm10–E32-G14
Wafer mappingdia 3 mm38004000–E32-T22S
dia 3 mm26003900–E32-T24S
dia 3 mm17802650–E32-A03 2M
dia 2 mm6801000–E32-A04 2M
Liquid level sensor dia 6 mmliquid contact Liquid level contactE32-D82F1 4M
15 × 23.5 × 5 mm tube contact Liquid level detection through transparent tube or container
E32-D36T 2M
Glass detection 21 × 16.5 × 4 mm 8Metal housingE32-A10 2M
20.5 × 14 × 3.8 mm15Plastic housing E32-L16-N 2M
Glass detection
in hot environment
Glass detection in wet processes
25 × 18 × 5 mm1–5Heat resistant up to 300°CE32-L64 2M
36 × 18 × 5.5 mm 5–18 E32-L66 2M
38.5 × 39 × 17.5 mm8 to 20 (recommended: 11)Heat resistant up to 85°C E32-L11FS 2M
Label detection20 × 20 × 5 mm7.2±1.8 –E32-L25L
*1Sensing distance measured in Standard Mode
18 × 20 × 4 mm4±2–E32-L24L
34 × 25 × 8 mm2.4Very precisespot (detec-E32-EL24-1 2M
tion accuracy 100 μm)
E32 Special applicationFiber sensor heads
Item E32-D82F1
E32-G14 E32-A10 E32-L16-NE32-L66E32-L64
Permissable bending radiusR40R25
Cut to lengthYes No
Ambient temperature–40°C to 70°C–40°C to 300°C
MaterialHead PFAABS ABS PVC Stainless steel
Fiber PMMA Glass
Sheath Polyethylene coatingStainless steel spiral coating
Degree of protection IEC 60529 IP67 IEC 60529 IP30 IEC 60529 IP40IEC 60529 IP40 IEC 60529 IP50
Item E32-EL24-1E32-T24SE32-L24L E32-L25L
E32-A04 E32-D36T E32-A03 E32-T22S
Permissable bending radiusR10R4 R1
Cut to lengthYes
Ambient temperature–40°C to 70°C
MaterialHead Brass-nickel
plated and alumini- um
Fiber PMMA
Stainless steel Brass-nickel platedStainless steel ABS Brass-nickelplated
Sheath Polyethylene coatingPVC coating Polyethylene coatingPVC coatingPolyethylene coatingPVC coating
Degree of protection IEC 60529 IP67 IEC 60529 IP50 IEC 60529 IP67 IEC 60529 IP50IEC 60529 IP67
The limited reflective fiber heads for glass detection provide a stable detection of flat glass in standard, hot or wet environment. The shapes and materials are optimized to provide the best value - performance ratio depending on the requirements.
For the detectionof very small height differences like labels on foils in applications where space is crucial, the small sized
limited reflective sensors provide accurate detection up to 100 μm resolution.

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