61F-GP-N8 24AC 159915 OMRON Monitoring Relays, 8-pin General ON / OFF 24VAC View larger
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61F-GP-N8 24AC 159915 OMRON Monitoring Relays, 8-pin General ON / OFF 24VAC

61F-GP-N8 24AC




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Monitoring Relays, 8-pin General ON / OFF 24VAC

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Energy Meters Control Analizers


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61F-GP-N8Level Control
Compact plug-in (8-pin) level controller
The 61F-GP-N8 can be used for single- or two-pointlevel control of conductive materials, both liquids and solids. These products are equipped with a red LED operation indicator.
• Low-voltage (AC) electrodes (8 VAC or 24 VAC)
• Operation range: 4 to 15 k, 70 to 300 k
• Detection method: Conductive
• Probes need to be ordered separately
• Conforms to EMC and LVD directives, UL/CSA approved
Ordering information
ApplicationType Order code
Ordinary purified water or sewage water General purpose type61F-GP-N8 24AC
61F-GP-N8 110AC
61F-GP-N8 230AC
Ordinary purified water, where the distance between sewage pumps and water tanks or between receiver tanks and supply tanks is long or where remote control is required
Long-distance type2 km 61F-GP-N8L 24AC 2KM
61F-GP-N8L 110AC 2KM
61F-GP-N8L 230AC 2KM
4 km 61F-GP-N8L 24AC 4KM
61F-GP-N8L 110AC 4KM
61F-GP-N8L 230AC 4KM
Liquids with high specific resistance such as distilled water High sensitivity type61F-GP-N8H 24AC
61F-GP-N8H 110AC
61F-GP-N8H 230AC
Liquids with low specific resistance such as salt water, sewage water, acid chemicals, alkali chemicals
Ordinary purified or sewage water, with two-wired-type electrode holder
(incorporating a resistor of 6.8 k)
Low sensitivity type 61F-GP-N8D 24AC
61F-GP-N8D 110AC
61F-GP-N8D 230AC Two-wired type 61F-GP-N8R 24AC
61F-GP-N8R 110AC
61F-GP-N8R 230AC
DIN-rail mounting socketPF083A-E Back-connecting socketPL08
Electrode holders
ApplicationsMounting style
Insulator material
Max. temperatureNumber of electrodes
Order code
For city water and other general use.
Easy-to-replace separate versions for maintenance.
FlangePhenol resin 70°C 3 PS-3S
When mounting space is limited.
Special 3­pole holder of small size and light weight.
ScrewPhenol resin 3, 300 mm
3, 1,000 mm
PS-31-300MM PS-31-1000MM
Use for sewage, sea water, etc., having a low specific resistance.
For resistance to high pressure.
Use in tanks with high temperature or pressure.
Flange PPS150°C (without water drips or vapour on the1 BF-1 electrode holder surface)
ScrewPFA 250°C (without water drips or vapour on the1 BS-1 surface of the electrode holder)
Electrode separatorsNumber of electrodes
Order code
Electrodes, connecting, and lock nuts
1 F03-14 1P
3 F03-14 3P
Applicable liquidsMaterial ComponentIndication markInscriptionOrder code
Purified city water, industrial water, sewageEquivalent to SUS 304 (AISI-304)
Electrode (1 m long) 1 line – F03-01 SUS201
Connecting nut –– F03-02 SUS201
Lock nut–– F03-03 SUS201
Purified city water, industrial water, sewage, dilute alkaline solution
SUS316 (AISI-316)
Electrode (1 m long) 2 lines – F03-01 SUS316
Connecting nut –6 F03-02 SUS316
Lock nut–316 F03-03 SUS316
61F-GP-N8Level Control
Item 61F-GP-N8 61F-GP-N8L 61F-GP-N8H61F-GP-N8D61F-GP-N8R Supply voltage24, 100, 110, 120, 200, 220, 230 or 240VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating voltage range 85 to 110% of rated voltage
Interelectrode voltage 8 VAC24 VAC 8 VAC
Interelectrode current Approx. 1 mA AC max.Approx. 0.4 mA AC max. Approx. 1 mA AC max.
Power consumptionApprox. 3.5 VA max.
Response time Operate: 80 ms max., release: 160 ms max.
Cable length1 km max. 2 km max. 4 km max. 50 m max. 1 km max. 800 m max.
Control output 1 A, 250VAC (inductive load: Cos = 0.4), 3 A, 250VAC (resistive load)
Ambient temperatureOperating: -10 to 55°C
Life expectancy Electrical: 100,000 operations min., mechanical: 5,000,000 operations min
Size in mm (HxWxD)49.9x38x70

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pdf1-mostradoLevel sensor, conductive, compact, plug-in, general-purpose, relay, LED indicat - OMRON - 61F-GP- English 161 Kbytes pdf1-mostradoLevel sensor, conductive, compact, plug-in, general-purpose, relay, LED indicat - OMRON - 61F-GP-

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