PKE-SWD-32 126895 EATON MOELLER Function element, SmartWire-DT, for PKE12/32, manual/auto View larger
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PKE-SWD-32 126895 EATON MOELLER Function element, SmartWire-DT, for PKE12/32, manual/auto






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Function element, SmartWire-DT, for PKE12/32, manual/auto

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Product range
  SmartWire-DT slave
  SmartWire-DT PKE module for motor-starter combinations
Basic function
  Motor protection
Motor protection for heavy starting duty
Product range
  SmartWire-DT PKE module (motor-starter combinations)
  For connecting PKE motor-starter combination MSC-DEA… with PKE-XTUA-... trip blocks with a rated motor output of 15 kW/400 V to SmartWire-DT
  Mounting on DILM contactor with 24 V DC control voltage.
One module per contactor and PKE necessary
Additional SWD contactor module required fir actuation of reversing starter.
1 electrical interlock for the surface mounting of reversing starters.
1-0-A switch for manual or automatic operation.
Selectable overload relay function (ZMR) for switching off the contactor on overload.
Wiring sets DILM 12-XRL and PKZM0-XRM12 cannot be used.
For current consumption of the contactor coils > 3 A (UL/CSA > 2 A) use additional power feeder module.
A2 connections must not be bridged.
  Switch position contactor/PKE/1-0-A switch
Motor current in %
Thermal motor image in %
Trip indications (Overload, Short-circuit,...)
Set value of overload releases
Set time lag (CLASS)
Part no. of trip block
  Contactor actuation
Activation Overload relay function (ZMR)
Information about equipment supplied
  Connecting cable between module and trip block PKE-XTUA-… included as standard.
For use with
  DILM(C)7… - DILM(C)32
Connection to SmartWire-DT
Connection type
  Push in terminals
Technical data
  IEC/EN 61131-2
EN 50178
IEC/EN 60947
Dimensions (W x H x D)
 mm45 x 38 x 76
  on DILM7…DILM32
Mounting position
  as DILM7 to DILM32
Ambient conditions, mechanical
Protection type (IEC/EN 60529, EN50178, VBG 4)
Vibrations (IEC/EN 61131-2:2008)
Constant amplitude 3,5 mm
 Hz5 - 8.4
Constant acceleration 1 g
 Hz8.4 - 150
Mechanical shock resistance (IEC/EN 60068-2-27) semi-sinusoidal 15 g/11 ms
Drop to IEC/EN 60068-2-31
Drop heightmm50
Free fall, packaged (IEC/EN 60068-2-32)
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree
Electrostatic discharge (IEC/EN 61131-2:2008)
Air discharge (Level 3)
Contact discharge (Level 2)
Electromagnetic fields (IEC/EN 61131-2:2008)
80 - 1000 MHz
1.4 - 2 GHz
2 - 2.7 GHz
Radio interference suppression SmartWire-DT
Radio interference suppression
  EN 55011 Class A
Burst (IEC/EN 61131-2:2008, Level 3)
SmartWire-DT cables
Signal lines
CAN/DP-bus cable
SmartWire-DT cables
Radiated RFI (IEC/EN 61131-2:2008, Level 3)
Climatic environmental conditions
Operating ambient temperature (IEC 60068-2)
Ambient temperature
 °C-25 - +60
  Take appropriate measures to prevent condensation
ϑ°C-30 - +70
Relative humidity, non-condensing (IEC/EN 60068-2-30)
 %5 - 95
SmartWire-DT network
Station type
  SmartWire-DT slave
Address allocation
Status SmartWire-DT
  Plug, 8-pole
  External device plug SWD4-8SF2-5
Current consumption
15-V-SWD supply
24-V-DC-SWD control voltage
Uaux See the contactor's pick-up current and holding current (max. 0.5 A).
Operating mode
Manual/automatic mode
  viaRotary switch
Connection auxiliary contact
Cable length
PLC's (EG000024) / Fieldbus, decentr. periphery - digital I/O module (EC001599)
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Control / Field bus, decentralized peripheral / Field bus, decentralized peripheral - digital I/O module ([email protected] [BAA055011])
Supply voltage AC 50 Hz
 V0 - 0
Supply voltage AC 60 Hz
 V0 - 0
Supply voltage DC
 V15 - 15
Voltage type of supply voltage
Number of digital inputs
Number of digital outputs
Digital inputs configurable
Digital outputs configurable
Input current at signal 1
Permitted voltage at input
 V15 - 15
Type of voltage (input voltage)
Type of digital output
Output current
Permitted voltage at output
 V20.4 - 28.8
Type of output voltage
Short-circuit protection, outputs available
Number of HW-interfaces industrial Ethernet
Number of HW-interfaces PROFINET
Number of HW-interfaces RS-232
Number of HW-interfaces RS-422
Number of HW-interfaces RS-485
Number of HW-interfaces serial TTY
Number of HW-interfaces parallel
Number of HW-interfaces Wireless
Number of HW-interfaces other
With optical interface
Supporting protocol for TCP/IP
Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS
Supporting protocol for CAN
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS
Supporting protocol for ASI
Supporting protocol for KNX
Supporting protocol for MODBUS
Supporting protocol for Data-Highway
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet
Supporting protocol for SUCONET
Supporting protocol for LON
Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO
Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBA
Supporting protocol for SERCOS
Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus
Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP
Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Work
Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety
Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safety
Supporting protocol for PROFIsafe
Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS p
Supporting protocol for other bus systems
Radio standard Bluetooth
Radio standard WLAN 802.11
Radio standard GPRS
Radio standard GSM
Radio standard UMTS
IO link master
System accessory
Degree of protection (IP)
Type of electric connection
  Spring clamp connection
Time delay at signal exchange
 ms10 - 84
Fieldbus connection over separate bus coupler possible
Rail mounting possible
Wall mounting/direct mounting
Front build in possible
Rack-assembly possible
Suitable for safety functions
Category according to EN 954-1
SIL according to IEC 61508
Performance level acc. to EN ISO 13849-1
Appendant operation agent (Ex ia)
Appendant operation agent (Ex ib)
Explosion safety category for gas
Explosion safety category for dust
Product Standards  UL508; CSA-C22.2 No. 14; IEC60847-4-1; CE marking
UL File No.  E29184
UL Category Control No.  NKCR
CSA File No.  165628
CSA Class No.  3211-07
North America Certification  UL listed, CSA certified
Specially designed for North America  No

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