E3Z-T87 338409 OMRON Photoelectric sensor, Ecological cc 3h 30m Barrera PNP M8




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Photoelectric sensor, Ecological cc 3h 30m Barrera PNP M8

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Photocells Photoelectric Sensors Detectors


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E3Z Compact square sensors
General purpose sensor in compact plastic housing
The compact housing size and the high-power LED provide an excellent performance- size ratio and the high optical precision and long sensor lifetime make the sensor the
first choice for standard and challenging applications.
• Minimal optical axis deviation for easy alignment
• IP67 and IP69K for highest water resistance
• Intensive shielding for highest noise immunity (EMC)
• Multiple molding housing for high mechanical resistance
Ordering information
Sensor type Sensing distance Connection method Order code*1
NPN output PNP output
Through-beam 30 m
(Infrared light)
– – 2 m
E3Z-T62 2M E3Z-T82 2M
 – – E3Z-T67 E3Z-T87
Retro-reflective with M.S.R.
10 m
(Red light)
0.1 to 4 m*2
(Red light)
– – 2 m E3Z-T61A 2M E3Z-T81A 2M
 – – E3Z-T66A E3Z-T86A
– – 2 m E3Z-R61 2M E3Z-R81 2M
 – – E3Z-R66 E3Z-R86
Retro-reflective without M.S.R.
0.1 to 5 m*2
(Infrared light)
– – 2 m E3Z-R61-4 2M E3Z-R81-4 2M
 – – E3Z-R66-4 E3Z-R86-4
Diffuse-reflective 1 m (adjustable) (Infrared light) – – 2 m E3Z-D62 2M E3Z-D82 2M
 – – E3Z-D67 E3Z-D87
Diffuse-reflective wide 100 mm (adjustable) (Infrared light) – – 2 m E3Z-D61 2M E3Z-D81 2M
 – – E3Z-D66 E3Z-D86
Distance settable (background suppression)
Small spot (Red light)
2 mm 20 mm
BGS (set to minimum)
BGS (set to maximum)
80 mm
– – 2 m E3Z-LS63 2M E3Z-LS83 2M
 – – E3Z-LS68 E3Z-LS88
Stan- dard (Red
20 mm
BGS (at min. setting)
40 mm
BGS (at max. setting)
200 mm
Incident light level threshold (fixed)
– – 2 m E3Z-LS61 2M*3
E3Z-LS81 2M*3
FGS (at min. setting)
FGS (at max. setting)
 – – E3Z-LS66*3 E3Z-LS86*3
*1 Light-ON/Dark-ON switch selectable
*2 Measured with E39-R1S
*3 For infrared LED models contact your Omron representative
E3Z Compact square sensors
Item Through-beam Retro-reflective with M.S.R
Retro-reflective without M.S.R
Diffuse-reflective Diffuse-reflective
(wide beam)
Distance-settable (background suppression)
Red LED Infrared LED
Standard Small spot
NPN E3Z-T62/T67 E3Z-T61A/T66A E3Z-R61/R66 E3Z-R6_-4 E3Z-D62/D67 E3Z-D61/D66 E3Z-LS61/66 E3Z-LS63/68
PNP E3Z-T82/T87 E3Z-T81A/T86A E3Z-R81/R86 E3Z-R8_-4 E3Z-D82/D87 E3Z-D81/D86 E3Z-LS81/86 E3Z-LS83/88
Directional angle Both emitter and receiver:
3° to 15°
2° to 10° –
Black/white error – 10% of set distance max.
5% of set distance max.
Light source
Infrared LED (870 RED LED
Infrared LED (870 Infrared LED (860 nm) Red LED
(wave length)
(700 nm)
(680 nm)
(680 nm)
(650 nm)
Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VD±10%, ripple (p-p): 10% max.
Protective circuits Reverse polarity
Output short-
Reverse polarity protection,
Reverse polarity protection,
protection, short- circuit protection, output short-circuit protection,
output short-circuit protection,
circuit protection, power supply,
mutual interference prevention,
mutual interference prevention
output reverse polarity protec- tion
reverse polarity protection
output reverse polarity protection
Response time 2 ms max. 1 ms max.
Operating –25 to 55°C
temperature Storage –40 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)
Degree of protection IEC 60529 IP67, IP69K after DIN 40050 part 9
Material Case PBT (polybutylene terephthalate)
Lens Denatured polyacrylate resin Methacrylate resin Denatured polyacrylate resin
High ambient light immunity High electromagnetic noise immunity Robust and tight housing construction

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