D4CC-4001 134528 D4CC4001G OMRON Industrial Career Final / Switches, Miniature Needle Plunger 1A 30Vdc LED View larger
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D4CC-4001 134528 D4CC4001G OMRON Industrial Career Final / Switches, Miniature Needle Plunger 1A 30Vdc LED





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Industrial Career Final / Switches, Miniature Needle Plunger 1A - 30Vdc LED

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Limit Switches


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D4C Limit switches
Compact limit switch in metal housing
The 16 mm flat and compact size make the D4C range of limit switches very popular for all standard applications but especially where mounting space is limited or pro- truding housings may interfere with machine operation.The triple sealed construc-
tion, the rugged metal housing and the precisely manufacturedmovable parts ensure long operationallife in standardor oily environments(special models).
• 16 mm flat compact size
• Rugged metal housing
• Models with M12 connector or oil resistant VCTF cable
Ordering Information
Actuator type Load range (VDC)*1Operation LED indicator Connection methodOrder code
0.8 W to 60 W maxNo Yes
Plunger n■ – ■ *2
3m D4C-1201
– ■ ■ D4CC-4001
3m D4C-3201
Sealed plunger ■ – ■ D4CC-3031
3m D4C-1231
– ■ ■ D4CC-4031
3m D4C-3231
Plunger with M14 mounting■ – ■ D4CC-3041
3m D4C-1241
– ■ ■ D4CC-4041
3m D4C-3241
Roller plunger■ – ■ D4CC-3002
3m D4C-1202
– ■ ■ D4CC-4002
3m D4C-3202
Sealed roller plunger■ – ■ D4CC-3032
3m D4C-1232
– ■ ■ D4CC-4032
3m D4C-3232
Roller plungerwith M14 mounting ■ – ■ D4CC-3042
3m D4C-1242
– ■ ■ D4CC-4042
3m D4C-3242
Crossroller plunger■ – ■ D4CC-3003
3m D4C-1203
– ■ ■ D4CC-4003
3m D4C-3203
Sealed crossroller plunger■ – ■ D4CC-3033
3m D4C-1233
– ■ ■ D4CC-4033
3m D4C-3233
Crossroller plunger with M14 mounting ■ – ■ D4CC-3043
3m D4C-1243
– ■ ■ D4CC-4043
3m D4C-3243
Roller lever■ – ■ D4CC-3024
3m D4C-1220
– ■ ■ D4CC-4024
3m D4C-3220
Coil spring ■ – ■ D4CC-3050
3m D4C-1250
– ■ ■ D4CC-4050
3m D4C-3250
*1See specifications for details on max. current per rated voltage and load type. Micro load models with 5mW to 0.8W are available. For ordering refer to complete datasheet.
*2Pre-wired models with 30 cm PVC cable and M12 plug (pigtail) are available. Contact yourOMRON representative.
D4C Limit switches
Voltage and current rating
Model Rated
Non-inductive load Inductive load Inrush currentApplicable load range
Resistive load Lamp loadInductive loadMotor load
(5 to 30 VDC)
[email protected]@@125 VAC 5 A5 A1.5 A 0.7 A 3 A3 A2.5 A 1.3 A 20 A
10 A–
250 VAC2 A 5 A5 A1 A0.5 A 2 A2 A1.5 A 0.8 A
8 VDC 5 A5 A2 A2 A5 A4 A3 A3 A 0.8 W to 60 W
14 VDC 5 A5 A2 A2 A4 A4 A3 A3 A
30 VDC2 A 4 A4 A2 A2 A3 A3 A3 A3 A
125 VDC0.4 A 0.4 A 0.05 A0.05 A0.4 A 0.4 A 0.05 A0.05 A –
250 VDC0.2 A 0.2 A 0.03 A0.03 A0.2 A 0.2 A 0.03 A0.03 A
[email protected]@@30 VDC2 A 4 A4 A2 A2 A3 A3 A3 A3 A 0.8 W to 60 W
[email protected]@@
[email protected]@@
30 VDC1 A 1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 A5 A max.2.5 A
0.8 W to 30 W
[email protected]@@30 VDC 0.1 A0.1 A 0.1 A – –20A
10 A
5 mW to 0.8W
*1For D4C- cable types these ratings are certified by TÜV Rheinland according to EN60947-5-1 (file no R9451333).
General specifications
Item D4C-_ (cable types)D4CC-_ (connector types)
Mechanical 10,000,000 operations min
Electrical 200,000 operations min
Operating frequency Mechanical 120 operations/min
Electrical 30 operations/min
LED indicator D4C-3_, D4C-6_, D4CC-4_: Operation indicator (red) Operation indicator turns OFF when the switch operates.*2
Ambient temperatureOperating–10 to 70°C (with no icing)
Degree of protectionIEC 60529: IP67
*1Values are acquired at 5 to 35°C operating temperature, 40% to 70% operating humidity.
*2Models where operation indicator turns ON when the switch operates are available by adding “-B” to the order code. Contact your OMRON representative for availability.

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