ES1B 60-120C 171656 OMRON Temperature and Process Temp Sensor. infrared 60-120 View larger
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ES1B 60-120C 171656 OMRON Temperature and Process Temp Sensor. infrared 60-120

ES1B 60-120C




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Temperature and Process Temp Sensor. infrared 60-120

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Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

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PRT1-SCU11 Auxiliaries
Omron’s intelligent PROFIBUS and
CompoWay/F gateway
This gateway supports all CompoWay/F equipped products, including
temperature controllers, digital panel indicators, etc. It can also be used for connecting MCW151-E and E5_K series.
• Cost-effectively integrates basic instruments into a PROFIBUS network
• Requires no complex protocol conversion writing
• Has function blocks for drag-and-drop configuration
• Connects up to 15 instruments to a single PROFIBUS point
Ordering information
Name Order code
PROFIBUS remote terminal serial communications unit PRT1-SCU11
Supports all CompoWay/F equipped units, but has “drag-and-drop” function blocks for
• E5ZN and CelciuXº (EJ1)
Item PRT1-SCU11
Storage temperature –20 to +75°C
Ambient temperature 0 to 55°C
Ambient humidity 10 to 90% (non-condensing)
EMC compliance EN 50081-2, EN 61131-2
Power supply +24 VDC (+10%/–15%)
Current consumption 80 mA (typical)
Weight 125 g (typical)
Communication interface RS-485 based PROFIBUS-DP RS-422A Host link
RS-485 CompoWay/F RS-232C Peripheral
Port supporting connection to thermotools
Size in mm (H×W×D) 90×40×65
Achieve low-cost measurements with an infrared thermosensor
This infrared thermosensor provides an accurate, stable and cost-effective way to measure the temperature of objects. It behaves just like a standard K-type thermo- couple, which enables it to operate with any temperature controller or alarm unit.
• Cost-effective infrared thermosensor
• Contactless, meaning no deterioration, unlike thermocouples
• 4 temperature ranges available: 10-70°C, 60-120°C, 115-165°C and 140-260°C
• Response speed 300 ms
Ordering information
Appearance and sensing characteristics
2 mm 20 mm 40 mm 60 mm
Specification Order code
10 to 70°C ES1B 10-70C
60 to 120°C ES1B 60-120C
115 to 165°C ES1B 115-165C
Item ES1B Power supply voltage 12/24 VDC Current consumption 20 mA max.
Accuracy ±5°C ±2% PV or ±2°C, whichever is larger
±10°C ±4% PV or ±4°C, whichever is larger
2 dia. 20 dia.
40 dia. 60 dia.
140 to 260°C ES1B 140-260C
±30°C ±6% PV or ±6°C, whichever is larger
±40°C ±8% PV or ±8°C, whichever is larger
Dimensions (unit: mm)
44.5 3,000
Reproducibility ±1% PV or ±1°C, whichever is larger
Temperature drift 0.4°C/°C max.
Receiver element Thermopile
14.2 dia.
ABS resin
Polyolefin tube
Screw M18×1.0
(–25°C to 70°C)
Green, output + White, output –
Orange, power + Shield, power –
Response speed Approximately 300 ms at response rate of 63% Operating temperature –25 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation) Allowable ambient humidity 35 to 85%
Degree of protection IP65
Size in mm head: 17.8 dia.×44.5 (screw M18×1.0), cable 3,000

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