H8PS-32BFP 169015 OMRON Counter, 32 PNP Mounting superfie / Carril View larger
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H8PS-32BFP 169015 OMRON Counter, 32 PNP Mounting superfie / Carril





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Counter, 32 PNP Mounting superfie / Carril

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H8PSCam positioners
Compact, easy-to-use cam positioner
The H8PS provides high speed operation at 1,600 r/min and high-precision settings
to 0.5° ensuring widespread application. H8PS featuresa highly visible display with back-lit negative transmissive LCD. Advance angle compensationfunction compen- sates for output delays.
• 96 to 121.2H×96W×60.6 to 67.5D mm
• Front-panel / DIN-rail
• 24 VDC
• 8-, 16- and 32-outputs
• NPN/PNP 100 mA at 30 VDC
Ordering information
Number of outputs
Mounting methodOutput configuration Bank function Size in mm (H×W×D) Order code
8-outputsFlush-mountingNPN transistor outputNo96×96×67.5 H8PS-8B PNP transistor output H8PS-8BP
Front-mounting/DIN-rail mountingNPN transistor output96×96×60.6H8PS-8BF PNP transistor output H8PS-8BFP
16-outputsFlush-mounting NPN transistor outputYes 96×96×67.5 H8PS-16B PNP transistor output H8PS-16BP
Front-mounting/DIN-rail mountingNPN transistor output121.2×96×60.6 H8PS-16BF PNP transistor output H8PS-16BFP
32-outputsFlush-mounting NPN transistor output96×96×67.5H8PS-32B PNP transistor output H8PS-32BP
Front-mounting/DIN-rail mountingNPN transistor output121.2×96×60.6 H8PS-32BF
PNP transistor output H8PS-32BFP
Type ResolutionCable lengthOrder code
Economy2562 mE6CP-AG5C-C 256 2M Standard 2561 mE6C3-AG5C-C 256 1M
2 mE6C3-AG5C-C 256 2M
360E6C3-AG5C-C 360 2M
720E6C3-AG5C-C 720 2M Rigid2562 mE6F-AG5C-C 256 2M
360E6F-AG5C-C 360 2M
720E6F-AG5C-C 720 2M
NameSpecification Order code
Discrete wire output cable 2 mY92S-41-200
Connector-type output cable 2 mE5ZE-CBL200
Support softwareCD-ROMH8PS-SOFT-V1
USB cableA miniB, 2 m Y92S-40
Parallel input adapterTwo units can operate in parallel Y92C-30
Protective cover Y92A-96B Watertight coverY92A-96N DIN-rail mounting baseY92F-91
Encoder accessories
NameSpecification Order code Shaft coupling for the E6CPAxis: 6 mm dia. E69-C06B Shaft coupling for the E6C3Axis: 8 mm dia. E69-C08B Shaft coupling for the E6F Axis: 10 mm dia. E69-C10B Extension cable 5 m (same for E6CP, E6C3, and E6F)E69-DF5
Rated supply voltage 24 VDC
InputsEncoder input8-output models: None 16-/32-output models: Bank inputs 1/2/4, origin input, start input
External inputsInput signals 8-output models: None 16-/32-output models: Bank inputs 1/2/4, origin input, start input
Input type No voltage inputs: ON impedance: 1 k max. (leakage current: Approx. 2 mA at 0 )
ON residual voltage: 2 V max., OFF impedance: 100 k min., applied voltage: 30 VDC max. Minimum input signal width: 20 ms
Number of banks 8 banks (for 16-/32-output models only)
Display method7-segment, negative transmissive LCD (main display: 11 mm (red), sub-display: 5.5 mm (green))
Memory backup method EEPROM (overwrites: 100,000 times min.) that can store data for 10 years min.
Ambient operating temperature–10 to 55°C (with no icing or condensation) Storage temperature–25 to 65°C (with no icing or condensation) Ambient humidity 25 to 85%
Degree of protection Panel surface: IP40, rear case: IP20
Case colorLight grey (Munsell 5Y7/1)

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