H3DK-M1 AC/DC24-240 352008 OMRON Timers, 22.5mm DIN Multifunction SPDT View larger
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H3DK-M1 AC/DC24-240 352008 OMRON Timers, 22.5mm DIN Multifunction SPDT

H3DK-M1 AC/DC24-240



Timers, 22.5mm DIN Multifunction SPDT

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H3DK Analog solid state timers
DIN-rail mounted, standard 22.5 mm wide solid state timer range
The H3DK series of timers provides a wide AC/DC power supply and time range to re- duce the number of items.
• Size in mm (H×W×D): 79×22.5×100
• DIN-rail mounting
• 12 VDC and 24-240 VAC/VDC (except -H). 240-440 VAC for-G
• Wide time settingrange: 0.10 s - 1,200 h (except -H and -G), 12 ranges
(for -M and -S)
Ordering information
Type Supply voltage Control outputTime setting range Operating modesOrder code
12 VDCSPDT0.1 s to 1200 hON-delay,flicker OFF start,flicker ON start,
standard timers
signal ON/OFF-delay, signal OFF-delay, interval, one-shot
H3DK-M2A DC12 *1
SPDTON-delay, flicker ON start,interval,one-shot H3DK-S1A DC12
24 to 240 VAC/VDCSPDTON-delay,flicker OFF start,flicker ON start,
H3DK-M1 AC/DC24-240
signal ON/OFF-delay, signal OFF-delay, interval, one-shot
H3DK-M2 AC/DC24-240 *1
SPDTON-delay, flicker ON start,interval,one-shot H3DK-S1 AC/DC24-240
DPDT H3DK-S2 AC/DC24-240 *1
Twin timer 12 VDCSPDT0.1 s to 12 hFlicker OFF start,flicker ON start H3DK-FA DC12
24 to 240 VAC/VDC H3DK-F AC/DC24-240
Star-delta timer12 VDC2× SPDT 1 to 120 sStar-delta H3DK-GA DC12
24 to 240 VAC/VDC H3DK-G AC/DC24-240
240 to 440VAC H3DK-GE AC/DC240-440
Power OFF-delay timer 24 to 48 VAC/VDCSPDT1 to 120 sSignal OFF-delayH3DK-HBL AC/DC24-48
0.1 to 12 s H3DK-HBS AC/DC24-48
100 to 120 VAC1 to 120 sH3DK-HCL AC100-120V
0.1 to 12 s H3DK-HCS AC100-120V
200 to 240 VAC1 to 120 sH3DK-HDL AC200-240V
0.1 to 12 s H3DK-HDS AC200-240V
*1One output can be set to instantaneous.
Operating voltage range 85 to 110% of rated supply voltage (90 to 110% for the 12 VDC models).
Power resetMinimum power-off time: H3DK-M/S, H3DK-F: 0.1 s, H3DK-G: 0.5 s. (Not for H3DK-H)
Reset voltage 10% of rated voltage. (Not for H3DK-H)
Voltage input (H3DK-M/-S) 24 to 240VAC/DC: H-level 20.4 to 264VAC/VDC, L-level0 to 2.4 VAC/VDC.
12 VDC: H-level 10.8 to 13.2VDC, L-level 0 to 1.2 VDC.
Control output Contact output: 5 A at 250VAC with resistive load (cos = 1), 5 A at 24 VDC (30 VDC for -M/-S)with resistive load (not for H3DK-GE)
Ambient temperatureOperating: -20 to 55°C (with no icing), storage: -40 to 70°C (with no icing)
Accuracy of operating time ±1% of FS max. (±1% ±10 ms max. at 1.2 s range)
Setting error±10% of FS ±0.05 s max.
Minimum input signal width 50 ms (start input) (Only for H3DK-M/S)
Influence of voltage ±0.5% of FS max. (±0.5%±10 ms max. at 1.2 s range). For H3DK-G: ±0.5% of FS max.
Influence of temperature ±2% of FS max. (±2% ±10 ms max. at 1.2s range). For H3DK-G: ±2%of FS max.
Life expectancyMechanical: 10 million operations min. (under no load at 1,800 operations/h) Electrical: 100,000 operations min. (5 A at 250VAC, resistive load at 360 operations/h)
Degree of protectionIP30 (terminal block: IP20)
Terminal blockClamps two 2.5 mm2 max. bar terminals without sleeves
Size in mm (H×W×D) 79×22.5×100

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