SH2RE16A2E230 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters TYPE Output module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC Others .. View larger
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SH2RE16A2E230 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters TYPE Output module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC Others ..




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Selected parameters TYPE Output module HOUSING DIN-rail POWER SUPPLY AC Others TYPE Relay module HOUSING 2-DIN POWER SUPPLY 115 to 240 VAC MAIN CHARACTERISTICS 2 relay outputs module with energy reading

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Smart Dupline®
Output Relay with Energy Measurement
Type SH2RE16A2E230
• Two output channels
• Relay load 16 A
• Instantaneous variablesreadout: current, voltage, power
• Energy measurement: kWh
• 2 DIN housing
• LED indication for power supply, dupline® bus, out- put1, output2
• Connection to other cabinet modulesvia local bus
Product Description Ordering Key
SH 2 RE 16A 2 E 230
This is a two-relay output module for DIN-rail mount- ing with energy measure- ment. Single phase vari- ables: VLN, A, W. Energy measurements: total kWh. The measured values are thenlogged inthe
Type Selection
SH2WEB24. The outputs are normally OFF. When an acti- vation command is received fromthe Dupline®bus,the outputturnsONand remains ON until the OFF command is received.
2-DIN housing
Relay Resistive load Outputs
Energy measurement
Power supply
Housing Mounting Relay Max. load Relay outputs Supply: 115 to 240 VAC
2 DIN DIN-rail 16A 2 SPST relaySH2RE16A2E230
Output Specifications
Relay outputs 2 SPST relay
Resistive load AC1 16 A
Mechanical life 5 x 106 operations
LoadTest conditions
Typical number of operations
Electrical life 1 x 106 operations,
250 V 12 A
Minimum load 100 mA / 12 V Operating frequency 60 operations/min Electrical characteristicsSee table
250 V, 12 A, cos ? =1 1800/h, 50% DC, +70°C 1.0 x 105
250 V, 8 A, cos ? =1 1800/h, 50% DC, +70°C 3.5 x 105
250 V, 4 A, cos ? =1 1800/h, 50% DC, +70°C 5.0 x 105
250 V, 3 A, cos ? =1 1800/h, 50% DC, +70°C 7.5 x 105
230 V, 550 W
Connection LOuT1: relay output1
LOuT2: relay output2
Input Specifications
KeypadFor local ON/OFF switching
Supply Specifications
Power supplyOvervoltage cat. II
(IEC 60664-1, par. Rated operational voltage 115/240 VAC
Operational voltage range 115/240 VAC ±10% Rated operational power 1 W, 2.5 VA Connection Terminals L, N Power on delay Typ. 2 s
filament lamps
Iin ≤ 40 A peak
Ioff= 2.5 A
230 V, 1000 W filament lamps Iin ≤ 71.5 Apeak Iof = 4.5 A
230 V, 900 W fluorescent tubes (25 x 36 W)
parallel compensated,
30 µF
230 V, compressor
Iof≤ 21 Apeak
Ioff =3.5 A
cos ? = 0.5
60/h, 8% DC, +22°C 2.5 x 105
60/h, 8% DC, +25°C 7.0 x 104
360/h, 50% DC, +25°C 1.0 x 104
500/h, 20% DC, +25°C 1.7 x 105
250 V, 8 A, cos ? = 0.3 360/h, 50% DC, +25°C 1.0 x 105
Specifications are subject to change without notice (17.12.2013) 1

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