PSG240E24RM 172893 EATON MOELLER PSG240E24RM Power supply unit, 1-phase, 100-240VAC/24VDC, 10A View larger
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PSG240E24RM 172893 EATON MOELLER PSG240E24RM Power supply unit, 1-phase, 100-240VAC/24VDC, 10A




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PSG240E24RM Power supply unit, 1-phase, 100-240VAC/24VDC, 10A

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Delivery programme
Product range
  Power supplies PSG
  power supply unit
  Power Boost via 1.5-fold rated operational current for 5 s
PELV (EN 60204), SELV (EN 60950)
Input voltage range
  85 - 264 V AC
(120 - 375 V DC)
Nominal input voltage
  100 - 240 V AC
125 - 250 V DC
Rated output voltage
  24 V DC (± 2%)
Rated output current
Setting range for the output voltage
  24 – 28 V DC_x
Rated output power
Technical data
Input characteristics
Nominal input voltage
  100 - 240 V AC
125 - 250 V DC
Input voltage range
 V85 - 264 V AC
120 - 375 V DC
Supply frequency
Rated value
 Hz47 - 63
Nominal current
InA< 2.5 bei 115 V AC

< 1.3 bei 230 V AC
Inrush current limitation I²t (+25 °C)
 A< 35 A at 115 V AC
< 35 A at 230 V AC
Mains buffering at nominal load
Mains failure bridging
 ms> 20 at 115 V AC
> 125 at 230 V AC
Run-up time after mains voltage applied
 ms< 1000
Internal input fuse (device protection, not accessible)
  T4 AH/250 V
Back-up fuse
  10, 16 A (recommended)
Tripping characteristic
Leakage Current
  < 1 mA at 240 V AC
Short-term interruption
  100% voltage dip, 1 cycle (20 ms at 50 Hz), automatic start
Output characteristics
Rated output power
Rated output voltage
  24 V DC (± 2%)
  ±2 %
Setting range for the output voltage
  24 – 28 V DC_x
Derating from Tamb > +50 °C
  > 50 °C (2.5% / °C)
Capacitive load starting
  Max 10000 µF
Heat dissipation
 %> 90 at 115 V AC & 230 V AC
Residual ripple and switching peaks
  < 50 mVpp / < 150 mVpp
Can be switched in parallel
  for redundancy, with O ring diode (PSG480R24RM/PSG960R24RM)
General characteristics
Status indication
  green LED for DC OK
MTBF (mean time between failures)
  > 500,000 h
  Screw terminal, pluggable
Stripping length
Terminal capacity
flexible with ferrules/solid
 mm21.3 - 2.1 mm² (AWG 16 - 14)
Tightening torque
Ambient air temperature range
 °C-20 - +80 (> 50 °C derating)
Storage, transport
ϑ°C-25 - +85
damp heat
  < 95 % relative humidity at +25 °C, no condensation
Vibrations (IEC/EN 60068-2-6)
  10 - 500 Hz at 30 m/s² (3 G max ) for 60 min. in X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis directions
Mechanical shock resistance (IEC 60068-2-27)
  30 g (300 m/s²) in all directions
Pollution degree
Climatic class (IEC)
  3K3 according to EN 60721
Safety and safety features
Transient overvoltage protection
Current limitation at short-circuit
  IÜberstrom = 150 % der max. Ausgangsleistung
Overvoltage protection
  Yes, against internal overvoltage
Insulation voltage
  4 kV AC (type test), 3 kV AC (routine test)
  1.5 kV AC (type test), 1.5 kV AC (routine test)
  1.5 kV AC (type test), 500 V AC (routine test)
Degree of Protection
Protection class
  Class I with PE connection
  Electrical equipment of machines: IEC60204-1 (Overvoltage category III)
Equipping power installations with electronic apparatus: EN 50178/IEC 62103
Safety extra-low voltage: PELV (EN 60204), SELV (EN 60950)
Protection against electric shock: DIN 57100-410
CE: In conformance with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
RoHS-compliant: RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU
ITE: EN 55022, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3, EN 55024
Industrial: EN 55011
Mains harmonics limitation: EN 601000-3-2
Electrical Safety (of IT equipment) : SIQ to EN60950-1, UL/c-UL recognized to UL 60950-1, CSA C22.2 No. 60950-1, CB scheme to IEC 60950-1
Class2: UL/c-UL recognized to UL1310 and CSA C22.2 No. 223 |
Component power supply unit for general use: EN61204-3
Design verification as per IEC/EN 61439(Show features)(Hide features)
Technical data for design verification
Rated operational current for specified heat dissipation
Heat dissipation per pole, current-dependent
Equipment heat dissipation, current-dependent
Static heat dissipation, non-current-dependent
Heat dissipation capacity
Operating ambient temperature min.
Operating ambient temperature max.
IEC/EN 61439 design verification
10.2 Strength of materials and parts
10.2.2 Corrosion resistance
  Meets the product standard's requirements. Verification of thermal stability of enclosures
  Meets the product standard's requirements. Verification of resistance of insulating materials to normal heat
  Meets the product standard's requirements. Verification of resistance of insulating materials to abnormal heat and fire due to internal electric effects
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.2.4 Resistance to ultra-violet (UV) radiation
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.2.5 Lifting
  Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
10.2.6 Mechanical impact
  Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
10.2.7 Inscriptions
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.3 Degree of protection of ASSEMBLIES
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.4 Clearances and creepage distances
  Meets the product standard's requirements.
10.5 Protection against electric shock
  Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
10.6 Incorporation of switching devices and components
  Does not apply, since the entire switchgear needs to be evaluated.
10.7 Internal electrical circuits and connections
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.8 Connections for external conductors
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.9 Insulation properties
10.9.2 Power-frequency electric strength
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.9.3 Impulse withstand voltage
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.9.4 Testing of enclosures made of insulating material
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.10 Temperature rise
  The panel builder is responsible for the temperature rise calculation. Eaton will provide heat dissipation data for the devices.
10.11 Short-circuit rating
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.12 Electromagnetic compatibility
  Is the panel builder's responsibility.
10.13 Mechanical function
  The device meets the requirements, provided the information in the instruction leaflet (IL) is observed.
Technical data ETIM 6.0(Show features)(Hide features)
Low-voltage industrial components (EG000017) / DC-power supply (EC002540)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Power supply / Power supply (other) / DC-power supply ([email protected] [AFZ644012])
Voltage type of supply voltage
1st secondary output voltage
 V24 - 28
2nd secondary output voltage
 V0 - 0
3rd secondary output voltage
 V0 - 0
Max. output current 1
Max. output current 2
Max. output current 3
Secondary voltage adjustable
Nominal value output voltage 1
Nominal value output voltage 2
Nominal value output voltage 3
Nominal value output current 1
Nominal value output current 2
Nominal value output current 3
Rated supply voltage at AC 50 Hz
 V85 - 264
Rated supply voltage at AC 60 Hz
 V85 - 264
Rated supply voltage at DC
 V0 - 0
Output voltage stabilized
Power consumption
Power output
Type of electric connection
  Screw connection
Rail mounting possible
Wall mounting possible
Modular version
Width in number of modular spacings
Built-in width
Built-in height
Direct mounting possible
Suitable for safety functions
SIL according to IEC 61508
Performance level acc. to EN ISO 13849-1
Degree of protection (IP)
IL125008EN Installation Instructions for PSG240E24RM POWER SUPPLY

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