SHPINT1P1 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters TYPE Analogue input module HOUSING Decentral POWER SUPPLY Bus-p.. View larger
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SHPINT1P1 CARLO GAVAZZI Selected parameters TYPE Analogue input module HOUSING Decentral POWER SUPPLY Bus-p..




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Selected parameters TYPE Analogue input module HOUSING Decentral POWER SUPPLY Bus-powered Others TYPE Analogue input module HOUSING 50 x 30 x 18 mm POWER SUPPLY Bus-powered MAIN CHARACTERISTICS 1 termistor 10K3 and 1 resistor 1-11 KΩ r input

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Field Installation Bus and Safety Bus, Car Park “Guidance” System, Elevator Controls and Irrigation Systems

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Smart Dupline® Analog InputModule Type SHPINT1P1
• 1 x Thermistor 10K3 input
• 1 x Variable resistor 1-11 KΩ input
• Bus-powered
• Small dimension housing for decentralized installation inside wall-box or environmental sensor housings
Product Description
Ordering Key
SH P IN T1 P 1
SHPINT1P1 is an input mod- ule with 2 analog inputs. The compactsize ofthemod- ule makes it possible to fit it into a wall-box or envi- ronmental sensor housing, thereby enabling a decen- tralized installationconcept where theDupline® busis multi-dropped fromsensor to sensor.Thissimplifies thewiringtothecontroller
compared to traditional star wiring connections, reduces the number of DDC’s and sub-panels required and providesahigherflexibili- ty for last-minute changes and en-hancements. The modulehas 1xthermistor
10K3 input and1 x variable resistor 1-11 KΩ input. It is fully programmable via the SH tool.
Smart Dupline®
Decentral Input module Thermistor Input Potentiometer Number of inputs
Type Selection
Input number Type Supplied by Dupline®
21 thermistor, 1 resistor SHPINT1P1
Supply Specifications
Power SupplySupplied by Dupline®
Power on delay≤ 2 s
Activated (all inputs) ≤ 1 s
Dupline® Specifications
Specifications forAnalog inputs
Input 1
Input type 1 x Thermistor 10K3
Trend standard
Signal range 0 - 50°C
Inaccuracy< 0.5°C (over entire temp. range)
Cable length < 5 m
Input 2
Input type 1 x 1-11 KΩ
Voltage8.2 V Maximum Dupline® voltage10 V Minimum Dupline® voltage 5.5 V Maximum Dupline® current3.5 mA
Signal range 0 - 100%
Inaccuracy< 1% (over entire temp. range)
Cable length < 5 m
Specifications are subject to change without notice (02.01.2014)1

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