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Air Conditioning Ac Refrigeration

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Type CodeVTZ
Net weight76.00 Kg
Approval standardsUL certified when connected to frequency converter; CE certified
Brand techniqueReciprocating compressor
Capacity controlInverter
Configuration codeSingle
Connection typeRotolock
Diameter [mm]352
Discharge connection height [mm]125
Discharge connection mounting torque [Nm]90
Discharge connection pipe size [in]3/4
Discharge connection rotolock size [in]1 1/4
Discharge connection size [in]1 1/4
Discharge connection sleeve pipe size [in]3/4
Drawing number8504019a
Factory HP [bar]25
Factory LP [bar]25
Fitting remark(shipped with rotolock version only)
Fitting sleeveODF
Fitting standardRotolock
Frequency [Hz]30 - 85
GP LP torque [Nm]15
Gauge port HPNone
Gauge port LPSchrader
Generation codeA
Glass mountingThreaded
Glass torque [Nm]50
Gross weight79.50 Kg
High value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V]480
High value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V]480
High value of voltage range at 50Hz [V]480
High value of voltage range at 60Hz [V]480
IP protection classIP54 (with cable gland)
LRA218 A
Low value of nominal voltage at 50Hz [V]380
Low value of nominal voltage at 60Hz [V]380
Low value of voltage range at 50Hz [V]380
Low value of voltage range at 60Hz [V]380
MMT53.1 A
Model numberVTZ242AGNR1A
Motor protectionMotor protection by frequency converter
Mounting torque [Nm]50
Nominal cooling capacity at 50Hz9.8
Nominal cooling capacity at 60Hz28.2
Number of starts per hour [Max]12
Oil charge [L]3.9
Oil equalization3/8'' flare SAE
Oil equalization torque [Nm]30
Oil reference160PZ
Packaging height [mm]600
Packaging length [mm]485
Packaging width [mm]395
Packing formatSingle pack
Packing quantity1
Power connectionsScrew 4.8 mm
RLA42.5 A
RefrigerantR134a; R404A; R407C; R507A
Refrigerant charge [kg] [Max]10
Relief valve30 bar/8 bar
Rotational speed at 50Hz [rpm]0
Rotational speed at 60Hz [rpm]0
Segment usageAir conditioning; Refrigeration LT; Refrigeration MT
Shipped fittingsSuction and discharge solder sleeves, rotolock nuts and gaskets
Shipped instructionsInstallation instructions
Shipped mountingMounting kit with grommets, bolts, nuts, sleeves and washers
Shipped oilInitial oil charge
Speed PlatformVariable-speed
Suction connection height [mm]233
Suction connection mounting torque [Nm]110
Suction connection pipe size [in]1 1/8
Suction connection rotolock size [in]1 3/4
Suction connection size [in]1 3/4
Suction connection sleeve pipe size [in]1 1/8
Swept volume [cm3]241.87
Test HP [bar] [Max]30
Test LP [bar] [Max]25
Test dif [bar] [Max]30
Torque earth [Nm]2
Torque power [Nm]3
Total height [mm]538
Type designationCompressor
Viscosity [cP]32
Winding resistance for three-phase compressors with identical windings [Ohm]0.37 Ohm
• Acoustic hood 1120Z0473
• Acoustic hood 1 DescriptionAcoustic hood for four-cylinder compressor
• Angle set7703014
• Angle set DescriptionAngle adapter set, C02 (1-3/4"~1-1/8"), C04 (1-1/4"~3/4")
• Belt 027773108
• Belt 02 DescriptionBelt type crankcase heater, 75 W, 230 V, CE mark, UL
• Belt 037773118
• Belt 03 DescriptionBelt type crankcase heater, 75 W, 400 V, CE mark, UL
• Belt 05120Z0464
• Belt 05 DescriptionBelt type crankcase heater, 75 W, 460 V, CE mark, UL
• Converter 1192L0929
• Converter 2192L0930
• Discharge angle8168006
• Discharge angle DescriptionAngle adaptor, C04 (1-1/4" rotolock, 3/4" ODF)
• Discharge gasket8156131
• Discharge gasket DescriptionGasket, 1-1/4"
• Discharge sleeve8153008
• Discharge sleeve DescriptionSolder sleeve, P04 (1-1/4" rotolock, 3/4" ODF)
• Discharge valve8168029
• Discharge valve DescriptionRotolock valve, V04 (1-1/4" rotolock, 3/4" ODF)
• Ebox120Z0146
• Ebox DescriptionTerminal box, including cover
• Ebox cover120Z0149
• Ebox cover DescriptionTerminal box cover
• Electronic board 1130B1109
• Electronic board 1 DescriptionControl card
• Electronic board 2130B1110
• Electronic board 2 DescriptionRelays card
• FSA connector023U8014
• Gasket set8156009
• Gasket set DescriptionGasket set, 1", 1-1/4", 1-3/4", OSG gaskets black and white
• LCP 4130B1077
• LCP 4 DescriptionLCP blind cover/frequency converter IP55/IP66
• Mounting kit 18156007
• Mounting kit 1 DescriptionMounting kit for four-cylinder compressor and MS, including 4 grommets, 4 bolts
• Oil 17754019
• Oil 1 DescriptionPOE lubricant, 160PZ, 1-litre can
• Oil equalization connection8153127
• Oil equalization connection DescriptionOil equalisation nut
• Oil sight glass8156019
• Oil sight glass DescriptionOil sight glass with gaskets (black and white)
• Oil sight glass gasket8156145
• Oil sight glass gasket DescriptionGasket for oil sight glass (black chloroprene)
• PTC120Z0459
• PTC DescriptionPTC heater 27W, CE mark, UL
• Suction angle8168005
• Suction angle DescriptionAngle adaptor, C02 (1-3/4" rotolock, 1-1/8" ODF)
• Suction gasket8156132
• Suction gasket DescriptionGasket, 1-3/4"
• Suction sleeve8153004
• Suction sleeve DescriptionSolder sleeve, P02 (1-3/4" rotolock, 1-1/8" ODF)
• Suction valve8168028
• Suction valve DescriptionRotolock valve, V02 (1-3/4" rotolock, 1-1/8" ODF)
• T block8173230
• T block DescriptionT block connector 52 x 57 mm
• Valve set7703009
• Valve set DescriptionValve set, V02 (1-3/4"~1-1/8"), V04 (1-1/4"~3/4")

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