131B8873 DANFOSS DRIVES VLT AQUA Drive FC 200 0.37 KW / 0.50 HP, 380-480 VAC, IP20, RFI Class A2 (C3), No br.. View larger
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131B8873 DANFOSS DRIVES VLT AQUA Drive FC 200 0.37 KW / 0.50 HP, 380-480 VAC, IP20, RFI Class A2 (C3), No br..




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VLT AQUA Drive FC 200 0.37 KW / 0.50 HP, 380-480 VAC, IP20, RFI Class A2 (C3), No brake chopper FC-202PK37T4E20H2XGCXXXSXXXXAXBXCXXXXDX


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Product Details 131B8873

VLT AQUA Drive FC 202

Danfoss VLT AQUA Drive is dedicated to water and wastewater applications. With a wide range of powerful standard and optional features, the VLT AQUA Drive provides the lowest overall cost of ownership for water and wastewater applications.

Product Group(FC-) VLT AQUA Drive FC-
Power Rating(PK37) 0.37 KW / 0.50 HP
Phase(T) Three phase
Mains Voltage(4) 380 - 480 VAC
Enclosure(E20) IP20 / Chassis
RFI Filter(H2) RFI Class A2 (C3)
Brake - Safe Stop(X) No brake chopper
LCP(G) Graphical Loc. Cont. Panel
Coating PCB(C) Coated PCB
Mains Option(X) No Mains Option
Adaptation A(X) Standard Cable Entries
Adaptation B(X) No adaptation
Software Release(SXXX) Latest release std. SW.
Software Language Pack(X) Standard Language Pack
A Option(AX) No A Option
B Option(BX) No B Option
C0 Option MCO(CX) No C0 option
C1 Option(X) No C1 option
C Option Software(XX) No software option
D Option(DX) No D option
Frame SizeA2
Typecode Part 1FC-202PK37T4E20H2XGC
Product CatalogGlobal (Standard)
Sales Organization2200
VendorFactory DK
Vendor RegionSouthern Europe
Material Gross Weight4.500
Material Net Weight4.200

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