J77MN-CPM-3-45-3 355561 J77M9067R OMRON Low Voltage switchgear, busbars J7MN 45mm (3 pcs) View larger
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J77MN-CPM-3-45-3 355561 J77M9067R OMRON Low Voltage switchgear, busbars J7MN 45mm (3 pcs)





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Low Voltage switchgear, busbars J7MN 45mm (3 pcs)

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J7MNMotor protection circuit breakers
J7MN motor protection circuit breakers from 0.10 A to 100 A
J7MN starters protect motors against thermal overload and short circuit.
The J7MN can be equippedwith additional auxiliary contacts, tripping indicator
(alarm), undervoltage release and/or shunt release. All modelscan be locked for safe maintenance.
• Rated operational currents of 32 A for the rocker type
• Rated operational currents of 32 A, 63 A and100A for the rotary types
• Switching capacity is 100 kA/415 V up-to 13 A and50 kA/415V up-to100 A
• Electrical/mechanical link modulesavailableup-to11 kW motorprotectionunits
•All components are finger proof
Ordering information
Suitable for motors
Current setting range Short-circuit breaking
Size in mm (H × W × D) Order code
current in A
3 ~ 400 V kW
overload release A
short-circuit release A
capacity at 3 ~ 400 V kA
0.16–0.10– 0.162.110098 × 45 × 75J7MN-3P-E16
0.250.06 0.16–0.253.3 100J7MN-3P-E25
0.40.09 0.25–0.45.2 100J7MN-3P-E4
0.630.18 0.4–0.638.2100J7MN-3P-E63
10.25 0.63–1 13100J7MN-3P-1
1.6 0.55 1–1.6 20.8 100J7MN-3P-1E6
2.5 0.75 1.6–2.532.5 100J7MN-3P-2E5
41.5 2.5–4 52100J7MN-3P-4
62.2 4–678100J7MN-3P-6
135.5 9–1316950J7MN-3P-13
177.5 11–1722120J7MN-3P-17
227.5 14–2228615J7MN-3P-22
0.16–0.10–0.162.110098 × 45 × 100J7MN-3R-E16
0.250.06 0.16–0.253.3 100J7MN-3R-E25
0.40.09 0.25–0.45.2 100J7MN-3R-E4
0.630.18 0.4–0.638.2100J7MN-3R-E63
10.25 0.63–1 13100J7MN-3R-1
1.6 0.55 1–1.6 20.8 100J7MN-3R-1E6
2.5 0.75 1.6–2.532.5 100J7MN-3R-2E5
41.5 2.5–4 52100J7MN-3R-4
62.2 4–678100J7MN-3R-6
135.5 9–13169100J7MN-3R-13
177.5 11–1722150J7MN-3R-17
227.5 14–2228650J7MN-3R-22
2612.518–2633850140 × 55 × 144J7MN-6R-26
633045–6381950165 × 70 × 171J7MN-9R-63
J7MNMotor protection circuit breakers
DescriptionVersionFor circuit breaker Order code
Transverse auxiliary contact block
Contact block 1 NO + 1 NC AllJ77MN-11F
2NO J77MN-20F
2NC J77MN-02F
Auxiliary contact block for left hand side mounting (max. 2 pc. per circuit breaker)
Contact block (9 mm) 1 NO + 1 NCAll J77MN-11S
2NO J77MN-20S
2NC J77MN-02S
Signalling switch for left hand side mounting (max. 1 pc. per circuit breaker)
Signalling switch (18 mm) 1 NO + 1 NC any tripping conditionJ7MN-3P/-3R J77MN-TA-11S J7MN-6R/-9R J77MN-TB-11S
1 NO + 1 NC short circuit tripping conditionAll J77MN-T-11S
Undervoltage releases for right hand side mounting (max 1 pc. per circuit breaker)
AC 50 Hz AC 60 Hz
Trips the circuit breaker when the voltage is interrupted. Pre- vents the motor from being restarted accidentally when the voltage is restored, suitable for EMERGENCY STOP according to VDE 0113
24 V 28 V AllJ77MN-U-24
110–127 V 120V J77MN-U-110
220–230 V 240–260 VJ77MN-U-230
240 V277 V J77MN-U-240
380–400 V 440–460 VJ77MN-U-400
415–440 V 460–480 VJ77MN-U-415
Shunt releases for right hand side mounting (max 1 pc. per circuit breaker)
AC 50 Hz AC 60 Hz
Trips the circuit breaker when the release coil is energized
Terminal block
24 V 28 V AllJ77MN-S-24
110–127 V 120V J77MN-S-110
220–230 V 240–260 VJ77MN-S-230
240 V277 V J77MN-S-240
380–400 V 440–460 VJ77MN-S-400
415–440 V 460–480 VJ77MN-S-415
Terminal block Up to 600V according to UL 489not for transverse auxiliary contact block
J7MN-3R J77MN-TB32
J7MN-9R J77MN-TB100
Insulated 3-Phase Busbar System IP20
DescriptionConnection typeVersion For Units (MPCB) Order code
3-phase busbars
modular spacing = 45 mm
Spadefor 2 units J7MN-3P J7MN-3R J77MN-CPM-3-45-2S for 3 units J77MN-CPM-3-45-3S for 4 units J77MN-CPM-3-45-4S for 5 units J77MN-CPM-3-45-5S
Line side terminal 3-pole, connection from above
conductor cross-section solid or stranded 6–25 mm² with end sleeve 4–16 mm²
Spadeacc. IEC/EN 60947-1, 60947-2,
60947-4-1 and VDE 0660
Line side terminal 3-pole, connection from above
conductor cross-section solid or stranded 6–25 mm² with end sleeve 4–16 mm²
Spadeup to 600V acc.UL 489J7MN-3P J7MN-3R J77MN-BTC-63-SEV
Shrouds for unused terminals on busbar system Spade J7MN-3P J7MN-3RJ77MN-TA-63S
J7MNMotor protection circuit breakers
TypeJ7MN-3PJ7MN-3RJ7MN-6RJ7MN-9R Number of poles3333
Max. rated current Inmax (= max. rated operational current Ie)
Permissible ambient temperature
Storage/transport–50 to 80°C
Operation–20 to 60°C
Rated operational voltage UeV 690
Rated frequencyHz 50/60
Rated insulation voltage UiV 690
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp
kV 6
Utilization category IEC 60 947-2 (circuit breaker)A
IEC 60 947-4-1 (motor starter) AC-3
ClassAccording to IEC 60 947-4-110
Degree of protection According to IEC 60 529IP20IP20IP20IP20
Phase failure sensitivityAccording to IEC 60 947-4-1Yes
Explosion protection According to EC Directive
Isolator characteristicsAccording to IEC 60 947-3 Yes
Main and EM. STOP switch characteristics
According to IEC 60 204-1 (VDE113)
Safe isolation between main and auxiliary circuits According to DIN VDE 0106
Part 101
Up to 400 V + 10%Yes
Up to 415 V + 5%Yes
Mechanical endurance Operating cycles 100,000 100,000 50,000 50,000
Electrical endurance 100,000 100,000 25,000 25,000
Max. operating frequency per1/h 25252525
hour (motor starts)

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